Know about Uzbekistan Places to Visit before starting your Uzbekistan Holidays!
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These days, there are a number of companies in Uzbekistan, which specialize in arranging customized and adventurous tours for Uzbekistan holidays.

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Asiaadventures travel to uzbekistan

Know about Uzbekistan Places to Visit before starting your Uzbekistan Holidays!

Are you planning a vacation to Uzbekistan? Are you eager to know about the Uzbekistan sights and

Uzbekistan places to visit? For obtaining thorough and detailed information about the places to visit

and sights not to miss, you must visit a reputed Uzbekistan travel agency that will help you plan the

best of Uzbekistan holidays.

Uzbekistan is presently one of the most popular tourism centers in the world. Millions of tourists, from all

over the world, visit Uzbekistan to know and enjoy the natural and cultural sights of the place. The

historical centers of Bukhara, Samarkand, Shakhrisabz, and Khiva have got included in the prestigious

list of UNESCO’s world heritage masterpieces.

The natural Uzbekistan sights include lakes, canyons, waterfalls, mountain peaks, national nature parks

in Hissar – Alai Mountains and Tien Shan, nature reserves, and the Kara Kum and Kyzyl Kum deserts.

The motherland of one of the oldest civilizations, Uzbekistan boasts of its rich history. The powerful states

of Parthia, Sogdiana, Baktria, and Khorezm blossomed as well as faded here. Centuries ago, amazing

cities with fascinating mosques, palaces, parks, gardens, and madrasaahs had been built on the

territories of today’s Uzbekistan.

Asiaadventures travel to uzbekistan

Although majority of these had been destroyed, some still remain for the enthusiastic travelers who love

the medieval monuments of Bukhara, Samarkand, and Khiva. The grandiose mosques, elegant and high

minarets, medieval mausoleums and palaces, decorated by the most amazing ornaments, one-of-its-kind

vanity, and the bright colors of oriental culture, are breathtaking and memorable sights for the tourists.

The traditional hospitality, ancient legends, and old traditions observed by the local people win the hearts

of tourists from every corner of the world.

Uzbekistan Places to Visit:

1. One of the biggest tourist attractions in Uzbekistan is Samarkand. This place boasts of a few

world-renowned medieval architectural monuments that take the breath away from tourists:

The Registan Square, known as the pearl of Central Asia, is one of the most amazing squares in

the world. It is surrounded on three sides by a stunning medieval architectural ensemble consisting

of the Ulugbek Madrasah, the Tillya-Kari Madrasah, and the Sherdor Madrasah.

2. Tashkent, Uzbekistan’s capital, is also a popular tourist destination:

The Amir Timur Museum, at Tashkent, is famous for its unique blue dome and intricate interior

decorations. This museum features exhibits of President Islam Karimov and Timur. This museum

had been established to mark the 660th birth anniversary of Timur.

3. Bukhara is another place worth visiting in Uzbekistan: The Ark is a huge fortress in Bukhara. Built

and occupied in the fifth century AD, the Ark, although a military structure, encompasses a town

that used to be inhabited by royal courts. The Ark has been used as a fortress until it was captured

by Russia in 1920.

Bukhara also boasts of the Igor Savitzky Collection featured in the Karakalpakstan State Museum

of Art. This museum also exhibits stunning examples of Uzbekistan’s natural history that includes

the last Turan Tiger, captivated in 1972. Located nearby is the Museum of Applied Arts featuring

jewelries, traditional clothing, and local fabrics.

Other popular landmarks and monuments of Uzbekistan include the Shakhi-Zinda Complex in

Samarkand Visit, Bibi-Khanyam Mosque, Rukhabad Mausoleum, Gur-Emir Mausoleum, the ancient site

of Afrasiab, Hudjum (the silk carpet factory), the Ulugbek Observatory, and the Prophet Daniel


Asiaadventures travel to uzbekistan

Visit Uzbekistan and tour the alleys of history! remain for the enthusiastic travelers who love

Get In Touch with Turkmenistan Tour & Travels Agencies and Enjoy Your Vacation!

Are you planning a trip to Turkmenistan? You must get in touch with a professional Turkmenistan tour &

travels agency that would help you with every aspect of the vacation. Turkmenistan happens to be an

eclectic country that brims with quirkiness and history. It has cordial inhabitants who love to embrace

tourists, although the government is less friendly.

Before visiting this eccentric nation, you must thoroughly research the internet to know about the

Turkmenistan tour & travels highlights that would help you fully utilize your holidays touring the jagged

mountains and windswept deserts. Tourists love the ancient Silk Road and aromatic spice bazaars, all

the while enjoying the unique characters of Central Asia.

Asiaadventures travel to uzbekistan

The Silk Road adventure allows tourists to re-live Tamerlane’s dynasty. Tourists can stay with the

nomads in the desert of Turkmenistan, explore the magnificent Oxus Valley, visit the wonders of

Samarkand, and proceed towards the markets of Ashabgat for sharpening their bargaining abilities.

If you plan to visit Tajikistan, you need to understand that Tajikistan is a country that celebrates the

obscure, irrespective of whether the yardstick is linguistic, geographic, historical, cultural, and economic.

In order to thoroughly enjoy a vacation at Tajikistan, a tourist must contact a trustworthy Tajikistan tour

& travels agency. A tourist can immerse himself in Tajikistan’s local life by spending a few nights across

the impressive homestay network of Tajikistan.

Tajikistan, sharing the border with Afghanistan, offers glimpses of the other side where breathtaking

Afghan-built footbridges can be viewed. Tourists enjoy the splendid view of Karakul, which is the largest

lake in the Pamirs. They love the exotic imports displayed in the local bazaar of Khorog.

