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Susan Norwood, GPW National Coordinator Department of Energy 202-586-34779 Roger Hill, GPW Technical Director Sandia National Laboratories, 505-844-6111 (Initiative) Western US: Load Growth Source: Renewable Energy Atlas Electricity Generation

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Susan Norwood, GPW National CoordinatorDepartment of Energysusan.norwood@ee.doe.gov202-586-34779Roger Hill, GPW Technical DirectorSandia National, 505-844-6111


western us load growth
Western US: Load Growth



Energy Atlas

electricity generation
Electricity Generation



Energy Atlas

regional power plant emissions
Regional Power Plant Emissions


Renewable Energy Atlas

geopowering the west approach
GeoPowering the West Approach

National Energy Situation: Volatile electricity and fuel markets

Priorities: Cost stability, efficiency, sufficiency, and sustainability

Significant opportunities for geothermal power production/heat use

Users, customers

(market pull) requirements

GPW info, Technical Assistance

Technology Advancement and Deployment

Resource Exploration and Confirmation

RFPs, Geothermal Systems

Policy Issues

Institutional Improvements


and Outreach

Federal Aggregation


Technology (technology push)

Geothermal R&D Program

The GPW Network
  • DOE Geothermal Technologies Program
  • DOE Seattle and Denver Regional Offices
  • Western Area Power Administration
  • Other Federal Agencies (DOI and USDA)
  • National Laboratories (INEEL, NREL, and SNL)
  • Industry (GEA, GRC, and BL&A)
  • Universities (OIT, UNRGreat Basin Center, WSU)
  • Non-Profits (NCSL, Resolve)
  • State Energy Program (SEP Grant Recipients)

GPW assignments

          • StateGPW Lead (PIs) State Coordinators (Champions**)
          • Alaska* Gerry Nix, NREL Bernie Smith
  • Arizona* Roger Hill, Sandia Amanda Ormond
  • California Roger Hill, Sandia Elaine Sison-Labrilla
  • Hawaii Gerry Nix, NREL Priscilla Thompson
  • Idaho* Bob Neilson, INEEL Gerry Galinato
  • Nevada Gerry Nix, NREL John Snow/Dick Burdette
  • New Mexico* Roger Hill, Sandia Chris Wentz
  • Oregon* Curtis Framel, DOE Diana Enright
  • Utah Bob Neilson, INEEL Bob Blackett
  • Washington* Curtis Framel, DOE Gordon Bloomquist
  • *States with potential to meet doubling (4 to 8) goal of Geothermal Program
  • **Co-investigators

State Working Groups Strategic Objectives

  • Educate the stakeholders and increase public awareness
  • Organize a state Geothermal Energy Working Group and Implement a Strategic Plan
  • Promote policies that encourage the use and development of geothermal energy
  • Encourage the development of geothermal energy for power generation and direct use applications
  • Increase technical knowledge and understanding of the state’s geothermal resources and their uses
criteria for sites suitable for geothermal development
Criteria for Sites Suitable for Geothermal Development
  • 1. Need a good geothermal resource
  • 2. Must have access to loads or grid
  • 3. The land must be developable
  • But….
  • Must have a buyer
  • Value = Benefits - Costs

Geologic Assurance and

Economic Feasibility

  • National R&D
  • helps to expand
  • the geothermal
  • resource base:
  • Geophysics and
  • geoscience to
  • locate and define
  • reservoirs
  • Drilling research
  • to reduce costs
  • Improving
  • capabilities and
  • efficiencies of
  • power plants.

Decreasing information about resource

Undiscovered Resources


Undiscovered Resources


Decreasing quality of resource



Sub-Economic Resources

“The McKelvey Diagram”

Sub-Economic Resources


SWG Status, Results, and Impacts

  • Alaska
  • Huttrer and Meiners to Accutan
  • Garman and Mink to Alaska
  • SWG to meet in 2004
  • Governor Murkowski involved
  • SEP award
  • Trade mission to Nevada
  • Arizona
  • SWG formed
  • Old documents found
  • ACC approved Geo for RPS
  • Potential power project state
  • SEP Award in 2003 (Education)
  • California
  • RPS at PUC
  • PDCI recipient PIER
  • SEP Award 2003 (DU assess)
  • Collaborative Spring 2004
  • Hawaii
  • SWG meeting 01/07/2004
  • Puna history
  • SEP Award 2003 (Assessment)
  • Hydrogen future?

