v voj pomoc ibm rational software v tek lindu ka l.
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Vývoj pomocí IBM Rational Software V ítek Linduška PowerPoint Presentation
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Vývoj pomocí IBM Rational Software V ítek Linduška

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Vývoj pomocí IBM Rational Software V ítek Linduška - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Vývoj pomocí IBM Rational Software V ítek Linduška IBM Rational Software Architect – A Complete Development Tool IBM Rational Software Architect

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Presentation Transcript
ibm rational software architect a complete development tool
IBM Rational Software Architect – A Complete Development Tool

IBM Rational Software Architect

For software architects and senior developers developing applications for the Java platform or in C++. Rational Software Architect unifies UML modeling, Java structural analysis, Web Services, Java/J2EE, Data, XML, Web development, and process guidance.

IBM Rational Application Developer for WebSphere

Rational Application Developer is for web, Java, and J2EE developers and development teams building web applications, web services, Java applications, J2EE applications, and portal applications.

IBM Rational Web Developer

For corporate and web developers building dynamic web applications, web services, or java applications. Rational Web Developer is an easy-to-use IDE for visually constructing, testing, and deploying applications. Leverages JSF and EGL rapid tooling.

IBM Rational Software Modeler

Rational Software Modeler is a visual modeling and design tool that leverages UML to document and communicate the different views required to support analysis and design.

All built on Eclipse 3.0

challenges of architecting software
Challenges of Architecting Software

“Teams need effective, efficient communication.”

  • Communicating a Solution
    • Even experienced teams need clear and consistent communication
    • Programming languages implement architectures -- they do not describe them
    • Architecture decisions are only useful if they can be followed

“How can our decisions be shared?”

challenges of architecting software4
Challenges of Architecting Software

“We did not find our tangles until late in the project – but they were there from the beginning .”

  • How to discover bad practices?
    • Often new projects begin with existing frameworks
    • Projects intend to leverage the value of existing code, but often lock-in problems as well
  • How to enforce standards?
    • Developers stray from architecture decisions that they do not understand
    • Creating code to implement an architecture is tedious
    • Requirements are sometimes unclear when coding and construction begin

“The architecture was solid, but it was not implemented as planned!”

challenge communicating architecture

Overcome the problem of communicating solution to a team

Challenge : Communicating Architecture
  • Resolution
    • Provide technologies to enable effective communication of a design
      • UML 2 Notation
    • Integrate the architecture artifacts into the development environment
challenge enforcing architecture standards

How to enforce architecture decisions for a project team?

Challenge : Enforcing Architecture Standards
  • Resolution
    • Generate source-code based on architecture decisions
    • Create and enforce rules which support the architecture
      • Process Guidance
      • Code rules
      • Visually compare model changes
      • Link requirements to design
key feature architectural analysis discovery and control
Key Feature: Architectural Analysis, Discovery, and Control

Automatic generation of “topic” diagrams based on the results of the code analysis

Patterns and anti-patterns are rendered in the diagram editor. Navigation to detailed code is supported.

  • Architecture discovery for J2EE and J2SE
    • High-level software visualization
  • Application architecture is reflected in the running code
    • Analyzing code can help assess its maintainability
  • Govern the architecture with the assistance of rules
    • Template-based rule authoring
  • Anti-pattern and pattern detection
    • Detection of cyclic dependencies, hubs, breakable, etc.
    • Wizard assisted automated quick-fix

Code review pane providing a report of detected issues. Report is inclusive of J2EE detailed code analysis results.

