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Art Integration Ideas PowerPoint Presentation
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Art Integration Ideas

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Art Integration Ideas
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Art Integration Ideas

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  1. Art Integration Ideas Map of Canada project with plasticine sculptures of points of interest, Grade 4, Jessie Hamilton P.S., Lively Totem pole (in progress), Grade 4, Jessie Hamilton P.S., Lively

  2. Inukshuks, created from found stones and hot glue, Grade 4, Jessie Hamilton P.S., Lively Model of the precipitation cycle, Grade 7, Lansdowne P.S., Sudbury

  3. Environment mural, North Bay Hydro, North Bay, by Grade 12 West Ferris S.S. students Close-up of mural in progress

  4. Mobiles created for a Parenting class (Family Studies), Grade 10, West Ferris S.S., North Bay

  5. Poem created within a copy of J.E.H. McDonald’s Tangled Garden, by Liana Blaskievich, Nipissing University

  6. September 11, Liana Blaskievich, Nipissing University Models of ancient Roman architecture, Grade 9

  7. Art Integration Activity: • Choose one of the subject areas listed below (preferably your elective) • and get together as a group. • Brainstorm and record ways in which visual arts can be integrated into • your subject area. • Hang your chart paper and share your ideas with the class. • Subject Areas: • Arts (Dance, Drama, Music) French • Language Arts Mathematics • Physical and Health Education Religious Studies • Science (including Computer Science) Social Studies

  8. Set, prop, lighting design Costume design and masks Figure drawings of dancers Draw/paint/sculpt to music Link music time periods to art history Advertising for shows (posters, tickets, programs) Musician sculptures, drawings, paintings Papier mache music notes Acoustics in architecture Dance step markers Face painting Band logos, web sites Storyboarding Puppet-making Make musical instruments CD/album covers Musical information posters Create music videos Photography of musicians, dancers, actors Tableaux (human sculptures) Light design Draw emotions in music Make sculptures from old instruments Illustrated timelines Visual Arts in the Arts (Dance, Drama, Music):

  9. Focus on French art history Design traditional historical French dress Travel posters/ postcards of French-speaking countries Vocabulary diagrams Picture dictionaries Carnaval (snow sculptures, weave belts, Mardi Gras masks) Flag design for French countries Posters for French history 3D maps of French countries French café menus and invitations Create educational board games in French Create marionettes for French puppet show French comics French drama sets Flash cards Illustrate French poetry Collage from French magazines Illustrated French cookbook French architecture Visual Arts in French:

  10. Illustrated stories Posters for stories they have read Literature content collages Link literature and art time periods Create literature puppets Title pages/book jackets Storyboards Literature comic books Book binding Words morphed into designs Plot map Setting maps / illustrations World wall quilt Pictorial responses to read-alouds Literary device posters Creative writing illustrations Character costumes and masks Dioramas Graffiti Character mobile Create picture books Create advertisements Written art critiques Literacy soul story Character cartoons Mirror words (“bugs”) Totem pole novel study Theme poster Idiom pictures Journalism Myth cartoons Research essay on an artist Visual Arts in Language Arts (English):

  11. Patterning (tessellations / M.C. Escher) Quilt pieces Perspective drawing Scale enlargements Geometry Architectural and engineering designs Computer animation Data Graphs Golden Mean / ratios Origami Kaleidoscopes Proportions Mazes Tangrams Currency designs Fractals Fraction circles Number pyramids Symmetry Venn diagrams Puzzle making “Math-o-lanterns” Graph paper mosaics Visual Arts in Mathematics:

  12. Posters for circuits Health pamphlets and collages Models (joints) Team logos and uniforms Banners Playbooks Tournament schedules Field and floor lines Trophies and plaques Sports photography Birth control mobile Ads for school sports Health and phys.ed. Videos Stadium design Quinzee snow sculpture designs Olympic flags Tournament t-shirts and posters Team web-sites Sports timelines Mascot costumes Mural in gym Nutrition food guide Painting technique relay Substance abuse posters Healthy eating menus Equipment design Healthy menu design Visual Arts in Physical and Health Education:

  13. Illuminated manuscripts Study religious art Tissue paper stained glass designs Mandelas Draw stories from the Bible Make rosaries Bible collages Comparative art – world religions Church architecture Religious murals Advent calendars Religious holiday crafts Posters or sculptures for stations of the cross Palm crosses Sun catchers Illustrated prayers Bible comics Nativity scene sculptures Beatitude booklets Study church architecture Jesse tree Create a crucifix “Shroud of Turin” print Visual Arts in Religious Studies:

  14. Models (cells, solar system, mitosis, DNA, etc.) Medical illustrations Cycle diagrams Dioramas of ecosystems Title pages, posters Science fair displays Flower, leaf, vegetable prints Papier mache volcano Lab/scientific drawings Sculpture of reproduction stages Environment posters Microscope drawings Sun dials Light spectrum Photography (optics) Architectural and engineering designs Crystals Science murals Nature collages Mobiles Claymation Re-create historical inventions Safety brochures Weather vane sculptures Tornado pop bottles Art conservation Visual Arts in Science:

  15. Maps (2D and 3D) Cycle / habitat dioramas Models (historical, geography) Period costumes Visual timelines Cultural art and crafts Depict historical events Family trees Coat of arms Pioneer crafts Landmark sculptures Propaganda and election posters War art Brass rubbings Picture maps Visual travel journal Fossil sculptures Battle maps Study art history as social commentary Time capsules / memory box Scrapbooks Travel posters Travel pamphlets Post cards Board games and puzzles Mosaics Stamp design Architectural design Political cartoons Flag design Hieroglyphics Leaf collages Landscape design Artifact creation Pioneer crafts Shadow puppets Visual Arts in Social Studies: