ARNOLD D GOLDSTEIN, is an experienced, aggressive divorce and family law attorney and
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The Residential Parent (who for the pure sake of ease in writing we will call Mom), thinks that she has won something and the Alternate Residential Parent (who for the pure sake of ease in writing we will call Dad) thinks that he has lost something. Unfortunately both are wrong and their personal view is faulty. The children did not cause the divorce, you did. The children should have a reasonable expectation that, except for visitation and overnights with Dad they really “should” continue on as they would have if both parents were living together and giving the children the support and nurturing they deserve.\n \nFirst, permit me a word about “JOINT CUSTODY” and “SOLE CUSTODY”:\n \nCUSTODY either sole or joint has been around informally since the time married people began to separate and eventually get divorced. Some years ago, Judges and the Legislature with help from the Bar Association, decided that the whole concept of winner/loser was creating too many problems so that the label “Joint” came into being. Joint Custody is the product of a “Joint Custody Agreement” or “Order of Joint Custody” A look at our statute is helpful:\n \nTHE ILLINOIS MARRIAGE & DISSOLUTION OF MARRIAGE ACT which we will refer to as simply IMDMA (750 ILCS 5/ 1 et seq, which is the citation to the statutes) provides in Section 602.1 (b) the following:

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Presentation Transcript

ARNOLD D GOLDSTEIN, is an experienced, aggressive divorce and family law attorney and

will handle your high conflict case.

The Goldstein Law Offices in Highland Park, Illinois, provides aggressive and focused divorce

and family law representation. We encourage mediation, negotiation, and collaboration, but

nothing works as well if you do not practice as a credible, experienced and aggressive attorney.

In more than forty years of practice, we have seen every fad and style of legal practice, but we

know that there is only one way to assert his client's interests - with informed and forceful


GOLDSTEIN LAW OFFICE is an experienced, aggressive & knowledgeable advocate who goes

to battle for his clients.

At the Goldstein Law Offices, our clients come first. An attorney's job is to fight for the client's

goals, and ensure that the client's interests are protected. It is a duty Arnold Goldstein takes

seriously. He will not compromise his client's interests to "play ball" with opposing counsel. The

only friendship that matters is the one with his client.

The Goldstein Law Offices can handle all family law matters, but is focused on zealous divorce

representation. Attorney Arnold Goldstein has represented thousands of clients in their divorces,

and can tackle complex financial issues. Because of his financial background, he is adept at

ferreting out hidden assets from off-shore accounts and dividing complicated marital estates.

Mr. Goldstein has been certified by the Nineteenth Judicial Circuit Court (Lake County Illinois

Court as a Child's Representative, Guardian ad Litem and Attorney for children.

Divorce Attorney

Divorce can bring about many complex issues that could make for a very confusing time. A

qualified divorce attorney like Arnold Goldstein can help you work through all of those issues

and make sure you get what you deserve in your divorce. Attending to every detail in a divorce

could have a significant impact on your future. There are essentials every person should know

before, during and after a divorce. How those matters are handled are also of grave importance.

A division of assets, child custody and possible alimony payments could affect your life for years

to come. Don’t trust your future to just anyone. The experience of Arnold Goldstein can be a

tremendous asset when starting out your new future. The Goldstein Law Office has a long-

standing history of integrity as Arnold Goldstein works to find the best possible solution for each

client. In some divorces, The Goldstein Law Office can successfully negotiate terms through the

use of mediation. Other divorces end up in court where we have an excellent litigation record.

No matter what kind of turn your divorce takes, The Goldstein Law Office will be right there

steering you through the entire process. Divorce is a time when you need a professional, and our

services are available to work for you. Residents of Antioch, Fox Lake, Zion, Beach Park,

Libertyville, Round Lake Beach, Wauconda, and Mundelein can benefit from the divorce

services offered by The Goldstein Law Office.

Family Law

A quality family law attorney could mean the difference between success and failure. Knowing

the ins and outs of family law takes a wellrounded and experienced lawyer. That is just what you

receive when you choose The Goldstein Law Office as your family law lawyer. Family law

could involve a variety of issues such as divorce, child custody, child and spousal support, post-

judgment enforcement and more. Arnold Goldstein has an extensive amount of experience

working all types of family law cases in Lake County. That kind of familiarity with the local

court systems is one more advantage you receive with The Goldstein Law Office. You will have

the benefit of having sound legal counsel through every step of the process so that there are no

surprises or unmet expectations. Don’t let all the details of a family law case overwhelm you.

There is no reason you can’t look forward to your future, even in the face of a high conflict

divorce or difficult child custody battle. The area of family law could be a stressful time, and it

helps to have someone who can tell you exactly what to expect. Arnold Goldstein lends a touch

of compassion to go along with an esteemed knowledge of the law. The state of Illinois

continues to be his forum for justice and bringing it to clients from all walks of life continues to

be priority number one. The Goldstein Law Office serves clients in Lake Forest, Cary, Lake

Zurich, Buffalo Grove, Highland Park, Arlington Heights, Northbrook, Glenview, Evanston, Des

Plaines, Park Ridge, Highwood and Lake Bluff.

