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Ball Horticultural Company

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Ball Horticultural Company. International Breeder, producer and distributor of ornamental flowers to professional growers 100+ years in business Privately held, third generation Focus on innovation and world-class service. Geo. J. Ball Founder. Ball Trials 1938. Anna Ball.

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ball horticultural company
Ball Horticultural Company
  • International Breeder, producer and distributor of ornamental flowers to professional growers
  • 100+ years in business
  • Privately held, third generation
  • Focus on innovation and world-class service

Geo. J. Ball Founder

Ball Trials 1938

Anna Ball

Gardens at Ball 2008


How we distribute

  • Nationwide Plug and Plant supplier networks
  • Located close to your grower = fill last-minute orders fast!
  • High-quality inputs quickly and cost effectively!

In 2008, Ball Network suppliers grew over 1.3 billion plugs and 213 million cuttings

where we test it
Where we test it

Erie Basin Trials 2007

  • Over 60 N.A, university and private locations
  • Company owned trial sites: CA, IL, FL, Costa Rica, Holland, U.K., France, China
  • Founding member, All-America Selections

Colorado State 2007

University of Florida ‘07

what we sell
What we sell
  • Trialed and tested varieties for the landscape
  • Regional expertise
  • Wide variety of annuals, perennials, tropicals, shrubs, ornamental grasses

Petunia Wave

Angelonia ‘Serena’

Colocascia ‘Coal Miner’

Albelia ‘Raspberry Profusion’

getting smarter marketing to today s consumer selling x y
Getting Smarter: Marketing to Today’s Consumer

Selling X & Y

Jeff Gibson

Ball Horticultural Company

a new era

A New Era:

• Whose our Customer

Understanding generation X & Y

• Why they don’t garden

• Opportunities for success

• Challenges to overcome

  • Findings from our research….
    • Focus Groups
    • Internet Survey
    • Store observations
gardener type by age
Gardener Type – By Age

Q9. Which of the following best describes your gardening activities?

time invested in gardening
Time Invested in Gardening
  • Why has the time invested in gardening decreased? (n=99)
  • Less time (37%)
  • Physical limitations (30%)
  • Less space (11%)
  • Fewer plants (10%)
  • Move to condo (5%)
  • Weather/Climate (5%)
  • Cost of gardening (4%)
  • Why has the time invested in gardening increased? (n=277)
  • Garden expanding (36%)
  • More time (24%)
  • More space (22%)
  • Enjoy gardening / More interest (11%)
  • Plants need more maintenance (7%)
  • Improves value of home (4%)

Q11. Over the last few years, would you say that your time invested in gardening has…?

Q12. Why has the time you have invested in gardening [increased/decreased]?

who are the non gardeners
Who are the non-gardeners?

Q1b. Have you ever done any flower gardening as an adult?

overall interest
Overall Interest
  • Once a gardener, always a gardener!
    • Decline isn’t from existing gardeners leaving or doing less…..
    • Less new gardeners coming in!
why don t they garden i don t have time

Why don’t they garden?“I don’t have time…”

2 out of 3 reluctant gardeners would garden more if they had time

reasons for not gardening
Reasons for not gardening

Q1c. What is the main reason you did not flower garden this past season?

Q1d. What are the other reasons you did not garden this past season?

reasons for store selection by primary store
Reasons For Store SelectionBy Primary Store

Q19/20. Reasons you shop at your primary store?

reasons would leave shop somewhere else for plants
Reasons Would Leave/Shop Somewhere Else for Plants

Younger gardeners (<45 yrs) are more likely to say this

Q21. What reason would most likely make you leave a store and shop somewhere else for flowering plants.

Q21/22. Reasons you might leave a store and shop somewhere else for flowering plants.

convenient and fresh
Convenient AND Fresh
  • In today’s society, convenience is king
    • But ‘healthy plants’ is table stakes to get in the game
i won t buy it if
I won’t buy it if….
  • It looks unhealthy
  • No price
  • No name
  • No sun/shade indicator
raise perceived value the plants look fresh and healthy

Raise perceived value“the plants look fresh and healthy”

• Best quality possible

• Careful plant selection

• Upgrade packaging

• Tell a story

… and charge for it

generation x y

Generation X & Y

• 1965-1994 (14-43)

• 110-120 million of us

• $275+ billion spending

• Work balance

• Tech savvy



• Boomers

individualism, self-fulfillment

• Generation X

alternative, skeptical

• Generation Y

connected, social

why don t they garden so many other options

Why don’t they garden?“so many other options”

• Technology

• Home renovation

• Travel

• Gourmet food

• Designer fashions

trend watch healthy lifestyles the 80 billion dollar industry

TREND WATCH:healthy lifestylesthe 80 billion dollar industry

• Healthy & attractive

• Food & fitness

• $68 billion in 2004

• $84 billion in 2007

home ownership at highest level 38 new home owners under 35

Home ownership at highest level38% new home owners under 35

• Approaching 70%

• 3\4 Single Family

• Generation X

the positives i love my backyard and deck

The positives“I love my backyard and deck”

• Home ownership

• Healthy lifestyles

• Environmental awareness

my first home
My first home…

Q13. Which of the following is the primary reason you began flower gardening as an adult?

primary reason they garden
Primary Reason They Garden

“Zero” for home value!

