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Internet Marketing

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Internet Marketing Barbara Weathers, M.A. Campus College Chair University of Phoenix, Springfield Campus So you have a Website – Now what?? Built it and they will come will NOT work. So what will?? Build it correctly Search engine placement both natural and paid Banner advertising

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Internet Marketing

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internet marketing

Internet Marketing

Barbara Weathers, M.A.

Campus College Chair

University of Phoenix, Springfield Campus

so you have a website now what

So you have a Website – Now what??

Built it and they will come will NOT work.

so what will
So what will??
  • Build it correctly
  • Search engine placement both natural and paid
  • Banner advertising
  • E-mail marketing
  • Web Analytics
types of websites
Types of Websites
  • Static or HTML - web pages that are not changed before being displayed in a web browser
  • Dynamic – when accessed a program generates instructions to call up and construct the dynamic pages, usually created from a database
dynamic websites and search engines
Dynamic Websites and Search Engines
  • Not all Search Engines can index dynamic sites. Ways to help:
    • Use static URLs to reference dynamic content
    • Link to dynamic URLs from static URL content, ie. develop a static HTML site map, link to other high quality sites or even better have them link to you.
    • Pay for inclusion - AltaVista, Ask Jeeves/TEOMA, FAST, and Inktomi
how search engines rank websites
How Search Engines Rank Websites

Through algorithms (a set of rules):

  • Keyword frequency and location
  • Incoming links from relevant quality sites
  • URL, webpage title, meta tags
  • Quality content that gives genuine value
  • Properly working website without errors
search engine placement tips
Search Engine Placement Tips
  • Pick targeted key words based upon consumer search patterns
  • Position keywords in HTML title tag, copy headlines, high up on the page
  • Relevant copy – search engines look for words NOT graphics
  • ALWAYS have an HTML sitemap
  • Don’t frame linked websites
tips continued
Tips Continued
  • Build high quality links, especially incoming, even if you have to pay for them
  • DON’T use automated search engine submission software – hand submit once and let the spiders find you
  • Be patient – it takes a while to develop natural placement sometime 5-6 months
  • Don't obsess over your ranking
learn more
Learn More
pay per click
Pay Per Click
  • Every major search engine with significant traffic accepts paid listings
  • They allow you to ‘bid’ on certain keywords which is called "pay-per-click" (PPC) or a "cost-per-click" (CPC)
    • Overture – Yahoo, MSN, AllTheWeb, AltaVista
    • Google’s AdWords – AOL, AskJeeves, Netscape, Teoma
banner ads
Banner Ads
  • Usually priced by Impression (CRM) Although they don't measure the effectiveness of a branding campaign, they do measure how many visitors were exposed to it
    • The typical click-through-rate is something under 1 percent, and click-through rates significantly higher than that are very rare
    • Think of it as Brand Exposure – like a billboard
    • What websites does your target market visit??
e mail marketing vs spam
E-mail Marketing vs. SPAM
  • E-mail is still the best way to reach a mass online audience of current or potential customers.
  • The question that remains unanswered is when is it overstepping the bounds to become SPAM??
  • The definition of SPAM varies depending upon who you ask. How do you define SPAM?
can spam

CAN-SPAM Act of 2003

  • It bans false or misleading header information
  • It prohibits deceptive subject lines
  • It requires that your email give recipients an opt-out method
  • It requires that commercial email be identified as an advertisement and include the sender's valid physical postal address
where to get e mails
Where to get e-mails
  • Customer database – Do you keep records on your customer?
  • Think of ways to collect e-mails of potential customers.
    • E-Newsletter
    • Register to win
    • Trade shows
web analytics
Web Analytics
  • Measuring the success of Internet Marketing campaigns
    • Need a web analytics tool – WebTrends, Hitbox
    • Two types – server log file and page tags
    • Both have strengths and weaknesses
    • Visit and/or for more information
log files
Log Files
  • The server stores visitor information in files with the .log extension. Here is how the log file records a single request to a Web server:
  • - - [03/Jan/2001:15:20:06 -0800] "GET /Inauguration.htm HTTP/1.0" 200 8788 "" "Mozilla/3.0 WebTV/1.2 (compatible; MSIE 2.0)"
server log files tell you
Server Log Files Tell You
  • Which pages get the most traffic - and the least.
  • What sites are referring visitors to you.
  • Which pages visitors look at.
  • What browsers and operating systems are most popular with visitors.
  • When search engine spiders and directory editors visit.
page tags
Page Tags
  • Information collected is non-identifying through the use of cookies
  • Includes user behaviors such as visits and buys, responding to off-site or on-site promotions, and product viewing
  • Collects user characteristics, including profiles of visitor’s hardware and software
  • Provides information on pages visited, number of visits, and various timing and duration measures.


Word of advice – monitor what is successful and what is not. Internet Marketing can be expensive use it wisely .