“Details View” providing an overview and avoidance guidance for anti-patterns.

key feature patterns
Key Feature: Patterns

Pattern rendered as a collaboration to support incremental application

  • Applying Patterns is very simple
    • Evolution of pattern experience based on lessons learned
  • Pattern-authoring provides greater flexibility using Open API
  • All Gang of Four design patterns provided
  • Additional patterns provided via RAS repository on IBM developerWorks

Support “drag-and-drop” of pattern parameters into the collaboration

New patterns view providing outline and description of the pattern

key feature transformations
Key Feature: Transformations
  • Transformations are optimal for “batch” style computationally intensive operations
    • Model-to-model
    • Model-to-code
  • Out-of-the box code transforms
    • UML-to-J2EE/Java
    • UML-to-C++
    • Plus sample model-to-model transforms
  • Transformations may be updated via RAS repository hosted on IBM developerWorks
    • Examples:
      • Web Services transformations
      • XSD transformations
key feature c development environment
Key Feature: C++ Development Environment

Perspective for C++ Development

C/C++ editor with syntax highlighting, code completion, and advanced search

C/C++ project hierarchical tree view

UML class diagram visualization of C/C++ classes and structs

product capabilities c c development environment
Editing and Navigation

C/C++ Syntax Highlighting, Outline View

C++ Class Browser (Hierarchy View)

C/C++ Search

C/C++ Content Assist

Project Import

Automated assistance in setting up CDT for search and content assist.

UML C/C++ Code Editor


GDB Integrated

Extensible Debug Interface


Standard Make for projects with existing build infrastructure

Managed Build

Automatic makefile generation

GNU tools supported out of box

Managed build is extensible, build tools can be plugged-in and build tools options selectable

Meets Internationalization and Accessibility requirements


Provides extension points for managed build, debuggers, …

Product Capabilities: C/C++ Development Environment

Built on the Eclipse CDT project (http://www.eclipse.org/cdt)

“The CDT project provides a set of plug-ins that implement a C/C++ IDE. It adds a C/C++ Perspective to the Eclipse Workbench that supports C/C++ development with a number of views, wizards, a powerful editor, and a debugger. The CDT is designed to provide an extensible architecture, that will provide support for integration of tools provided by independent software vendors (ISVs).”

Ease of Use

key feature visualize java method bodies
Key Feature: Visualize Java Method Bodies
  • Facilitates understanding and application’s behavior by providing visualization of detailed code
  • Diagrams can be integrated in Javadoc reports

“Topic” diagram for method is automatically updated/refreshed when method is updated

Integrated with the Java Package view

Leverages UML 2.0 sequence diagram constructs for loops, conditionals, etc…

Alternate abstract viewof method behavior

Select method to be visualized using UML

uml enhancements javadoc with embedded uml diagrams
UML Enhancements: JavaDoc with Embedded UML Diagrams
  • Produce enriched JavaDoc
    • UML diagrams right on the pages
    • Completely integrated with hyperlinks
team requisitepro integration
Team: RequisitePro Integration

Requirements Explorer for viewing requirements in Eclipse.

  • Open and browse multiple RequisitePro projects
    • See requirements, packages, and views
  • Associate requirements with model elements via drag and drop
  • Create model elements from requirements
  • Customizable synchronization

Associate requirements and model elements using Drag-and-Drop

View requirements traceability from the perspective of either “trace-to” or “trace-from”

clearcase scm adapter enhancements
ClearCase SCM Adapter Enhancements
  • Full Dynamic View support
    • File system notification
  • Improved compare/merge support
    • Integrated with Eclipse compare/merge framework
  • Improved Disconnected Mode
    • Manual Disconnect
  • Workspace / view management
    • Support for workspace switching
  • Setup & Getting Started
  • Best practices and online help improvements
code quality assurance runtime analysis

Trace Data


Trace Data

Server 1

Server 2

Agent Controller

Agent Controller



Code Quality Assurance: Runtime Analysis
  • Built-in tools helps developer isolate and fix performance problems
  • Advanced sequence diagrams
    • Performance CallGraph
    • Line Level Code Coverage
    • Advanced Memory Leak Analysis
    • Dynamic User Defined Probes
    • Thread Analysis
  • Profiling tools can seamlessly trace across multiple servers
ibm rational web developer for websphere software
IBM Rational Web Developerfor WebSphere Software

“Web Services Tools”

  • WSDL visual editor
  • UDDI Registry browser

IBM Rational Web Developer

“Web UI construction”

  • Visual site layout tools
  • Drag-and-drop web client construction supporting range of web client technologies:
    • HTML, JSP, Servlet
    • Struts, JSF and SDO

Web Services Tools

“Rich Client UI construction”