About Us

Attorney Arnold Goldstein has been practicing law for more than forty years and he has seen it

all. Legal fads have come and gone, but he has remained true to the principle that has never let

his clients down: the uncompromising pursuit of his client’s goals. If you hire the Goldstein Law

Offices in Highland Park, Illinois, you are hiring an attorney who will be your tireless advocate.

Experienced Highland Park Divorce Litigation Attorney

Your interests come first at the Goldstein Law Offices. Arnold Goldstein is committed to only

one master: his client. Whether he is at the negotiation table or in the courtroom, he will always

aggressively pursue your goals in any family law matter.

Arnold Goldstein is adept at handling divorces in with complicated finances. With a background

in accounting, finance, taxation, and corporate law, there is no such thing as a hidden asset. He

will make sure any divorce settlement accounts for all marital property and income, and is fair to

his client.

The Goldstein Law Offices handles all family law matters, but primarily handles divorce and

related disputes, such as:

Premarriage Issues–Property

Marriage Issues–Property

Post-Marriage Issues–Property

Spousal Support and Maintenance

Children’s Issues–Child Custody and Visitation Area

Children’s Issues–Economic


Call 847.926.0300 to Make an Appointment with a Highland Park Divorce Litigation Attorney

The Goldstein Law Offices offer aggressive and effective divorce and family law representation.

Attorney Arnold Goldstein will use his more than forty years of legal experience to make sure

your interests are met, either through negotiation or through litigation. He will make your goals

his own, and strive to make sure you get everything you deserve in the divorce proceedings.

Because of his background in finance and business law, he is adept at handling complex financial

issues and can find even well hidden assets. Whether you are just beginning to contemplate a

divorce, or need an attorney to represent you in the modification of your settlement, Arnold

Goldstein will be your strong advocate.

Attorney Arnold Goldstein of the Goldstein Law Offices never waivers in the pursuit of his

client’s goals. Whether you are considering marriage and need a prenuptial agreement or are

unsatisfied with your current divorce lawyer, contact the experienced, aggressive, and focused

divorce attorney at the Goldstein Law Offices in Highland Park, Illinois.

Arnold D Goldstein

My Practice Concentration: Family Law

Family Law is the polite term for being a “Divorce Lawyer” and includes everything from

Paternity & Divorce (politely know as Dissolution of Marriage) and the issues of custody,

visitation, maintenance (another polite term for “alimony”), property division (Marital & Non

Marital Property) Post Judgment: modification and enforcement, college and extraordinary

expenses, allocation and collection and obtaining child support, maintenance (alimony) &

reimbursement of expenses; contempt and defense of contempt; change of custody; expanding or

decreasing visitation; removal (the ability to move the child and custodial parent out of state).

My Personal Philosophy of Practice

As a famous man once said “I can only serve one master”, I believe that the lawyer’s role is not

just to advise but to “advocate”; being an aggressive advocate is the most important thing that

your lawyer can do. For this reason, I insist on getting to know my potential client before I can

accept employment. The Judge, Opposing Attorney, and Opposing Client are not “my clients”.

My goal is to advocate for my client’s position (and not try to be everyone’s “best friend”)

Although it may seem obvious, it’s worth saying: “When experience counts, count on me”.

My History

I have been in private practice for the past 40 plus years. In the first 20 years there was extensive

experience in the areas of General Civil Litigation, Real Estate, Probate, Federal & State

Taxation, Corporate, Partnership, Estate Planning, Bankruptcy, and General Practice. All this

occurred before my practice began a concentration in the Family Law Litigation Issues. As a

result of my back ground and experience, I have developed skills in accounting & legal areas that

are involved in every divorce and family law case. There are few cases where the assets or

liabilities are not affected by laws relating to real estate, estate planning, business (corporate &

partnership) and taxation. Experiences in these areas are a definite asset in my practice.


High School: South Shore High School, Chicago, Illinois graduate 1956

College: A.B. 1960 University of Illinois

Law School: J.D. 1963 Northwestern University Law School

Other: C.P.A. 1963 University of Illinois

Professional: M.B.A. 1963 Roosevelt University

Graduate Work: (While in Practice as a Private Attorney)

John Marshall Law School: Graduate Courses, 30 hours Law & Taxation Issues 1965-1970′s

Lawyer’s Institute IIT College: 30 hours Law & Taxation Issues 1975-1980′s

Bar Admittance

Admitted to Illinois Bar – 1963

Admitted to Northern District of Illinois Bar – 1963

Admitted to District Court Trial Attorney – 1963

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Goldstein Law Offices

600 Central Ave

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