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Social Studies

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Social Studies. Michael Graham 5th Grade The United States of America. Table of Contents. I. American Heritage II. People in Societies III. World Interactions IV. Citizenship Rights and Responsibilities V. Democratic Processes VI. Decision Making and Resources

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social studies

Social Studies

Michael Graham

5th Grade

The United States of America

table of contents
Table of Contents
  • I. American Heritage
  • II. People in Societies
  • III. World Interactions
  • IV. Citizenship Rights and Responsibilities
  • V. Democratic Processes
  • VI. Decision Making and Resources
  • VII. Science and Technology in Society
american heritage web sites
American Heritage Web Sites
american heritage activities
American Heritage Activities
  • Have the class create a timeline about important events of their American heritage
  • Have the students interview a local resident about the heritage of the town that they live in.
  • Have the class put together a skit that portrays an event in their local history
  • Have the students parents come in to speak to them about their own heritage
  • Have the class divide into groups to discuss what the have learned about American heritage after exploring the site
people in societies web sites
People In Societies Web Sites
people in societies activities
People In Societies Activities
  • Have the students look up the word culture and give a report to the class on what it means to them.
  • Have a local resident come and talk to the class about their community
  • Form a class government
  • Have the class identify where people they know live, on a map
  • Have the class identify where the Indians lived, on a map
world interactions web sites
World Interactions Web Sites
world interactions activities
World Interactions Activities
  • Have the class prepare reports about other countries
  • Have the students write to a pen pal in another country
  • Compare the weather in Ohio to that of another country
  • Write to companies in Ohio that are affiliated to a foreign country
  • Use a globe to play a game of finding other countries
citizenship web sites
Citizenship Web Sites
  • Http://
citizenship activities
Citizenship Activities
  • Make up a class newspaper that discusses news around the home and school
  • Have a mock trial
  • Have debates over issues related to the town the students live in
  • Have a meeting to decide on an environmental activity they can do for the community(ex. Pick up trash along the road)
  • Come up with laws for the class to be voted on by the students
democratic web sites
Democratic Web Sites
democratic activities
Democratic Activities
  • Have the students make up a poster showing the purposes of the branches of government
  • Visit the local courthouse
  • Create class laws to be voted on by the students in a democratic way
  • Invite a congressman to speak to the class
  • Have a mock election in the classroom
decision making web sites
Decision Making Web Sites
decision making activities
Decision Making Activities
  • Make a class list of goods and services used by their family
  • Have the class research a stock to follow
  • Have the class make up a new product to sell
  • Have the class research a product and tell how they could make it more “sellable”
  • Have the class make up a chart showing production of certain goods and services
science and technology web sites
Science and Technology Web Sites
science and technology activities
Science and Technology Activities
  • Have all of the students get onto the World Wide Web and explore web sites that have to do with science or technology
  • Visit a local business and see how they use technology to get the job done
  • Have a guest speaker to let the students know what kind of technology will be appearing in their future
  • Have the students create a new company and give them fake money to spend on the technology they will need to run their company.
  • Show the students how to use a cell phone, pager, computer, or any other device that they will need to be familiar with in the future
the end
The End!
  • I hope you enjoyed the show