Q7b. Which statement best reflects your primary reason for gardening?

primary reason garden
Primary Reason Garden

Q7b. Which statement best reflects your primary reason for gardening?


Gardening main hobby

Pride in ‘show’


Shared with family

All ages

Garden for fun

Garden to ‘look at’


Low-priority hobby

Pride in ‘curb appeal’

Unfamiliar; insecure

Solo event – stress relief

Pre- and post- kid HH’s

Garden for function

Garden to ‘live in’

trend function
Trend: Function
  • Gardening for ‘function’ ultimately becomes gardening for ‘fun’
    • It’s a process.
go get em
Go get ‘em!
  • New home owners feel an obligation
    • Permission marketing!
emotional connectivity
Emotional Connectivity
  • Technically connected yet personally isolated
  • “Tech me you love me”
  • The need for emotional connectivity
  • A culture of emotions
  • A need for expression – a craving for personal touch
trend watch sustainability plants are little oxygen makers

TREND WATCH:sustainability“plants are little oxygen makers”

• A better choice

• Leading edge

• A national priority

• Marketable

• Industry issue

the negatives i don t have a green thumb

The negatives“I don’t have a green thumb”

• Time & effort

• Money

• Knowledge

least important characteristic in purchasing decision
Least Important Characteristic in Purchasing Decision

Q32b. Which characteristic is least important in your decision to purchase?

reduce intimidation they talk down to me

Reduce intimidation“they talk down to me”

• Personalized attention

• Signage & information

• Low-maintenance options

• Websites and resources

sun vs shade above all else
Sun vs. shade above all else

Q24a. Which information is most important to provide on a flowering plant’s label?

trend watch garden centers efficient effective

TREND WATCH:garden centersefficient & effective

• Outdoor living destinations

• Service oriented

• Changing product mix

• Community involvement



New Variety



Simply Beautiful®

Expect Success!

  • Available exclusively through independent garden centers
  • Includes hundreds of top-performing varieties
  • Provides maximum results with minimum fuss
  • Two exclusive varieties
  • includes gardening tips & tricks, plant info, etc.

Fusion™ Peach Frost Exotic Impatiens

Watermelon Coleus

why do people garden
Why do people garden?

Better mental health, nutrition or fitness

Increased curb appeal & property value

Better home environment

TechnoMetrica Market Intelligence, April 2008

why simply beautiful exclusive to independent garden centers
Why Simply Beautiful?Exclusive to independent garden centers

Trust Simply Beautiful to deliver the plants that keep customers coming back!

High-impact, big-color annuals

Upscale, identifiable package

Info-rich consumer support

ballhort com retailers list your business now List your business now!

Portal site for IGCs

Program & product information

Monthly retail report e-newsletter signup

simplybeautifulgardens com grows consumer confidence Grows consumer confidence!

Redesigned consumer site launches Fall 2008

Plant search & Garden center locator

Gardening tips & resources

Simply Beautiful e-newsletter sign-up & archive

national publicity
National Publicity

Consumer PR

Influences more than 200 million consumers

Long-term relationships with key Garden Writers

Gaining recognition with alternative media (web, blogs)

