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SCHAEDLER YESCO DISTRIBUTION. Vision: To be recognized as a leader in distribution services and solutions. Our customers come to us because our employees take ownership of their needs and offer knowledgeable and creative solutions.

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schaedler yesco distribution


Vision: To be recognized as a leader in distribution services and solutions. Our customers come to us because our employees take ownership of their needs and offer knowledgeable and creative solutions.

Mission: To enhance our customers' performance and profitability by being the leading provider of distribution services and solutions.

Values: Service, Teamwork, Integrity, Innovation, Leadership & Personal Responsibility

“Experience the Difference”

SYD Recognized as One of Central PA’s Top 50 Fastest Growing Companies

Company History
  • Combined History of over 130 Years in Serving the Electrical Industry
  • Schaedler Bros. Inc. created in 1924; YESCO incorporated in 1944
  • Both Companies Merged July 1, 1999

New 150, 000 Square Feet Facility

  • 3982 Paxton Street, Harrisburg PA 17111 

(Located across I-83 from the Harrisburg Mall)

  • The new Harrisburg facility is a much larger, more efficient building that encompasses all sales, operations, and warehousing under one roof.
  • New counter!  New shipping & receiving!  New corporate offices!  New training center!
markets served
Markets Served
  • Construction
    • New Construction, Additions and Renovations
      • Industrial, Commercial and Residential
  • Industrial
  • OEM
  • Commercial
  • Federal and Local Governments
schaedler yesco departments
Outside Sales

Inside Sales

Sales Coordinators

Construction Specialists

DataComm Networking Specialists

Industrial Automation Group

Inventory Management Solutions



IT & Marketing



General Office


Schaedler Yesco Departments

Capabilities and Services from SYD


  • Seven Locations in Central PA:
    • Chambersburg, Harrisburg, Lancaster, Lebanon, State College, Williamsport & York
  • Chambersburg Location:
    • Electrical, HVAC & Plumbing Supplies Under One Location
    • (SYD, APR SUPPLY and IPS)
  • After Hours Will-Call


  • FREE Next Day Delivery in Central PA
  • Same Day Availability with Special Deliveries
  • Staging
  • Just-In-Time Deliveries

Capabilities and Services from SYD

Inventory(Over 8 Million Dollars in Stock – 30,000 SKUS)

  • 130, 000 Transactions Process per Year – 514 per Day
  • Local to You and Your Jobsite
  • Customer Specific Stocking Programs
  • On-site Inventory Management Solutions
  • On-site Job Trailers and Job Boxes
  • Staging Capabilities
  • Paralleling
  • Custom Wire Cuts
  • Assembled Panel boards
  • Next Day Custom Combination Starters
  • Branch Replenishment Twice a Day via our
  • Mid-day Truck
  • 24-Hour Availability of our inventory

Capabilities and Services from SYD

Design Services

  • } Energy Studies
  • }Lighting Layouts & Design
  • } Power Distribution Layouts
  • } Coordination Studies
  • } DataComm, Networking & Data Centers
  • Factory Automation Systems
    • Programmable Controllers
    • Factory Networks
    • Motor Control
    • Sensors and Safety Products
  • Project Coordination and Management

Capabilities and Services from SYD

Emergency Service

  • 24/7 Access to meet your

Emergency Needs

  • Emergency, after hour help-line

Web Order Entry

} 24/7 Access

} Customer Specific Pricing

} Real-time Inventory Access

} Customizable to Fit Your Needs

} User-friendly


Capabilities and Services from SYD


  • } NEC Updates
  • } OSHA
  • } Technical Skill
  • } Safety
  • } Product
  • } DataComm Certification
  • } Microsoft Office Certification
  • Supervisory
  • Energy Solutions
  • EPACT (Energy Policy Act)
schaedler yesco distribution on the web
Schaedler Yesco Distribution On The Web
  • Promotions
  • Product Information
  • News & Events
  • Links to Manufacturers
  • Web Order Entry
    • Up to 4am entry

w/same day delivery

  • Training
  • Technical Information

energy and the environment


Schaedler Yesco

Sustainability in Action

design strategies
Design Strategies
  • •Site your building according to its heating and cooling needs. Adjusting a building's orientation by just a few degrees can have a big impact on the size of your heating and cooling system and your energy bill.
  • •Specify lighting fixtures with a coefficient of utilization of at least 80 percent.
  • •Make sure your fixtures and lamps are properly sized for use with one another. For example, T-5 lamps don't work as well in direct fixtures designed for T-8 lamps and may be too bright for some direct-lighting strategies.
  • •Install occupancy sensors to control lighting, ventilation, air conditioning and heating in enclosed areas that are occupied intermittently, including offices.
  • •Instead of using recessed fixtures to light a workspace, use a pendant strategy with an open top so light will hit the work surface and also reflect off the ceiling and walls into the task area.
  • •Emphasize light-colored surfaces that reflect light and appear brighter.
  • •Hire a lighting designer. A good lighting specialist will provide solutions that cut energy costs while creating a more pleasant and productive environment.
automatic individual control
Automatic / Individual Control
  • The best way to save energy is to shut off the lights.
    • Allows occupant to turn off lights.
    • Allows occupant to choose from 2 lighting levels
    • Automatically turns lights off, if occupant doesn’t.
retail sales counter area
Retail / Sales Counter Area

Utilize new Technologies: T5HO

  • T5HO Highbay
    • Energy Saving
    • Controllable
    • Better Vertical Foot-candles.
green buildings
Green Buildings

SYLVANIA products are the right solution to support effective green building and operating strategies

