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PROCESS MANUAL Teaching Someone to do Something Parts of the Assignment An abbreviated set of directions teaching someone how to use software or a website accessible to UMBC students (three short or two long functions)

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process manual


Teaching Someone to do Something

parts of the assignment
Parts of the Assignment
  • An abbreviated set of directions teaching someone how to use software or a website accessible to UMBC students (three short or two long functions)
  • One process from your manual that you will demonstrate to the class as an oral presentation
  • Communicate knowledge to educated lay audience.
  • Enable UMBC students to use software correctly and safely for either schoolwork or enjoyment.
title page
Title Page
  • Compose a clear, accurate, brief title
  • Include name of software/website in title
  • End with information about writer(s): name, due date, course.
  • Place this information on a page of its own, without a page number.
table of contents
Table of Contents
  • New page with lower case Roman numeral page number
  • All major headings from process
  • Flush right with leader

(ex. Introduction . . . 2)

  • Minor headings may be included as long as there are not too many headings with same page number (more than three is too many)
  • Separate list of illustrations if more than five
  • New page with Arabic page number
  • Description and purpose of application
  • People who should use application
  • Time when process should be done
  • Safety information
  • List of materials and equipment needed to complete process
  • All steps in process should be listed in chronological order
    • For audience’s benefit, number each step.
  • Every step in process should be included.
  • Each step should begin with a command and follow up with an explanation if one is necessary.
body 2
Body 2
  • Visuals should supplement directions.
    • Use screen captures so audience will know what they should see if they do the step correctly.
  • Windows 2000 PPP Setup Guide is a good example of directions with screen captures.
writing commands
Writing Commands
  • Commands begin with verbs. The subject is always “you,” so is said to be understood.
  • Don’t omit articles, prepositions from commands to avoid misunderstandings
    • Locate midpoint and draw line.
      • Locate the midpoint and the draw line.
      • Locate the midpoint and draw the line.
  • Warranty information
  • Technical support
  • Troubleshooter’s checklist
    • 2-3 columns: problem, cause, solution
  • Frequently asked questions (FAQs)
topic handout
Topic Handout
  • Guidelines
oral presentation
Oral Presentation
  • Choose one process from your manual to explain to the class.
  • Use Powerpoint to create slides for your presentation.
  • Take no more than fifteen minutes to teach class to do this process.
  • Can do a group presentation if more than one person doing manual on same software/website.
student example of presentation
Student Example of Presentation
  • How to export a Word Outline into Powerpoint
process exercise
Process Exercise

Group Process Exercise