airline reservation system l.
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Airline Reservation System PowerPoint Presentation
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Airline Reservation System

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Airline Reservation System - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Airline Reservation System.

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Airline Reservation System

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airline reservation system
Airline Reservation System

Ootumlia Airlines runs sightseeing flights from Java Valley, the capital of Ootumlia. The reservation system keeps track of passengers who will be flying in specific seats on various flights, as well as people who will form the crew. For the crew, the system needs to track what everyone does, and who supervises whom. Ootumlia Airlines runs several daily numbered flights on a regular schedule. Flights fly from one airport terminal to another, but may also have several intermediate stops. A passenger can be booked onto one or more of the legs of a flight. Ootumlia Airlines expects to expand in the future so the system needs to be flexible.

major functionalities
Major Functionalities
  • Create a new regular flight
  • Search for a particular regular flight
  • Modify the attributes of a regular flight
  • Create a specific flight
  • Cancel a specific flight
  • Book a passenger on specific legs of a flight
  • Cancel a booking