Krhd abc 40 tv a little background information
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KRHD ABC 40 TV A little background information… ABC 40 is the local ABC station for the larger ABC network. ABC 40 brings the Brazos Valley their local daily news reports, as well as sports reports.

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Krhd abc 40 tv a little background information l.jpg
KRHD ABC 40 TVA little background information…

  • ABC 40 is the local ABC station for the larger ABC network.

  • ABC 40 brings the Brazos Valley their local daily news reports, as well as sports reports.

  • This station is committed to giving our community accurate, unbiased, and up-to-date information on all of the important issues.

Applying to abc 40 what does it take l.jpg
Applying to ABC 40: What does it take?

  • If you want to become an intern:

    • With your completed resume, submit a written request to the station stating you want to intern there and why.

    • You must be able to receive school credit.

    • Once a request is submitted, the producer will call you and have you come fill out an application. They will decide if you will do well working for their company.

    • A desire to want to learn more about the behind the scenes view of the news world makes this a great experience!

      NOW…If you’re ready for the full-time job:

      Have a bachelor’s degree in Journalism or other related field, and some work experience.

      Get ready to send out those resume tapes!

What to expect while working at abc 40 l.jpg
What to expect while working at ABC 40:

  • Turn in all your assignments by the deadline.

  • Be comfortable interviewing members of the community.

  • Be creative when writing news stories. Tell the facts.

  • Aid in the completion of news packages and editing video.

  • The intern works closely with the members of the ABC 40 News Team to complete these daily assignments and cover the area’s news.

  • Make every phone call necessary to get the story written. Use your contacts.

  • Be professional, work hard, and get good video!

My duties as an intern l.jpg
My duties as an intern:

  • Make phone calls for interviews, get mug shots or accident reports, or simply ask for directions.

  • Help research possible news stories.

  • Shoot video while the reporter does their stand-up.

  • Work with the reporter to put together a good script.

  • Aid in editing video and adding sound.

  • Meet, greet, and observe the interviewing process. Think of my own good questions!

  • I aided the news reporters in completing their daily assignments.

  • The best part is, you get to see your finished product on TV at 10 o’clock!

What i ve gained from this experience l.jpg
What I’ve gained from this experience:

  • I’ve learned about an industry I have always wanted to know more about.

  • Connections and networking makes a difference!

  • Working in a professional setting for a semester has better prepared me for a career when I finish school.

  • I been able to do things I never would have learned such as shoot a camera, edit videos, and put together a news script.

Just one more thing l.jpg
Just one more thing…

  • Men and women are expected to fill different roles in society and act in different ways, even when they do the same job.

  • It is believed that men and women do their jobs differently because they live up to the societal expectations put upon them to form their identity.


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