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Quintana Capital Group, L.P.

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Quintana Capital Group, L.P. IPAA Presentation January 16 th , 2008. Quintana Capital Group, L.P. Primarily focused on control investments across the oil and gas (upstream and services), coal and power industries

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quintana capital group l p
Quintana Capital Group, L.P.

IPAA Presentation

January 16th, 2008

quintana capital group l p2
Quintana Capital Group, L.P.
  • Primarily focused on control investments across the oil and gas (upstream and services), coal and power industries
    • Outside of PE fund, Quintana has found and produced 1.5 billion BOE over 70 year history
    • Largest private owner of coal reserves in the U.S.
  • Technical and Operating Experience
    • 75+ year history as operating company
    • Technical staff with average 25+ years of industry experience
    • 18 investment professionals
  • Target return: +25% gross IRR; 2-4x multiple of invested capital*
  • Attractively priced, diversified portfolio of investments
    • Target investments across the Oil & Gas - upstream, midstream and downstream-sector
    • Coal and Coal services (Natural Resources)
    • Power
  • 12-20 equity investments ranging from $10 million to $75 million
    • Presently fifteen investments in Fund I in several sectors
  • Fund II target for July 2008


* Target IRR is based on the Fund’s assumption that investing conditions will not deteriorate. Actual returns may differ.

quintana s competitive advantage history
Quintana’s Competitive Advantage - History

Quintana has an extraordinary history spanning four generations and is one of the most respected privately owned enterprises in the energy industry

Robertson familycommences itsacquisition of coal reserves resultingin the family beingthe largest private ownerof coal reservesin the U.S.

Corbin J. Robertson, Jr. acquires Quintana Minerals Corporation from the Cullen family launching whathas become known as “Quintana”

Quintana Petroleum Corporation (“QPC”) founded

by Hugh Roy Cullen,

Corbin J. Robertson, Jr.’s grandfather

Warren Hawkinsjoins QPC

Launch of Quintana

Energy Partners

Corbin J. Robertson, Jr. joins QPC and commences successfulcareer in energy industry

Secretary Evansbegins his career as a “roughneck” at Tom Brown, Inc.

Secretary Evansappointed 34th

U.S. Secretary of Commerce

Secretary Evansbecomes CEO of

Tom Brown, Inc.










quintana s competitive advantage historical global presence
Evaluated Investment Opportunity

Onshore Oil and Gas Investment

Offshore Oil and Gas Investment

Coal Investment

Transportation Investment

Quintana’s Competitive Advantage – Historical Global Presence



targeted investment focus
Targeted Investment Focus
  • Underexploited conventional oil and gas producing properties
  • Unconventional oil and natural gas opportunities
  • Proven exploration and production management teams looking to start and/or grow new companies
  • Niche natural gas storage and other midstream opportunities
  • Niche downstream petroleum refining and marketing, including refinery expansion opportunities
  • Proven service oriented management teams looking to start and/or grow new companies
  • Coal mining operations, equipment or infrastructure
  • Clean coal technology opportunities
  • Renewable and alternative energy opportunities
  • Power generation or transmission

Oil and Gas

  • Market Opportunity
    • Upstream: Exploration and production
    • Midstream: Processing, transportation, logistics and services
    • Downstream: Refining and marketing
  • Investment Strategy
    • Value investing
      • Identify attractive opportunities through Quintana’s historical relationships
    • Partnering with strong management teams
      • Utilize Quintana’s reputation for operational excellence and integrity
    • Leveraging technical expertise to mitigate risk
      • The Team’s energy-related operational and technical depth is unsurpassed in the private equity market
  • Competitive Advantage
    • Deep operational and technical expertise
    • Strong historical investment performance in oil and natural gas
      • 21 investments
      • Realized and partially realized investments: IRR: 44.2%; Multiple of invested capital: 2.3x*
investment opportunity
Investment Opportunity

Coal and Natural Resources

  • Market Opportunity
    • Globally, coal is the most abundant and economical fossil fuel
    • Over 4 billion tons of coal are consumed annually
      • Half of all U.S. electrical power generation came from coal in 2005
    • Global economic growth will continue to drive coal prices upward
  • Investment Strategy
    • Invest in segments of the coal industry with favorable risk-adjusted return characteristics
      • Mining operations
      • Equipment and service industries
  • Competitive Advantage
    • The Robertson family is the largest private owner of coal in the U.S.
    • The majority of U.S. coal mine operators currently mine coal from reserves owned by the Robertson family
    • Strong historical investment performance in coal resources
      • Four investments
      • Realized and partially realized investments: IRR: 35.7%; Multiple of invested capital: 18.4x*
investment opportunity9
Investment Opportunity


  • Market Opportunity
    • Over 1.6 billion people still lack access to electrical grids
      • Supplying their bulk electricity demands will drive more than $1 trillion in revenues
    • Most electricity generation, transmission and distribution assets in the U.S. are owned

and operated by vertically-integrated utilities

    • Inadequate and aging transmission infrastructures can not service the continued

growth in demand for energy

  • Investment Strategy
    • Pursue both greenfield power projects and the acquisition of existing plants
    • Take advantage of historical under-investment in transmission infrastructures
    • Invest in “unbundled” utility businesses and transform them into functional business units
  • Competitive Advantage
    • As fuel costs are a power plant’s single largest expense, Quintana’s coal reserve position and competing fuel supply knowledge will provide the Fund with a significant competitive advantage when developing new or acquiring existing power plants
    • Quintana’s in-house power expertise, which includes nine consultants, will provide the Fund with functional expertise in the following key areas: (i) regulatory; (ii) permitting; (iii) environmental; (iv) market; and (v) technical
investment process
Quintana Capital Group Fund I PortfolioInvestment Process

Quintana leverages its technical expertise and employs a highly selective process

Extensive network of industry relationships developed over four generations of successful investing in and operation of energy and natural resource assets

Senior investment professionals with deep operational and technical expertise filter opportunities

Strong and Direct Deal Flow in the Energy and Natural Resource Industries

Rigorous due diligence and consistent process

12 – 20Highly selective investments



* Target IRR is based on the Fund’s assumption that investing conditions will not deteriorate. Actual returns may differ.