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Ariix comp plan PowerPoint Presentation
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Ariix comp plan

Ariix comp plan

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Ariix comp plan

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  1. Ariix Compensation Plan “ARIIX” is an American multinational launched in July 2011 in the Direct Selling Industry and Relationship Marketing. Founded by six visionary with great experience, “ARIIX” is committed to revolutionize the industry, we can remark that since its first year and seriously consider it as such. • ARIIX name, comes from the combination of the Latin word “aurum” meaning “gold”, with the IIX that term means “higher fees”, commissions twice. The IIX also can be interpreted as a “8″ number with Roman numerals. The number 8 also be a reference of two key points: • On 8 lying, symbolizing infinity – which goes with the phrase: “Unleashing the Human Potential to the Infinite.” Also this symbol “eight lying” is present in the company logo. Therefore, when together, ARIIX name means “infinite wealth” and symbolizes the effort to reach “gold status” to any of the products or the company as a whole. • The 8 is also related to the Ariix Compensation Plan. The ARIIX compensation plan is unique and offers 8 different payment it’s called “Activ8″.

  2. Ariix Compensation Plan Pdf ARIIX offers an unique compensation plan with 8 unique and revolutionary forms of payment to offer several ways to compensate their distributors. With this compensation plan ARIIX distributors receive commissions on a weekly basis, being rewarded for all his work: sales, sponsorship, leadership, duplication, etc.. If you are a member IIX will receive a 30% discount on all orders selling price to the public and double the advantage for the rest of his life.

  3. Ariix Comp Plan Ariix is one of the fastest growing companies outside of the United States and is expanding around the Europe. Right now we are looking for leaders in Europe to lead this project in several countries. Despite being young, ARIIX Corporation soon realized that we live in a world where globalization plays a key role in the expansion of any company. ARIIX is currently open in 10 countries: USA, Canada, Mexico, Russia, Netherlands, Thailand, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and others.

  4. Ariix Compensation Plan Pdf Even Ariix is a very new company, Ariix founders are some of the most experienced and efficient people in our industry. The founders has some of the most impressive record in managing other direct selling companies and are focus in building one more giant in this industry.

  5. Ariix Compensation Plan For inquires please visit our site: