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True Voice and Email Integration For 3Com’s ® NBX® Phone Systems NBX ® Messaging Solution Designed to ‘fill in the gap’ between NBX ® phone systems and Microsoft Exchange Server Provides a single point of delivery for APX Voicemails without expensive client-side software or configurations

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True Voice and Email Integration

For 3Com’s® NBX® Phone Systems

nbx messaging solution
NBX® Messaging Solution
  • Designed to ‘fill in the gap’ between NBX® phone systems and Microsoft Exchange Server
  • Provides a single point of delivery for APX Voicemails without expensive client-side software or configurations

NBX® Messaging Solution

  • In most circumstances, the client of choice for Exchange server is Microsoft Outlook. Outlook is limited to either Corporate/Workgroup mode or Internet Mail Only (IMO) mode. Because of this limitation it is not possible to access both the NBX voicemail server and the Exchange server at the same time. In fact, making the transition between these two modes of operation is quite extensive and subject to data loss.

NBX® Messaging Solution

  • This is where NBX™/Forward comes in. It provides a link between Exchange and APX voicemail servers.
With ONE copy of NBX™/Forward running from ONE location it provides the following functionality:
  • An unlimited number of voicemail boxes can be forwarded (no cost per-mailbox license limit!)
  • Forwarding to normal Internet email addresses, whether they are in your local office or around the world (get your voicemail anywhere over the Internet!)
  • Selectable 'save mail' feature which provides the ability to forward voicemail while leaving it on the APX system. (keep a backup!)
  • Compatible with Off-Site notification features of the NBX® system (easily integrates!)
  • Although written specifically for Exchange server, NBX™/Forwardis compatible with virtually any SMTP compliant mail server (versatile!)

How NBX™/ForwardWorks

  • NBX™/Forwardworks in conjunction with your NBX® by attaching to and retrieving voicemail messages from the APX message system.





How NBX™/Forward Works

  • Upon initial installation (or addition of a mailbox) NBX™/Forward will forward all mail stored on the APX system to the users specified email address.

How NBX™/ForwardWorks

  • Depending upon the options selected for the user NBX™/Forwardwill:
    • Keep the messages on the APX and mark them as "Saved" - OR -
    • Keep the messages on the APX and mark them as "New" - OR -
    • Delete the messages from the APX





Installation Requirements

  • You must already have a functional installation of Microsoft’s Exchange Server (or any SMTP compliant mail server). It is recommended that you have the latest Service Pack(s) applied (to both the mail server and the windows operating system on which it runs).
  • If you’re using Microsoft Exchange, you must have the Internet Mail Connector (IMC) for Exchange installed and configured.
  • Each user which wishes to receive forwarded voicemail must have a properly configured SMTP address on the mail server. You should test their SMTP address to confirm they are able to receive mail before installation of NBX/Forward™.
  • NBX™/Forward requires 4-10 megabytes of available disk space.
  • You must know the IP address or DNS hostname of the mail server and NBX®.
  • You must have TCP/IP configured and running on both the NBX® and mail server.
  • An Internet connection is recommended for registration purposes.

Installation Process

  • First you will be presented with the settings window. Enter the NBX® and mail server information as presented and click the ‘save’ button.
  • Next you will be given the uses window. Double click on the users one at a time to configure them for use with NBX™/Forward. If you do not ‘enable a user, their voicemail will not be forwarded. Click the ‘close’ button on the uses list window to continue.
  • Finally, NBX™/Forward will install itself in ‘trial mode, permitting use for 30 days from the computer you have installed it on. Should you need to move your installation to another computer, you will need to contact PC Computer & Software for a new trial key. If you have already purchased NBX™/Forward, click the ‘registration’ button from the main menu to enter you key code.

PC Computer & Software, Inc.

8125G E 51st St

Tulsa, OK 74145

Phone: (918) 664-8833