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DIP-4048 Induction

DIP-4048 Induction. lesson 1. Induction. Students are to present themselves in class in full uniform and on time so the lessons can commence as planned 80% attendance is required Tests and assignments

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DIP-4048 Induction

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  1. DIP-4048Induction lesson 1.

  2. Induction • Students are to present themselves in class in full uniform and on time so the lessons can commence as planned • 80% attendance is required • Tests and assignments • 1 test & 1 assignment per semester and in case of a fail a resit can be done but maximum marks for a resit is 52/100 • All PowerPoint presentations can be found on the ITS e learning site • http://www.its-elearning.com/

  3. Self study • 50 hours per semester • Use wisely this time to prepare for the lesson in advance • Revise the topics discussed in class • Refer to literature after and before the lesson

  4. Scheme of work-Semester 1. • Lesson 1.-Induction • Distribution of the scheme of work-Explanation of assessment methodology-Assignments, test & self-study • Lesson 2.-Revision Semester 1-2 CER 007 • Kitchen organization-Transference of heat • Small & large scale equipment-Methods of cooking • Stocks, soups & sauces

  5. Scheme of work-Semester 1. • Lesson 3.-Hors d’oeuvres-Savouries-Salad & Sandwiches • Categories of hors d’oeuvres-Definition of savouries-The origin of sandwiches (hot & cold)-Modes of presentation-Production and presentation of canapés-Hygiene practice in relation to cold food • Lesson 4.-Pasta • The origins of pasta-Nutritional & food value-Categories & varieties of pasta-Cooking pasta-Storage of pasta-Menu suggestions

  6. Scheme of work-Semester 1. • Lesson 5.-Rice & Pulses • The origin of rice -Nutritional & food value of rice & pulses-Different varieties of rice & pulses-Methods of cooking rice & pulses-Correct storage of rice & pulses -Menu suggestions Lesson 6.-Introduction to meat • Composition & structure of meat-Classification & categories-Meat grading & inspection-Aging methods-Preservation & correct storage of meat

  7. Scheme of work-Semester 1. • Lesson 7.-Lamb & Mutton • Definition of lamb & mutton-Quality points -Correct storage condition-Dissection of the joints of lamb & mutton-Cooking methods & accompanying sauces-Menu suggestions • Lesson 8.-PorkHanding of Assignment 1. • Definition of pork-Quality points-Correct storage condition-Dissection of the joints of pork-Cooking methods & accompanying sauces-Menu suggestions-Presentation of the assignment brief

  8. Scheme of work-Semester 1. • Lesson 9.-Bacon & Ham • Definition of bacon & ham-Cuts of bacon-Processing & production-Curing & smoking-Quality points-Correct storage conditions-Types of ham-Cooking methods-Menu suggestions • Lesson 10.-Beef • Definition of beef-Different breeds of cattle-Aging beef-Quality points-Correct storage conditions-Different cuts & joints-Cooking methods-Menu suggestions

  9. Scheme of work-Semester 1. • Lesson 11.-Test 1 & Collection of Assignment 1. • Lesson 12.-Veal • Definition of veal-Quality pints-Correct storage conditions-Different cuts & joints-Cooking methods-Menu suggestions

  10. Scheme of work-Semester 1. • Lesson 13.-Poultry • Definition of poultry-Quality pints-Correct storage conditions-Preparation for different cuts Cooking method-Menu suggestions • Lesson 14.-Game • Definition of game-Variety of game-Quality points-Correct storage conditions-Cooking methods-Menu suggestions

  11. Scheme of work-Semester 2. • Lesson 15-Revision Semester 1 DIP 026 • Hors d’oeuvres-sandwiches-canapés-Farinaceous dishes & pulses-Meat-lamb & mutton-pork & bacon-beef-veal-game & poultry • Lesson 16.-Fish & Shellfish • Different categories of fish & shellfish • Quality points, storage & hygiene • Cooking methods • Preservation & seasonality of fresh produce

  12. Scheme of work-Semester2. • Lesson 17.-Herbs & Spices • Types of herbs & culinary use-Variety of herbs-Seasonality & preservation-Menu suggestions • Lesson 18.-Vegiterian Diet • Categories of vegetarians-Dietary requirements-Nutritional guidelines -Alternative sources of nutrition-Menu suggestions

  13. Scheme of work-Semester2. • Lesson 19.-Pates-Terrines & Roulades • Types of forcemeats for the production of terrines, pates, galantines & roulades-Process & production-Storage & hygiene procedures-Menu suggestions & presentation modes • Lesson 20.-Cheeses • Categories of cheese & production-Storage & hygiene procedures-Preservation modes-Menu suggestions & presentation modes

  14. Scheme of work-Semester2. • Lesson 21.-Categories of Catering Establishments • Categories of catering establishments-Hotels & restaurants-Franchising, industrial & contract catering-Mobile & outside units-Grading • Lesson 22.-Healthy EatingHanding of Assignment 2. • Definition of healthy eating-Dietary guidelines-A balance diet-Alternative foods, fresh-organic-Alternative methods of cooking-Menu suggestions

  15. Scheme of work-Semester2. • Lesson 23.-Menu Policy & Planning • Function of a menu-Consideration when compiling a menu-Different types of menus-Sequence in a menu-Menu examples • Lesson 24.-Kitchen Structure & Design • Design & Layout of a food production area-Correct workflow-EU laws & regulation -Types of material used in a food production area

  16. Scheme of work-Semester2. • Lesson 25.-Cultural Dimensions of Food • Eating habits & traditions in relation to religious beliefs-Food restrictions of religious & dietary groups-Menu examples • Lesson 26.-Test 2 & Collection of Assignment 2.

  17. Scheme of work-Semester2. • Lesson 27.-Oils & Fats • Different varieties of fats & oils-Culinary uses of fats & oils-Quality points & preservation • Lesson 28.-Revision Semester 2 DIP 026 • Explanation of Practical Examination

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