  • Energy-saving lighting solutions
    • Reduce environmental impact
      • Less demand for electricity
        • Less fossil fuel burned
        • Emission of air pollutants reduced
      • Longer life lighting systems
        • Fewer lamp replacements
        • Less natural resources used
        • Fewer lamps for recycling
    • Maximizing economic performance of buildings
      • Lower operating costs
      • Enhanced value
  • Environmental sustainability built into SYLVANIA business practices
    • Design, manufacture, packaging, transportation of our products
  • Recycling encouraged as proper method of lamp disposal

Green Building Trend

The Market

Over $20B of green, sustainable buildings currently in design or under construction

  • 12-15% of public sector buildings are “going green”
  • 2% of private sector buildings are “going green”
  • 359 certified projects, 3,000 registered buildings

Sources: Building Design & Construction “White Paper on Sustainability,” November 2003; USGBC Newsletter 1/06



  • Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), by far the most popular green building rating system, launched in March 2000 by US Green Building Council (USGBC)
  • USGBC is a member-based market transformation group, not a government agency
      • Over 5,000 members in the U.S., including OSI
  • Created to establish
    • A common standard of measurement for “green buildings”
    • To promote integrated whole-building design practices
    • To recognize environmental leadership in the building industry
  • Four levels of building certification, based on a point system
    • Certified, Silver, Gold, Platinum
  • Three types of certifications
    • LEED-NC for New Construction
    • LEED-CI for renovation of Commercial Interiors
    • LEED-EB for renovation and operation of Existing Buildings
      • Also used for recertification
  • Major lighting focus is on energy efficiency

Growing use of green building standards by Governments

  • Fed Government Use
    • General Services Administration (GSA)
    • US Air Force
    • US Army Corps of Engineers
    • Department of State
    • Department of Energy (DOE)
    • Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
    • US Navy
  • State Government Use
    • California*
    • Maine
    • Maryland – state and private >10,000 sf2
    • Massachusetts
    • New Jersey
    • New York*
    • Oregon*
    • Pennsylvania*
    • Washington*
    • Nevada
  • Local Government Use
    • Atlanta, GA
    • Austin, TX
    • Arlington, VA
    • Berkeley, CA
    • Boston, MA – compliance for ALL CONSTRUCTION >5,000 sf2
    • Boulder, CO
    • Chicago and Cook County, IL
    • Dallas, TX
    • Houston, TX
    • Kansas City, MO
    • Los Angeles, CA
    • Portland, OR (gold)
    • San Diego, CA
    • San Jose, CA
    • San Mateo, CA
    • Scottsdale, AZ (gold)
    • Seattle, WA

* Top 5 states for LEED-NC registration

other green building certifications
Other Green Building Certifications
  • Energy Star®
  • Green Globes
    • US, Canada and UK
  • BREEAM- BRE Environmental Assessment Method
    • Popular in Europe and rest of the world
energy and the environment30


Something to Think About

energy use in buildings
Energy Use in Buildings
  • In the U.S., buildings account for 65% of the total electricity consumption and 30% of the associated greenhouse gas emissions from power plants.
  • According to the Department of Energy, lighting accounts for a large proportion of the total energy used in buildings
      • 30% in office buildings
      • 37% in retail buildings
      • 16% in healthcare
      • 19% in schools
      • 22% in university buildings
      • 21% in government buildings
      • 20% in lodging


UV Air and Surface Disinfection Improves Indoor Environmental Quality and Building Sustainability

quotes from the 06 joint commission emergency preparedness conference
Quotes from the ‘06 Joint Commission Emergency Preparedness Conference:

“We must reduce the risk to first responders. You can not take care of patients if you don’t take care of your staff and protect the integrity of the healthcare system” Max Kiefer of NIOSH

“15% of patients who come to a shelter bring a communicable disease into the shelter with them.” Hakan Sandbladh, MD, Senior Advisor, International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies

the abcs of ultraviolet light
The ABCs of Ultraviolet Light
  • UV-A
    • Long wave UV responsible for skin tanning, generally not harmful, used in medicine to treat certain skin disorders.
the abcs of ultraviolet light37
The ABCs of Ultraviolet Light
  • UV-B
    • A small, but dangerous part of sunlight absorbed by the ozone layer. Prolonged exposure could result in unhealthy effects on the skin and eyes.
the abcs of ultraviolet light38
The ABCs of Ultraviolet Light
  • UV-C
    • Shortwave UV used for air, surface and water disinfection.
balancing uvgi filtration
Balancing UVGI & Filtration




Viruses & Bacteria



“… an approximate match can be formed

between MERV and URV values that will

provide a complementary combination…”

typical hvac
Typical HVAC













Lumalier disinfects contaminated air using the natural process of convection.

Contagious droplet nuclei is expelled as an infected person speaks, coughs or sneezes. These warmed droplets are naturally carried upwards on rising air currents.

Contagious droplets are sterilized as they pass trough a cleansing germicidal energy field near the ceiling.

Cleaner, healthier air is naturally circulated throughout the space.

uvgi and tuberculosis
UVGI and Tuberculosis
  • The World Health Organization ( WHO ) estimates that tuberculosis kills 5,000 people worldwide every day, or approximately 2 million people each year.The pathogen is rapidly spreading and evolving multi-drug resistant strains in susceptible regions such as Africa.

sudden release in oa intakes
Sudden Release in OA Intakes
  • Contaminates all areas evenly
  • Requires no release device
  • Requires OA intake access

New From EPA

June 2007

  • UV Air and Surface Disinfection Application is “best practice” for improved Indoor Environmental Quality and Energy Efficiency in ALL New Construction and ALL Retrofits of Existing Buildings
schaedler yesco distribution54


“Experience the Difference”