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HEC-ResSim Enhancements

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HEC-ResSim Enhancements. Better Tools to Simulate the Operation of California Reservoirs. Joan Klipsch CWEMF Annual Meeting February 2007. Outline. HEC-ResSim Basics Development Objectives The System Schematic Rule-Base Operations Definition New Features in Version 3.0

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HEC-ResSim Enhancements

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hec ressim enhancements


Better Tools to Simulate the Operation of California Reservoirs

Joan Klipsch

CWEMF Annual Meeting

February 2007

  • HEC-ResSim Basics
    • Development Objectives
    • The System Schematic
    • Rule-Base Operations Definition
    • New Features in Version 3.0
  • The Yuba-Feather F-CO Study
    • Participants
    • Objective
    • MOA
    • Requested Enhancements for Version 3.1
ressim development goals
ResSim Development Goals
  • Represent the physical system as realistically as possible.
  • Reproduce the decision making process that reservoir operators use to set releases.
  • Support Multi-Purpose Operation Schemes
    • Represent both Flood Control Constraints & Conservation Goals
    • Support low flow & drought operation
    • Support environmental restoration investigations
the physical system
The Physical System
  • Graphical System Schematic
    • Reservoirs
    • Reaches
    • Junctions
    • Diversions
    • Diverted Outlets
  • Hierarchical Multiple Outlet Structure
    • Controlled and Uncontrolled Outlets
    • Power Plants
    • Pumps
    • Outlet Groups
rule based reservoir operations
Rule-Based Reservoir Operations
  • Guide-Curve
    • The seasonally-variable Desired Pool Elevation
    • Basic Guide Curve Operation:

“Release or store to get back to guide curve.”

  • Zones
    • Zones partition reservoir storage among different purposes.
    • A prioritized set of rules within each zone limits or overrides basic guide curve operation.
rule based reservoir operations7
Rule-Based Reservoir Operations
  • Rules

A rule is an objective for, or constraint on, the operation of a reservoir or system of reservoirs.

Rule Types:

    • Flexible Local & Downstream Flow Objectives
    • Release or Pool Elevation Rates of Change
    • Emergency Gate Regulation & Induced Surcharge
    • Local and System Hydropower Requirements
    • Tandem Operation
    • Pump-back Schedule
    • User-scripted rules
basic decision logic

Allowable range of releases (cfs)


1 2 3


0: Physical Capacity

1: IROC - 3000 cfs

2: Max Release - 10,000 cfs

3: Min Release – 700 cfs

Allowable Range: 700-8000 cfs



Basic Decision Logic
  • Determine the… Allowable Range of Releases
    • Physical Capacity defines the initial range
    • Rules narrow the range
  • Determine the… Desired Guide Curve Release
    • How much the reservoir should store or release to get back to guide curve in this timestep
basic decision logic cont d
Basic Decision Logic, Cont’d.
  • Decide !


Is the Desired Guide-Curve release within the allowable range?


Make the Desired GC release


Make the allowable release that is closest to the Desired GC release.

other important operations features
Other Important Operations Features
  • Tandem and Parallel System Operations
    • With variable storage balancing definition
  • Conditional (If-then-else) Rule Activation
  • Release Allocation – Outlet Prioritization
  • User Scripted Rules & State Variables
  • Outlet Outages & Capacity Overrides
tandem parallel system operations
Tandem & Parallel System Operations
  • Tandem
    • El Vado to Abiquiu
    • Abiquiu to Cochiti
  • Parallel
    • Cochiti & Jemez
release allocation
Release Allocation
  • To provide control over how the releases are allocated to the available outlets
  • Two methods
    • Balanced
      • Even Balance (default)
      • Un-even Balance – e.g. 60-40 split
    • Sequential
storage integration scheme
Storage Integration Scheme
  • Solution to the problem that occurs when a reservoir has:
    • Small storage
    • Large outlet capacity
    • More inflow than can be stored during a time-step
  • Simulation ‘copies’ of an alternative
  • Provides extended “what-if” analysis
new development fy07
New Development – FY07
  • R&D Funded
    • Routing Enhancement for Downstream Ops
    • Tailwater-Dependent Outlet Capacity
    • Technical Reference Manual
  • Project Funded
    • LCRA
      • Projected Pool Operation
    • Yuba-Feather F-CO Study…
forecast coordinated operations
Forecast-Coordinated Operations
  • Yuba-Feather Watershed
    • Oroville - Operated by CA DWR
    • New Bullards Bar - Operated by Yuba County Water Agency
  • Study Objectives
    • Develop a way to coordinate flood control releases from the two reservoirs, at the same time maintaining channel flow at or below the channel capacity at Marysville
forecast coordinated operations21
Forecast-Coordinated Operations
  • Study Team
    • Yuba County Water Agency
    • California Dept. of Water Resources
    • NWS CA-NV River Forecasting Center
    • Advisory: Sacramento District, USACE
  • Funding
    • (new) Prop 13 Grant
yuba feather f co
Yuba-Feather F-CO
  • SPK Water Management was consulted on existing models for the basin.
  • Study team chose ResSim for the operations modeling tool.
  • SPK & Study Team identified some modifications that would be needed to effectively represent the watershed.
identified enhancements
Identified Enhancements
  • Phase 1
    • Downstream operation must respect rate-of-change constraints
    • Improve Induced Surcharge operation algorithm to remove oscillations
    • Induced Surcharge function inadequate to represent ESRD operations.
      • Provide option to enter ESRD curves directly
      • Add a “Hold the Gate” option for falling pool operation
identified enhancements24
Identified Enhancements
  • Phase 1, cont’d.
    • Add a variable contingency factor to the downstream control rule to represent uncertainty in the inflow forecast
    • Add a inflow factor editor to facilitate development of “what-if” inflow scenarios
  • Phase 2
    • Add ensemble management to alternative development
    • Add ability to impact operations based on probability…
moa with hec
MOA with HEC
  • Yuba County Water Agency
    • 1+ year in development
    • Effort failed over liability issues
  • NWS
    • 3-6 months in development
    • Success!
additional requirements
Additional Requirements
  • NWS-RFS integration
    • Hot-start Feature
    • Headless Operation
    • Port to Linux
new contingency factor
New - Contingency Factor
  • Effective space at the downstream control location is computed as the difference between the downstream limit modified by the contingency percentage and the cumulative local flow.
  • For a downstream maximum flow rule, the downstream limit is multiplied by (1 – contingency percentage/100), resulting in a reduced maximum limit.
more info

Hydrologic Engineering Center

More Info…
  • Version 3.0, Release

March 2007 !!!

  • HEC’s Web Site:


  • HEC’s ResSim Point of Contact:

Joan D. Klipsch