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How to Get the Best Out of your London Vacation and Save Money PowerPoint Presentation
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How to Get the Best Out of your London Vacation and Save Money

How to Get the Best Out of your London Vacation and Save Money

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How to Get the Best Out of your London Vacation and Save Money

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  1. How to Get the Best Out of your London Vacation and Save Money

  2. Thinking about going to London any time soon but are worried about travel expenses? Here are some money-saving travel tips to guide you on how to get the best out of your vacation on a limited budget.

  3. Travel Tip #1: Do Some Research and Book in Advance If you want to spend less on your London holiday, it is advisable to shop around for the best deal before you actually plan your trip. For example, if you plan to take that much-deserved break from work sometime in the near future, take time now to research for exciting events, interesting activities and must-visit attractions. Look up accommodations near those places of interest and study their rates. It would be wise to book your flight and accommodation in advance. Doing so will give you ample time to look for the best, or rather, the most affordable package deal. Ticket prices are usually cheaper during off-peak compared to when flights to a certain city is in demand.

  4. Travel Tip #2: Opt for a Holiday Apartment in Place of Upscale Accommodation You may be traveling on a small budget, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice comfort to save money. You can always book your stay at a holiday apartment and live like a local. Unlike glitzy five star hotels, holiday apartments provide you with amenities that you usually find in your own home. Access to your own little kitchen means that you can cook your own meals, which essentially saves you from splurging on an expensive dinner at some high-end or touristy restaurant. There are plenty of holiday apartments in London to choose from. Aparthotels in Kensington offer one of the most competitive rates for accommodations. These Kensington apartment hotels are not only affordable, but are stylish and comfortable, as well. They are also conveniently located near shopping centers, food hubs, and tourist attractions.

  5. Travel Tip #3: Consider Location When you are selecting a place to stay in London, consider location. Booking an accommodation at Serviced Apartments London that is a safe walking distance from most of the places you want to visit will save you from spending too much on transportation.

  6. Travel Tip #4: Explore London on Foot The best way to enjoy your London experience is to get to know it for its multifaceted qualities and not for what it represents on glossy travel magazines. The only way to do that is to explore London on foot. Walking around, mingling with the locals, acquainting yourself with every street corner and alley, and losing yourself in the crowd is worth any travel adventure. Most importantly, exploring London on foot will save you transportation money. It is also advisable to book a Serviced Apartments Central London as most of the tourist attractions are nearby.

  7. Travel Tip #5: Go on a Bargain Hunting Adventure Shopping at luxurious shopping stores and high-end fashion boutiques is a big no-no when you are traveling on a meager allowance. If you want to hunt for interesting souvenirs that you can take back home, you can always go to places like Camden Market and Portobello Road for the most amazing finds.

  8. Travel Tip #6: Visit Free Tourist Attractions There are beautiful parks, like Hyde Park and Richmond Park, where you can go for a picnic and take a relaxing stroll by the lake. You can visit grand historic churches like Southwark Cathedral and capture its austere and haunting beauty on your mobile phone camera. There are plenty of quirky things you can do that won’t cost you a penny, like learning about the life of the poor during the 1800s at the Ragged School Museum and marveling at the oldest dinosaur sculpture in the world at the Crystal Palace Park. All of this not too from beautiful Presidential Apartments Kensington.

  9. Other free attractions and activities that you can find in London are watching the Changing the Guard ceremony at Buckingham Palace and taking the singing lift at the Royal Festival Hall. The list of free things to do in London is endless. Source: