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Say “No!” to Purple Haze

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Say “No!” to Purple Haze - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Say “No!” to Purple Haze. Interest Group Meeting Thursday 26 th May 2011. Meeting Objectives. Provide an update on progress so far Share plan to raise awareness of public meeting on 20 th June 2011 Kick off activities to get numbers behind us. Agenda.

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say no to purple haze

Say “No!” to Purple Haze

Interest Group Meeting

Thursday 26th May 2011

This slide pack will be available on the interest group website @

meeting objectives
Meeting Objectives
  • Provide an update on progress so far
  • Share plan to raise awareness of public meeting on 20th June 2011
  • Kick off activities to get numbers behind us
  • Welcome, Introductions & Objectives: Britt
  • Action taken so far: Britt
  • Next Steps in the public awareness campaign: Sarah
    • Verwood Carnival
    • Verwood wide leafleting & poster campaign: collect leaflets & posters
    • Public Meeting to be held 20/6/11
  • Raffle draw: Britt
  • Meeting close: Britt
welcome introductions
Welcome & Introductions
  • Domestics, Health & Safety items
  • Introduce Key Players
  • Ground Rules
    • Mobiles on silent running
    • Respect others opinions
    • We are not here today to debate HCC’s proposals or to put the world to rights
  • Issues boards
  • Posters & leaflets
  • Raffle
action taken so far 1
Action taken so far (1)
  • 15/4/11 : Ebblake resident’s house sale collapsed due to gravel extraction/landfill site rumours
  • Information sought from Verwood Town Council & EDDC
  • Verwood Town Council was lobbied by residents
  • Verwood Local Action Group (LAG) recommended seeking help from the Association of Verwood Residents (AVR)
  • AVR began working with the Ebblake Development Interest Group
  • Hampshire CC (HCC) were lobbied and then told us about the consultation process & projected timetable
  • HCC confirmed residents’ concerns can be logged anytime
  • & facebook presence launched
action taken so far 2
Action taken so far (2)
  • AVR & Verwood LAG members told about progress
  • Door-knocked all Ebblake Development residents
  • Lobbied successfully for Council & AVR representation @ HCC Stakeholder Meeting held on 16th May 2011
  • No2purplehaze campaign covered by Salisbury Journal, Avon Advertiser & Bournemouth Echo
  • Ringwood People featured no2purplehaze as lead item
  • 100 people joined the interest group in 10 days
  • Volunteers stepping forward to deliver leaflets
next steps
Next Steps
  • Leaflet Verwood Carnival
  • Verwood leaflet & poster campaign
  • Complete research under specific headings e.g.
    • Legal Planning history
    • Health issues (Rachel Elliott)
    • Traffic management
    • Moors Valley impact
    • Water management issues
  • Load research to website
  • Public meeting 20th June 2011
  • Fund raise (printing, room hire, professional services, etc.)
  • Work with Press contacts
  • Prepare for next democratic consultation stage
verwood carnival
Verwood Carnival
  • What we propose to do is –

11:30 : Monday 30th May meet at the carnival field, Bakers Farm Road off Crane Drive, to receive leaflets – don’t pick them up tonight

12:00 : join the procession, and

until 13:00 : hand out leaflets to bystanders

which will tell them about:

HCC’s proposal for Moors Valley

our website

Public Meeting to be held on 20th June 2011

  • Volunteer now
verwood leaflets posters
Verwood Leaflets & Posters
  • What we propose to do is –


HCC’s proposal for Moors Valley

our website

Public Meeting to be held on 20th June 2011

Deliver leaflets to every address in Verwood

by 13th June 2011

    • Volunteer now and collect leaflets/posters

There will be a service for volunteers to collect extra leaflets

public meeting 20th june 2011
Public Meeting 20th June 2011
  • What we propose to do is –

Prepare people for the next stage in the democratic consultation process by:

      • Explaining the next stages & when comments MUST be raised with HCC
      • Outlining & discussing HCC’s proposal – with help from guest speakers
      • Outlining & discussing the key issues identified so far – with help from guest speakers
      • Demonstrating the tools to be made available to help people build effective comments
  • And the winners were:
    • Thanks to everyone who bought tickets
    • We collected £65.00 which will help meet printing & room hire costs
    • 6 people went home with bottle prizes
    • Cllr Lucy Clark was lucky twice but insisted on her prizes being redrawn 
thank you
Thank you
  • Ebblake residents for your interest & support
  • Ann Abernethie and the LAG membership for giving their support and direction
  • AVR for taking up the cause
  • James Marshall for door-knocking in Ebblake
  • Mick & Sarah Smith for building the website
  • Everyone working on research
  • Our printers: Dupli-k8 & the Houstons
  • Everyone for turning out tonight
meeting close
Meeting close
  • Feedback?
    • Please email: notoph@btinternet.comtelling us what went well so we do more of it and also what we should change
  • Safe journey home

This slide pack will be available on the interest group website @