SWG Status

  • Idaho
  • SWG Formed
  • Conference with Senator Craig
  • Idaho Strategic Plan
  • Indent. of High potential Projects
  • Idaho trade mission to Nevada
  • Geo Resource Map
  • New power project state
  • Avoided cost schedule
  • State Summit 2003
  • Wellinghoff at Legislative committee
  • Projects announced

SWG Status

  • New Mexico
  • SWG formed
  • Conference with Senator Bingaman
  • Geo Resource Map
  • Jemez Pueblo
  • RPS supported
  • SEP winner
  • New power project state
  • Media publicity (+/-)

SWG Status

  • Nevada
  • Three Conferences with Senator Reid
  • Geothermal 101 held
  • Geo Resource Map
  • Hosted ID Trade Mission
  • RPS related awards
  • Pyramid Lake Paiute report
  • Walker River Paiute report
  • PDCI study
  • AK trade mission
  • Geothermal Day in 2004?

SWG Status

  • Oregon
  • OIT Klamath Falls
  • SWG 8/2003
  • Draft Strategic Plan
  • BPA involvement
  • 10/2003 Bend outreach (USFS)
  • Washington
  • November 12 SWG
  • Federal and State Agencies
  • WSU Coordination (Bloomquist)

SWG Status

  • Utah
  • Formed SWG
  • Several meetings
  • CD Rom produced
  • Bottoming cycle in discussions
  • NGC Workshop

Other Accomplishments

  • Geothermal Facility Siting Issues Workshop Report
  • Assessing the Potential for RE on Public Lands
  • Geothermal Opportunities Report
  • Evaluating State RPSs (NGC)
  • Geothermal Today, GRC Bulletin, Brochure, etc.
  • Newsletters
  • Nevada earmarks
  • Visibility events (numerous)
  • Renewable Portfolio Standards support
expected trends in future energy system evolution
Expected Trends in Future Energy System Evolution
  • Energy safety, security, reliability, and sustainability have become important energy system design parameters
  • This will change how energy systems are optimized and upgraded
  • This will impact future decisions on energy policy, supply, and use
  • How do we efficiently and cost-effectively transition to this new future infrastructure?

Sales Process





General Industry Advocacy/Specific Industry Member Neutrality: Care shall be exercised so as not to adversely affect another stakeholder by interfering with a sale in progress, speculating on pricing information, recommendation of product/vendors over another, making negative statements, etc.. Industry is primary stakeholder, especially in regulatory or legislative matters.


Current FY04 Budget: $ (Approximate)

      • 1. Laboratory Support/State Working Group/Communications
      • -Lab Support $1.1 million
      • 2. External/Industry Partnerships
      • -Broad-Based $1.4 million
      • 3. Federal Partnerships (Regional Offices, PMAs, etc)
      • -RO/WAPA $200K
      • 4. State and Tribal Support
      • -SEP $500K


  • 1. Laboratory Support/State Working Group/Communications
    • State Working Group development and maintenance
    • State geothermal resource maps (CO, WY, MT, AZ, CA, AK, HI, atlas) as a resource
    • Targeted Educational workshops (i.e. DU) on geothermal energy
    • Support of Renewable Portfolio Standard proceedings

2. External/Industry Partnership

    • Outreach to public power, rural cooperatives, and investor-owned utilities for use of geothermal energy
    • Direct use technical assistance
    • Geothermal collaborative support
    • Regulatory, environmental, and legislative analysis
    • Barrier assessments

Plans, cont..

3. Federal Partnerships (Regional Offices, Power Marketing Agencies, etc)

  • Efforts to increase use of geothermal energy development on public lands
  • State-level geothermal workshops
  • Efforts to increase federal use of geothermal energy
  • State-level geothermal workshops

4. State and Tribal Support

  • Outreach to Native Americans with indigenous geothermal resources
  • Resource and opportunity assessments

GPW Peer Review -- Spring 04

-not just a set of individual projects

-continuing need to improve communications

a vision for the future
A Vision for the Future
  • Ready Access to Land
  • Thoroughly Mapped and Developed Resources
  • Cost Competitive Technology