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keep your live r healthy and strong n.
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Keep your liver healthy and strong! PowerPoint Presentation
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Keep your liver healthy and strong!

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Keep your liver healthy and strong!
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Keep your liver healthy and strong!

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  1. Keep your Liver Healthy and Strong!!

  2. Liver plays a big role in the digestive system of your body Everything that you drink or eat passes through the liver. It filters the blood by removing harmful chemicals that the body produces. Liver also produces a liquid called as bile that helps break down fat from the food. It stores sugar in the form of glucose and releases it when required.

  3. keep your liver healthy Understand that liver is an extremely important organ of your body. Therefore, it is essential to eat healthy as the liver can potentially be damaged on consumption of harmful things. Here are a few ways to keep your liver healthy

  4. Alcohol… Make sure that you consume alcohol within a recommended limit. Excess of alcohol can damage liver cells and cause swelling of liver leading to cirrhosis. Expert guidelines suggest not more than two drinks for men and one drink for women in a day.

  5. Medicines… Some painkillers with acetaminophen and other cholesterol drugs may hurt the liver if taken frequently. This content is found in many other medicines which is why it is necessary to read the content before consuming any type of medicine.

  6. Toxins… Stay away from toxins as they can cause a lot of damage to your liver. Aerosol products, cleaning products, chemicals, insecticides, and additives present in cigarettes consist of chemicals that are injurious to the liver. Avoid direct contact with them.

  7. Eat Healthy and Exercise… A diet full of nutritious foods and good exercise helps keep the liver healthy and in good shape. Besides, it helps maintain issues. A combination of these ensures a proper functioning of the liver.

  8. Conclusion… For any liver related problems, you can visit gastroenterologist in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai or other metro cities in India. Global Hospital, Apollo Hospital, and Kokilaben Hospital are some of the best hospitals known for gastroenterology in India.

  9. Thank YOU!!!