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  1. Local Events • Classifieds • Entertainment 248 661 7445

  2. About us An online platform and classifieds site rolled into one for Indians looking for information regarding anything happening in Detroit as well as across the state of Michigan. Whether you have just come to Motown or have been in Michigan for long, we welcome you to your site. We help you to make your environment like India ,so you’ll never miss your origin in your place. Indians have also spread the cultural influence in the state with a Indian Cultural Society in operation from 1995. ICS strives to promote Indian culture and preserve the Indian identity in the state of Michigan with events that are held on a periodic basis.

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  4. Indian Taste in Michigan Indian food Michigan: When it comes to Indian food, Michigan has many establishments ranging from the quick bite joints to a plush interior up market restaurant with an ambience to smell of royalty that India is often associated with the world over. Indian restaurants Michigan Indians though have been known to not just spread their own unique tastes with the spices and herbs that you can savor in Indian restaurants Michigan has plenty of, but also the unique ways that Indians have adapted world cuisines to their own tastes.

  5. Indian Community in Michigan Hindi movies in Michigan:One of the things that Indians just cannot have enough of and have carried with them wherever Indians have settled is the following of Hindi movies. Indian jewellery in Michigan: One of the most endearing aspects in the life of any woman, especially an Indian woman is the vast variety of jewellery that she is aware of and exposed to

  6. Indian Lifestyle in Michigan Hindu temple in Michigan: It is a uniquely divine experience to be in the serene surroundings of each of these temples which will surely transport you back to the serenity of temples in the areas of where you originally hail from in India. Indian restaurants in troy: Whenyou move to Michigan, you are guaranteed a lifestyle that will not be too much off the tangent for the new arrivals

  7. Contact us Mailing Address: USA Office:Vibha, Inc.5637 Lawler StSacramento, CA 95835Phone: 916 978 1057 Copyright © 2012 DTWDESI. All Rights Reserved.

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