Trade PR

Press releases about program successes

Constant trade media contact

Continuous promotion of new varieties

step up to sustainability
Step Up to Sustainability
  • 2008 Pack Trial Theme
  • Sustainability Kiosks
  • Plants grown in rice hull containers
  • Alliance 47 tags
  • Product messages focused on sustainability in production and at retail
sustainability kiosks
Sustainability Kiosks
  • Use fewer chemicals
  • Change what you put in your soil
  • Grow in greener pots
  • Reduce planting waste
new products
New Products
  • Vegetative materials
    • Coleus
    • Geraniums
    • Alternanthera
    • Lysimachia
    • Double Impatiens
new products52
New Products
  • Cool season crops
    • Nemesias
    • Bacopas
    • Osteos
    • Pansies
    • Iceland Poppies
    • Delphinium
    • Alyssum
new products53
New Products
  • Ball Flora Plant vegetative intros
made for the shade
Made for the Shade
  • Impatiens
    • New Guineas
    • Double Impatiens
    • Exotic Impatiens
    • Leading series of single Impatiens – Super Elfin
    • Semi-double Impatiens
  • Coleus
  • Iresine
new guinea impatiens
New Guinea Impatiens
  • NGI Divine
  • Seed NGI in 306 packs
new guinea impatiens56
New Guinea Impatiens
  • NGI Celebrette Icy Blue
coleus henna
Coleus Henna
  • New!!!
  • Unique fringed foliage
  • Shade tolerant
  • Sun tolerant
coleus indian summer
Coleus Indian Summer
  • New!
  • Brilliant foliage
  • Shade Tolerant
  • Sun Tolerant
coleus mint mocha
Coleus Mint Mocha
  • NEW!!!
  • Lobed leaves in brilliant colors.
  • Sun tolerant
  • Shade tolerant
  • NEW! Coleus Dark Chocolate
  • NEW! Coleus Kong Salmon
hot summer survivors
Hot Summer Survivors
  • Lantanas
  • Thunbergia
  • Purslane
  • Ruellia
  • Tacoma
  • Begonias
  • Salvias
  • Angelonia
  • Plectranthus
zahara zinnia
Zahara Zinnia
  • NEW!!!
  • Heat tolerant full sun, bright colors for the heat.
  • 20% larger flowers than other Zinnias in this class.
  • Unique lemon yellow and scarlet.
salvia mystic spires
Salvia Mystic Spires
  • Great for summer patio pots.
plectranthus mona lavender
Plectranthus Mona Lavender
  • Plectranthus Mona Lavender
  • Great for fall programs
lantanas in general
Lantanas in general
  • Hot Summer Survivors!!
  • Drought Tolerant
  • 2 growth habits
    • Landmark
    • Lucky
babywing dragonwing begonia
BabyWing & DragonWing Begonia
  • Guaranteed success with consumers.
  • Sun to shade
  • Dragon Wing – Southern Living’s favorite plant!
juncus twister
Juncus Twister
  • NEW!!!
  • Curly Juncus
  • Unique accent plant
  • Success with Serena
  • Interest in spreading/basket types – 1ppp for 6” and gallons vs 3 ppp with Serena
tecoma mayan gold
Tecoma Mayan Gold
  • NEW!!!
  • Esperanza
  • Heat tolerant
  • Full sun
  • Widely used in the South
ruellia southern star
Ruellia Southern Star
  • Blue
  • White
  • Pink
  • Compact ‘Katie’ type Ruellia from seed
toucan purslane
Toucan Purslane
  • Fuchsia
  • Yellow
  • Scarlet
  • Hot Mix
  • Purslane from seed
helenium dakota gold
Helenium Dakota Gold
  • Full of yellow flowers all summer
  • Drought tolerant
  • Full sun
  • Heat tolerant
color essentials
Color Essentials
  • Geraniums
    • 6 series
  • Callibrachoa
  • Petunias
  • Marigolds
  • Verbena
  • Vinca
aztec verbena
Aztec Verbena
  • Better Mildew tolerance in CSU Trials
  • Two growth habits
  • Magic types more flat growing
  • Allure
  • Designer
  • Fantasia
  • Showcase
  • Colorcade
  • Galleria
geranium allure pink picotee
Geranium Allure Pink Picotee
  • NEW!!!
  • White florets edged in pink
  • Nice contrast with dark foliage
suncatcher petunias
Suncatcher Petunias
  • Early flowering under low energy production
  • Great for early spring markets
cabaret callibrachoa
Cabaret Callibrachoa
  • Proven performers in a great range of colors.
  • Best pH tolerance in the market
aztec verbena82
Aztec Verbena
  • New last year – Dark Red
  • Superior mildew tolerance
petunia yellow madness imp
Petunia YellowMadness Imp.
  • Yellow flowering multiflora Petunia with improved more compact habit.
dreams fuchsia
Dreams Fuchsia
  • Bright new color for Dreams grandiflora Petunia series
  • XP – Extra uniform
    • NEW! Vinca Pacifica XP
    • NEW! Vinca Mediterranean XP
    • NEW! Panola Pansy XP
    • Super Elfin Impatiens XP
    • Verbena Quartz XP
vinca mediterranean xp
Vinca Mediterranean XP
  • NEW!!!
  • New, more trailing, basket Vinca.
vinca pacifica xp
Vinca Pacifica XP
  • Burgundy Halo AAS
  • Icy Pink XP
ornamental pepper calico
Ornamental Pepper Calico
  • NEW!!!
  • Variegated foliage w/ornamental fruit
ornamental pepper purple flash
Ornamental Pepper Purple Flash
  • NEW!!!
  • Variegated, purple foliage.
ornamental pepper sangria
Ornamental Pepper Sangria
  • NEW!!!
  • Purple to red fruit covers arching branches.
talinum limon
Talinum Limon’
  • Accent plant with lime green foliage.
  • Long flower spikes with small blooms and colorful seed pods add interest.
fantastic grasses
Fantastic Grasses
  • 7 Grasses made easy!
  • Timed for uniformity and ease of production.
  • Unique, popular plant class.
new grasses
New Grasses!!!
  • Deschampsia
  • Zephyr
  • Juncus Blue Dart
  • Juncus Twisted
  • Arrows
juncus twisted arrows
Juncus Twisted Arrows
  • NEW!!!
  • Juncus Twister & Juncus Blue Arrows in one multi-seed pellet
  • Circle of Life
  • Ellepots
  • POP including posters
  • Circle of Life
  • Alliance 47 trays
  • Compostable pots
  • Circle of Life six packs
  • Ellepots
  • POP including bench tape
  • New Wave marketing program.
  • 1st full year of Shock Wave major market acceptance
  • New Easy Wave Pink Marble Mix
  • New Wave marketing program.
  • 1st full year of Shock Wave major market acceptance
  • New Easy Wave Pink Marble Mix
wave petunias
Wave Petunias
  • Shock wave
    • 9 Packs
    • Hanging baskets
  • Easy Wave
    • Tricolor baskets
    • combos
    • 9 packs/6 packs
  • Double Wave
    • 3 bright colors

