computerized system in himachal pradesh l.
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Computerized System In Himachal Pradesh

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Computerized System In Himachal Pradesh - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Computerized System In Himachal Pradesh. Health Management Information System (HMIS). Health Management Information System in Himachal Pradesh. Presentation by Ms. Harinder Hira Principal Secretary-Health Govt. of Himachal Pradesh. Before:. Data was available but not accessible

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computerized system in himachal pradesh

Computerized System In Himachal Pradesh

Health Management Information System (HMIS)

health management information system in himachal pradesh
Health Management Information System in Himachal Pradesh

Presentation by Ms. Harinder Hira

Principal Secretary-Health

Govt. of Himachal Pradesh

  • Data was available but not accessible
  • Summary of data was calculated by hand and therefore prone to errors
  • Long delay to produce reports
need for the new hmis
Need for the New HMIS
  • Reform health information system
  • Transition from reporting system to conscious use of information
  • Managerial decision making
  • Accuracy of Data
  • Facility wise performance
  • New computerized HIMS is expected to increase coverage & improve quality of services
existing mis flow

Existing MIS Flow

Health Workers at

SC Level

Collects and fills data

Form 6

Other Health



Reports to PHC

Form 7




Reports to Block

Form 8

Reports to District H.Q.

Form 9

Monthly Bulletin on

Process of Different


Reports to Directorate

  • Data is accessible at all levels
  • Reports are produced on time
  • Reports are used for monitoring and decision support
current status
Current Status
  • A computerised information system (HMIS) has been installed in 10 districts out of 12 districts of Himachal Pradesh.
  • Monthly Reporting Forms 6, 7 and 8 are entered into the HMIS from all Blocks.
  • HMIS is on trial basis in remaining district of Sirmaur and Tribal District of Himachal Pradesh.
  • Data from SC, PHC, CHC and Hospitals is available for reporting, supervision, planning and analysis

Computerized HMIS

Data Collection at Health Facilities Form 6, 7 and 8)

Through Floppy

District Computer Unit

Block Computer Unit

Through FTP, using phone lines

Decision Support System

State Directorate

Health Managers / Program Officers

new computerized hims flow
New Computerized HIMS Flow

SC, PHC, Block PHC,

CHC and Other Health


Collects and fills data

Feedback on Indicators

Form 6

PHC fills additional data

On form 7

Reports to Block

Computer Unit

Hospitals fill additional data

On form 8

Reports to District

Computer Unit

Compiles data for

Decision Making

Reports to State

Computer Unit

Compiles data for

Decision Making

  • Reports are used at monthly Block meetings
  • Reports help in the monitoring of activities
  • Additional reports can be programmed if needed
data available in form 6 all health facilities
Data Available in Form 6 (all health facilities)
  • Number of OPD cases
  • Ante Natal Care
  • Natal Care
  • Pregnancy Outcome
  • Post Natal Care
  • Immunization
  • Booster Immunization
  • Childhood Diseases
  • Child / Infant Deaths
  • Contraceptive Services
  • Abortions
  • Communicable Diseases
  • Number of Blind
  • IDD control (Iodine Deficiency)
  • Leprosy Cases
  • Registration of vital events (births, deaths)
  • Interaction with the community
data available in form 7 phc only
Data Available in Form 7 (PHC only)
  • Post natal care
  • Contraceptive Services
  • Abortions
  • Communicable Diseases
  • Blindness Cases
  • Leprosy Cases
  • School Health
  • Equipment
  • Vacancy Position
  • Inventory of Drugs, Vaccines, Lab consumables and Equipment
data available in form 8 add for chc ch dist hops zonal hosp
Data Available in Form 8 (Add. for CHC, CH, Dist. Hops., Zonal Hosp.)
  • Natal care
  • Post natal care
  • Contraceptive Services
  • Abortions
  • Leprosy Cases
  • Prevention of food adulteration
  • Inventory of Drugs
  • Staff Position
general findings
General Findings
  • HMIS is their reporting, monitoring and supervision tool
  • Situation with data transfer has improved
  • User refresher training has to be intensified
  • Maintenance of computers not secured
  • Need to change form 6,7 and 8
general findings data analysis
General Findings: Data Analysis
  • HMIS is a rich basis for additional data analysis
  • Data analysis is limited (meaning no trends, correlations, regressions) at the moment
  • The vision of a new HMIS is that it is simple to operate & valuable to health staff.
  • The system has been designed in such a way that health workers who collect the information must be able to use it also. The forms & formats developed should not be too many, bulky and complicated so as to avoid the temptation of not filling them.
  • The system has been developed & pre-tested in 3 districts for a year.
outlook and perspectives reports
Outlook and Perspectives: Reports
  • Reports have improved, some calculations need to be corrected (in process).
  • Visualisation of data/reports (graphs/charts) is available but has to be improved.
  • Ranking of health services for selected indicators has been programmed and works
outlook and perspectives training and maintenance
Outlook and Perspectives: Training and Maintenance
  • Statisticians should be trained in additional software (Excel, Access, Windows).
  • Statisticians are and will be trained in same basic hardware maintenance
friendly reminder
  • The purpose of HMIS is to improve health care delivery through improved monitoring, supervision and planning!
  • HMIS is an essential tool to achieve that purpose
challenge ahead
Challenge Ahead
  • New Forms in NRHM
  • Integrate HMIS proposed HIS(Health Information System) and other softwares to produce comprehensive reports.
  • To take HMIS up to PHC level.