  • Java Visual Editor for rich client composition
  • Supports Swing, AWT, SWT widgets

Web UI construction

Rich Client UI construction

“XML Tools”

  • XML and XSD tooling support

Enterprise Generation Language


  • Simplified 4GL for Web Application Development
  • Text User Interface Programs Support (3270, Curses)
  • VisualAge Generator -> EGL Migration Tool
  • Java Runtime Targets

“Eclipse Java Development Tools”

  • J2SE development tools
  • Code completion, search, refactoring
  • Extensible Team APIs to support CM integration (CVS, ClearCase, and many others)
  • Plug-in Development Environment for extensibility

XML Tools

Eclipse Java Development Tools

page designer new look jsf sdo enhancements
Page Designer – New Look, JSF/SDO Enhancements

Simplified Navigator hides the complexity of J2EE

Construct pages by dragging and dropping rich web components from a customizable Palette

Construct pages by dragging and dropping rich web components from a customizable Palette

The Data View lets you configure and drag and drop data to automatically create a data bound UI

WDO accesses and updates data without writing any code!

Page templates separate out common page elements in a single template file

The Quick Edit View allows scripting of client or server side events in Java or Java Script.

Code assist writes the code for you!

Property views allow easy customization of the selected component

  • Web Application Development is Drag and Drop Simple!
  • Instant binding of UI to Data
  • Quick Server-side event scripting (with Java Server Faces)
  • Rapid UI Creation
  • Simple Data Access with WDO/SDO
web services tools
Web Services Tools
  • Web services wizards and WSDL editor
    • Focus on authoring of WS-I compliant Web services
    • New WSDL wizard to create basic WSDL files that comply to WS-I rules
  • Automatic TCP/IP Monitor configuration from wizards.
  • Samples and tutorials in Samples Gallery & Tutorial Gallery
  • Support for updated WS-I Basic Profile and latest UDDI release
ibm rational application developer for websphere software
IBM Rational Application Developer for WebSphere Software

“Component/Unit Test”

  • JUnit-based testing of Java, EJB and Web Services
  • Test prioritization recommendation based on code analysis
  • Automated test case generation through usage of test patterns
  • Datapool editor for data-driven testing

IBM Rational Application Developer

“J2EE/EJB Tooling”

  • J2EE construction tools
  • Supports WebSphere and WebLogic
  • Rapid Deployment for WAS v6
  • Integrated WAS test environments

J2EE/EJB Tools

Component/Unit Test

Portal/Portlet Design Tools

  • Visual Portal site and page layout tools
  • Visual Portlet layout and preview
  • Integrated Portal test environment

“Code Analysis Tools”

  • Both static code analysis and dynamic runtime analysis
  • Source code analysis for rule violation detection: Java/EJB coding practices, internationalization, accessibility, architectural constraints, API deprecation
  • Sequence diagram runtime trace with performance, thread and code coverage
  • Advanced memory leak detection
  • Remote data collection across multiple servers
  • User-defined run-time probes
  • Interactive reports and metrics

Portal/Portlet Design Tools

Code Analysis Tools

UML Visual Editors

“UML Visual Editors”

  • Class diagrams for Java/EJB structure
  • Sequence diagrams for method body visualization
  • IDEF1X/IE diagrams for Database and XML schema
  • Dynamic topic diagrams
  • Javadoc integration
  • Visual refactoring

Rational Web Developer

RUP Configuration for J2EE

ClearCase LT

tmtp deployment with ibm problem resolution toolkit






Managed Host


Application Server









TMTP Deployment with IBM Problem Resolution Toolkit

Problem Determination and Resolution: IBM Problem Resolution Toolkit for Rational Application DeveloperNo charge, download for IBM Rational Software Architect customers

  • Import data from the Management server component of Tivoli Monitoring for Transaction Performance (TMTP)
  • If the system slows down or fails, TMTP alerts operators
  • Developers can import production diagnostic data, directly into RSA

IBM Problem Resolution Toolkit for Rational

Application Developer accelerates

problem resolution, by providing detailed

analysis of production problems within the

RSA integrated development environment