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  1. Introduction Corporate name Kaluga Electronic Equipment Plant (Avtoelektronika OAO) Avtoelektronika OAO develops, manufactures and supplies electronic components and systems for the automotive industry. Its products are supplied to automotive and tractor-producing plants in Russia and the CIS countries. Location. Contacts

  2. Company Location Kaluga region is located in the central part of East European Plain. The administrative center of the region, Kaluga (pop. – 329,000), is located at a 188-km distance from Moscow (SW) Five industrial park development projects are being implemented in Kaluga Region, including state-owned Vorsino, Rosva, Kaluga-Yug and Grabtsevo , and the first private industrial park of Lemminkainen, Finland.

  3. Company History 1990 – Avtoelektronika OAO was established on the basis of Kaluga Plant for Automotive Electric Equipment 1999– AVTEL NPP OOO established by Avtoelektronika OAO and ELKAR NPP OOO. Currently Continental is one of the shareholders of the company. « 2004 - Avtoelektronika Management Company OOO holding established Avtoelektronika OAO received multiple award diplomas as the best supplier of electrical equipment from AvtoVAZ OAO, GAZ OAO and other companies. Avtoelektronika OAO products were included in 100 Best Products of Russia and 100+1 Best Products of Kaluga Region ОАО lists of winners.

  4. 2006 –electromechanical steering booster serial production begins. The electromechanical steering booster won numerous quality contest awards. At VI International Moscow Innovation and Investment Show the electromechanical steering booster designed by Avtoelektronika OAO was awarded with a silver medal. 2012- Avtoelektronika OAO won a quality contest held by the Government of Kaluga Region. Company History

  5. Avtoelektronika OAO is the holder of 30 valid Russian patents for inventions, utility models and design inventions. 11 patents for inventions were registered abroad. Intellectual Property Patents

  6. Quality Management System 1998 – introduction of QMS meeting ISO 9001:94 international standard requirements. 2003 - recertification to confirm compliance with ISO 9001:2000 international standard requirements. Since 2008 г. - ISO/TS 16949:2002 technical certification requirements introduced. 2012 – recertification to confirm compliance with ISO 9001:2008 and ISO/TS 16949:2009 requirements.

  7. Shareholders Company Data: Full corporate name: Kaluga Electronic Equipment Plant Open Joint-Stock Company (OAO) (Avtoelektronika OAO) State registration date: November 11, 1992 State registration number (OGRN)1024001340208 Registrar: Kaluga Moscow District Administration Authorized capital stock: RUR15 780 750.00 Number of shares: 105 205 List of Kaluga Electronic Equipment Plant Open Joint-Stock Company shareholders as of September 6, 2012 Data on issuers is available at

  8. HR Policy Avtoelektronika OAO has highly qualified personnel. The corporate HR policy is aimed at maintaining healthy work environment, higher labor productivity and production process optimization. и обслуживание оборудования

  9. 5379 м2; 1459м2; 6048м2; 2665 м2. 2187 м2 3835 м2 Facilities Avtoelektronika OAO is located in a building with the total useful area of 23,760 m2, including: Apart from that Avtoelektronika OAO owns a facility located at 163 Fridrikha Engelsa St., with the total area of10,066.5 m2, including: Electric power, gas, water, compressed air, heating :The facilities have all necessary power and other utilities.

  10. Location Advantages • Avtoelektronika OAO main building location: • The building is located at a 500-m distance from Azarovo railway station (Moscow Railways, Smolensk Department) and has a convenient access from Moskovskaya St. (1, 2). • The loading area ins located in the plant territory. There is a checkpoint at the entrance for motor vehicles(3). Route from Moscow:turn right at the road junction (150 km of Kiev Highway, near Detchino), then drive to Kaluga following the road signs. Address: 18 Azarovskaya St., Kaluga

  11. Technologies • SMD technology • Plastic molding and forging technology • Tool-making technology • Hybrid thick film technology • Sensor and controller production technology • Own testing facilities • Modeling and design (Solid Work, AutoCAD)

  12. Key Customers AvtoVAZ OAO Sollers OAO ZAZ ZAO Kinelagroplast ZAO YaZDA OAO GAZ OAO GMUzbekistan ZAO Utyos OAO

  13. Products Electromechanical steering booster Electronic modules Sensors Voltage controllers Control elements

  14. Financial Performance Avtoelektronika OAO Outpup Dynamics (VAT excl.), RUR million (€ million) Financial Performance in 2011 (RUR ‘000):

  15. Стратегия развития Joint venture (electronic control units, switches, visible interior elements, HVAC, transmission and ignition system sensors production). Cooperation with partners to develop electromechanical steering booster (Tdrive, NSK) Joint venture (plastic molding) Joint ventures (new areas)

  16. Development Strategy Possible Forms of Cooperation : Production under licenses Establishment of a joint venture ……….. Avtoelektronika OAO invites interested parties to start mutually beneficial cooperation under various projects.