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Living a Balanced Life

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Living a Balanced Life - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Living a Balanced Life. Presented by: Amanda Ostgulen Office of Student Engagement, KU Medical Center. The Plan…. What is balance? What is wellness? Definitions and Dimensions of wellness Exploring Wellness and the Benefits of Being Balanced The Challenge. What is Balance?.

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living a balanced life

Living a Balanced Life

Presented by:

Amanda Ostgulen

Office of Student Engagement, KU Medical Center

the plan
The Plan…
  • What is balance?
  • What is wellness?
  • Definitions and Dimensions of wellness
  • Exploring Wellness and the Benefits of Being Balanced
  • The Challenge
what is balance
What is Balance?
  • According to

1. a state of equilibrium or equipoise; equal distribution of weight, amount, etc.

2. mental steadiness or emotional stability; habit of calm behavior, judgment, etc.

3. the power or ability to decide an outcome by throwing one's strength, influence, support, or the like, to one side or the other.

what is wellness
What is wellness?

Health Happiness Balance

Exercise Rest Positivity

Healthy meals Faith Long Life

Open Minded Confident Centered

Intellectual Positive Relationships


Webster defines wellness as:

1.the quality or state of being healthy in body and mind, esp. as the result of a deliberate effort. approach to healthcare that emphasizes preventing illness and prolonging life, as opposed to emphasizing treating diseases.


The Student Wellness program at KUMC focuses on 6 areas….

1. Cultural 4. Physical

2. Emotional 5. Social

3. Intellectual 6. Spiritual

exploring the 6 aspects of wellness
Exploring the 6 aspects of wellness


  • Cultural competence is the capacity to work effectively with people from a variety of ethnic, cultural, political, economic, and religious backgrounds.
  • It is being aware of how our own culture influence how we view others.
  • The first step toward being more culturally competent is self-awareness. To understand and appreciate the culture of others, we must first understand and appreciate our own.
  • Then, begin to educate yourself.
exploring the 6 aspects of wellness8
Exploring the 6 aspects of wellness


  • Emotional health is possibly the most important!!
  • Self-acceptance and self-confidence are essential components, as is the ability to share our feelings with others.
  • It is impossible to stop emotions from happening, so being able to cope effectively and in healthy ways is of great importance.
  • Part of emotional wellness is taking care of yourself so that you are in top emotional shape to deal with life’s stresses.
exploring the 6 aspects of wellness9
Exploring the 6 aspects of wellness


  • Intellectual wellness is the utilization of human resources and learning resources to expand knowledge and improve skills.
  • Those who would be intellectually healthy are open to new ideas, think critically, and seek out new challenges. They have a sense of humor and a sense of their place in the world. in order to enhance their potential for living a more fulfilling life.
  • You'll spend more time appreciating and thinking about the scenery along the path-pursuing interests, reading books, magazines, and newspapers. You may even discover a natural interest in keeping abreast of current issues and ideas.
exploring the 6 aspects of wellness10
Exploring the 6 aspects of wellness


  • The physical dimension of wellness promotes taking care of your body for optimal health and functioning.
  • It is the also the ability to apply your motivation, behavior, self-management, attitude and skills toward achieving your personal fitness and health goals.
  • Our bodies function for us in countless ways every day by allowing us to work, rest, eat, and play. Often times we expect our bodies to perform these tasks while giving little back in return.
  • Attending to your medical health is just as important, and includes getting check-ups on a regular basis and seeking treatment for illness.
  • Optimal physical health is attained through exercise, eating well, sleeping and resting according to our body’s needs.
exploring the 6 aspects of wellness11
Exploring the 6 aspects of wellness


  • The social dimension of wellness emphasizes the inter-dependence with others and nature. It is important to examine the degree of connectedness you currently have with individuals, your community and the world around you
  • By fostering a positive self-image and improving interpersonal skills, one can enhance the building of a just and caring community.
  • Social health consists not only of our personal relationships but also our relationship to our community. The contributions we make to society make our lives meaningful and leave a legacy of purpose and commitment for those who follow us.
exploring the 6 aspects of wellness12
Exploring the 6 aspects of wellness


  • Spiritual wellness refers to integrating our beliefs and values with our actions.
  • A sense of purpose, direction, and awareness are important.
  • The first step in developing values and spiritual wellness is to examine your own values: respect, honesty, human life, family, education, religion, health, wealth, community service, diversity.
what are others saying about wellness
What are others saying about wellness?
  • Donald B Ardell, PhD writes in High Level Wellness: An Alternative to Doctors, Drugs and Disease:

Research suggests that the “wellest of the well” (aka well-balanced people) possess the following qualities, to an uncommon degree…

  • High self esteem and positive outlook
  • A sense of purpose and personal responsibility
  • Free from addictive behaviors of a negative or unhealthy nature
  • A good sense of humor and plenty of fun in life
  • A concern for others and respect for the environment
  • A sense of balance and an integrated lifestyle
  • Physically fit
  • A capacity to love and the ability to nurture
  • A capacity to manage life demands and communicate effectively
balance 10 things to consider
Balance: 10 things to consider
  • You must make the decisions
  • You must express your talents
  • Accept that change is inevitable
  • Your lifestyle choices have an impact on your health
  • Make sure you are having fun!!
balance things to consider cont
Balance: things to consider cont…
  • Do not put all of your trust in medicine
  • Be flexible
  • It is better to take up a healthy practice than to give up an unhealthy one
  • Accidents do not happen
  • It is never too late to start
finding balance wellness
Finding Balance = Wellness
  • Balance is the key to leading a healthy lifestyle. Wellness is the dynamic process of becoming aware of, taking responsibility for, and making choices that directly contribute to one's well being and that of the common good. It is the integration of body, mind and spirit and the ongoing development of one's own meaning in life.
the challenge
The Challenge
  • What can you do to lead a well-balanced life??
  • What areas of wellness need to be improved in order for you to be balanced?