Tourists, traveling along the mighty Pamir Highway, are enthralled when the legendary peak of Muztag

Ata becomes visible in clear weather.

Nature-loving tourists must visit Kyrgyzstan. It is the place for mountain-lovers. Tourists can get in touch

with Kyrgyzstan tour & travels agencies and plan to enjoy the skyline that is punctuated with beautiful

peaks. The alpine lakes and spectacular glaciers are sights to cherish.

Tourists must visit Lake Song-Kol which is a zoological reserve encircled by pastures inhabited by

nomads. A tourist might be lucky to catch a competitive game of goat polo or ulak-Tartys. He might also

be fortunate to get a chance to ride out with shepherds on athletic ponies.

Tourists, enthusiastic about trekking, can thoroughly enjoy the beauty of Kyrgyzstan. The Diety-Oguz

Valley, Lake Issyk-Kul, and Karakol are natural treasures that mesmerize tourists.

Hope you enjoy your vacations at Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, and Kyrgyzstan!

Asiaadventures travel to uzbekistan

Uzbekistan Tours & Travels Offers Apt Tour Packages for Ancient History Lovers

Uzbekistan Tour & Travelsarranges classic tours for its travelers which have been tested for years. The

tour offers various types of tourist packages for the most demanding taste: ethnic tourism, cultural and

historical tourism, health tourism etc.

Ancient history and culture has always fascinated you. Certainly, Uzbekistan Tours & Travels have

made it possible to attract thousands of visitors from the corners of the world.

There is no need to surprise, if heard why tourism in Uzbekistan in so happening these days. The answer

is apparent; it is attractive as it was at the time of Alexander the Great.

The diversity of Uzbekistan

The place offers adventurous travelers the chance to step away from their mundane life and dive deep in

cultural triumphs, witness history those span epochs, rugged landscapes and much more. Uzbekistan is

a place where you can sleep in a desert bound tents, bespoke handcrafts, and shop for covetable. For

something totally unique and traditional to offer, why not discover the rich history, remote romance and

irresistible charm of Uzbekistan through Kazakhstan Tours & Travels.

Tourism in Uzbekistan is associated with UNESCO world heritage sites like – Bukhara, Samarkand and


Asiaadventures travel to uzbekistan

Explore this amazing world of Central Asia Ancient History Lovers

The vast spaces in the country are occupied by Karakum and Kyzylkum deserts. Torpedo sized sweet-

scented, Hyblaean muskmelons ripen on the melon fields the peculiar beauty of the Ustyurt plateau will

remind the cosmic pictures of super terrestrial landscapes of remote planets to the traveler.

Uzbek people treat their guest with great warmth and friendliness and will be willingly describing you

about their ancestors, cultural life, and history of the region. You will be keeping all these memories for

your lifetime which all in all makes Uzbekistan tour interesting.

Kazakhstan Tours & Travelsoffers tour packages covering the exquisite cities of Uzbekistan which is a

combination of contemporary and modern culture.

The Best Ever Tourism Company in Central Asia Is Asia Adventures!

Asia Adventuresis a touristcompany established by qualified professionals who have long years of

profound experience in the field of global tourism.

Asia Adventures are partners with over 200 tourist companies and agencies from 5 continents all over the

globe. Services of Asia Adventures are used by international organizations, diplomatic representatives,

Asiaadventures travel to uzbekistan

non-governmental organizations, banks in Uzbekistan and many other Central Asian countries, deputies

of State Duma, renowned business owners of the Russian Federation, prize-winners in Olympic Games,

champions from all over the world, and a huge number of ordinary tourists.

Asia Adventures offers its clients a comprehensive range of Tajikistan tour & travels services,

Turkmenistan tour & travels services, and services that encourage tourists to travel to Uzbekistan.

Asia Adventures provides tourist services throughout Uzbekistan and the entire regions of Central Asia

including West China (Chinese Xinjiang), Kyrgyzstan, and Kazakhstan.

Enjoying well-established business relations with all renowned hotels, Asia Adventures boasts of its own

fleet that includes buses, coaches, cars, and several minivans. It has a workforce comprising of

experienced and well-trained tour operators, professional drivers, and certified guides who ensure

reliable, enjoyable, and superior quality tour programs, both in terms of convenience and organization.

The professional staff of Asia Adventures makes sure that all queries and problems of clients are

answered as promptly as possible.

Asia Adventures is famous for organizing and conducting:

Seminars, presentations, conferences

Bus tours through the ancient cities of Central Asia (Turkestan, Khodjent, Pendjikent, Mari, Osh,

Uzgen, Kunya-Urgench, etc.) and Uzbekistan (Bukhara, Samarkand, Fergana Valley,

Shakhrisabz, Termez, Khiva, etc.)

Business tours, VIP tours, and incentive tours

Biking, trekking, and horse tours (equestrian) in the Tian-Shan and Pamir mountains

Tours to the Aral Sea region

Climbing expeditions to Muztag-Ata Peak, Pobeda Peak, Somoni Peak, Lenin Peak,

Korjenevskaya Peak, and Khan-Tengri Peak

For more information about tours and travels organized by Asia Adventures, you can visit their

comprehensive website at

Contact Details:

Phone: (+998 71) 150-62-80, 150-62-81, 252-72-87

Asiaadventures travel to uzbekistan

Fax: (+998 71) 256-25-85 other Central Asian countries, deputies


Skype: asia_adventures

Address: 27/10, office 23, Kunaev str., Tashkent, Uzbekistan