environmental benefits of hardwood floors environmental benefits of hardwood floors n.
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Top 5 Environmental Benefits of Hardwood Floors PowerPoint Presentation
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Top 5 Environmental Benefits of Hardwood Floors

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Top 5 Environmental Benefits of Hardwood Floors - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Wondering whether hardwood flooring has a positive impact on your health and environment? Read this write up now to learn the environmental benefits of installing hardwood floors in your home. Visit http://athomeflooringpgh.com/ for more information.

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did you know the average annual net growth

Did you know the average annual net growth for hardwoods is greater than the average annual removals?

while many people are attracted towards hardwood

While many people are attracted towards hardwood flooring for their elegance and quality appearance, they are an eco-friendly choice too. Here is a list of top 5 environmental benefits of hardwood floors.

wood harvest according to the reports


According to the reports of the US Department of Agriculture Forest Service, the annual net growth of trees from which hardwood is sourced is much greater than the annual harvest. Hence, you need not worry about the thought of deforestation.

energy saving options installing hardwood floors


Installing hardwood floors saves you on energy utilization, and this makes you directly contribute to energy conservation and a greener environment.

quality of indoor air hardwood floors are well


Hardwood floors are well known to improve the quality of the indoor air and protect children and the elderly from many air-borne diseases and allergies that stem from dust stored in your carpets.

carbon neutral hardwood flooring uses wood


Hardwood flooring uses wood, a natural product which is carbon neutral. During the growth cycle, it produces oxygen and stores carbon in its service life.

long lasting hardwood floors have the high


Hardwood floors have the high durability that can exceed 75 years and does not require replacing as often as any other kind of flooring option. Since it is regularly used without any replacement, it reduces carbon footprints.

visit athomeflooringpgh com for more information

Visit athomeflooringpgh.comfor more information.

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