Shock Wave®

  • Small-flowered
  • Spreading Petunia
  • NEW Ivory
  • NEW Pink Shades
  • NEW Pink Vein
  • NEW Purple
  • NEW Rose
  • NEW Buzz Mixture
  • NEW Electric Mixture

Shock Wave®

  • Petite flowers in high-voltage color for small spaces
  • Makes consumers look like professional garden decorators
  • Best season-long, highest-color impact of any petunia money can buy
  • Extreme proliferation of small flowers
  • Fast recovery after rain or weather
  • Self-cleaning plants stay flower-filled for outstanding displays

Wave® Purple

Shock Wave® Purple


Shock Wave®

  • Ivory
  • Cream margin with soft yellow throat

Shock Wave®

  • Pink Vein
  • Soft blush-pink background with violet-rose throat and veins

Shock Wave®

  • Buzz Mixture
  • Includes Ivory, Rose and Pink Shades
  • Electric Mixture
  • Includes Purple and Pink Vein

Shock Wave® Growth

Shock Wave Electric Mix

Week 4

Week 1

Week 2


Shock Wave® Recovery

Shock Wave Purple

During Rain

3 Hours After Rain

pansy and pansy pals
Pansy and Pansy Pals
  • Alyssum Clear Crystals
  • 2 new Matrix Pansies
  • 1 new Matrix Mix
  • All new Panola XP
  • Matrix hold-ability demonstration
  • New AAS Blue and Purple Rain
pansy panola xp
Pansy Panola XP
  • NEW!!!
  • Uniform series across all colors
  • Unique colors
  • Bright mixes
matrix pansies
Matrix Pansies
  • NEW!!! Rose
  • NEW!!! Rose Wing
  • NEW!!! Raspberry Sundae Mix
pansy pals
Pansy Pals
  • Erysimum Citorna
  • Diascia Diamonte
  • Diascia Wink
  • Nemesia Poetry
  • Nemesia Aromatica
  • Dianthus Floral Lace
  • Snapdragon Snapshot
  • Myosotis Mon Amie
alyssum clear crystals
Alyssum Clear Crystals
  • Tetraploid Alyssum in colors!
  • White
  • Lavender Shades
  • Purple
  • Mix
rain pansy
Rain Pansy
  • Blue & Purple
  • AAS winner
serenity osteospermum
Serenity Osteospermum
  • Best flower power and uniformity in Osteos.
  • Improved colors
  • Darwin Acquisition
  • Full range of seed and vegetative perennials
  • Broad range of suppliers with a variety of product forms.
ball ornamentals
Ball Ornamentals
  • Woody ornamental products
  • Clean stock programs
  • Unique materials for a range of climates and conditions
  • Crossover materials for nursery production

The Gardens

At Ball

Come see us!

Jeff Gibson

Business Manager – landscape

For Simply Beautiful, contact

Bill Calkins

Business Manager – Independent Garden Centers

Ball Horticultural Company