k 16 info literacy collaboration in ga n.
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K-16 Info Literacy Collaboration in GA PowerPoint Presentation
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K-16 Info Literacy Collaboration in GA

K-16 Info Literacy Collaboration in GA

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K-16 Info Literacy Collaboration in GA

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  1. K-16 Info Literacy Collaboration in GA Proposal for a joint GLA/GLMA committee

  2. The current state of K-16 IL collaboration in GA: Scattered local efforts by librarians: Athens, Rome, Carrollton: • K-16 librarians meetings/workshops to assess the state of IL instruction in our localities. • Separate but complementary ACRL/AASL standards • Vision, goals, teaching methods and challenges virtually identical

  3. Overall Vision: • IL as a lifelong learning skill that is acquired gradually, grade-by-grade and can’t be taught in scattershot fashion. • Need for an articulated, assessable program of across-the-curriculum K-16 info literacy instruction.

  4. Goals: • Embedded Information Literacy: • in school and college curricula • in teacher education programs • In continuing education programs for teachers • Design easily read, practical IL standards that speak to teachers and parents as well as librarians • Create effective methods of assessing IL learning

  5. Teaching methods • Sessions are integrated into class projects • Hands on, active learning • Collaborative learning

  6. Challenges • Students IL skills vary widely • Overcrowded lesson plans & syllabi • Not embedded in curriculum • Administrative well-wishing but no practical support • Inadequate ways of assessing IL learning

  7. Moving beyond local efforts: • Getting involved with USG’s “Office of P16 Initiatives” program • Finding a fit within our state and national support organizations and institutions • Examining K-16 collaborations in other states

  8. Bd of Regents P-16 Initiatives Programs:GSTEP: “Georgia Systemic Teacher Education Program” GOAL: Collaboration between teachers, administrators and college faculty to improve teacher prep programs FOCUS: Shaping the teacher education curriculum: • 9 subject-based curriculum committees Supporting Induction • Develop strategies to support teachers during their first 2 years of teaching

  9. Bd of Regents P-16 Initiatives Programs:PRISM: Partnership for Reform in Science and Mathematics 4 regions = university + surrounding counties: East Central/ Georgia Southern Metro Atlanta: Georgia State Northeast: University of GA: Southeast: Armstrong Atlantic Opportunities: • Monthly meetings • Join ‘Learning Communities’, which team teachers from schools and universities on specific projects or problems

  10. Bd of Regents P-16 Initiatives Programs:”Early College” Outreach to non-traditional high schools: Gateway to College Academy at GA Perimeter College High school + first two years of college for at risk students Classic City High School (Athens) Alternative high school for at risk students

  11. Potential partners in GA: GALILEO • GALILEO is the tool that binds us together • Strong support from GALILEO administration • GALILEO Planet newsletter • Potential voice in GALILEO Reference or Electronic Collection Development subcomittees? • Potential voice in K12 Advisory Committee? • Potential role in GALILEO training workshops?

  12. Potential Partners in GA: Colleges of Education • Pilot projects get attention • Work with TA’s - often the most flexible instructors • UGA: Certificate in University Teaching • Create K-16 teaching tools for assignments : • Example: IL K-16 lesson plan checklist (This is a first, rough draft which borrows heavily from Ryan and Capra’s Information Literacy Toolkit Chicago: American Library Association, 2001.)

  13. Potential Partners in GA: GA Dept.of Education K12 Library Media Services • Articles in their monthly “Media Matters” online newsletter • Presentations at their conferences • Infusing a K-16 awareness in K12 administrations

  14. National Guidance AASL/ACRL Interdivisional Committee on Information Literacy Charge: The joint AASL/ACRL Joint Committee on Information Literacy will focus on how to prepare K-20 students to be information literate and will provide a channel of communication to the respective divisions. In general, this joint committee will be a forum for sharing ideas on information literacy in K-20 environments and a source of professional development opportunities in this area.

  15. Examples of Current K-16 Collaboration: New York • Rochester Regional Library Council • • “Information Literacy Contiuum Committee” • Core Library and Research Skills Grade 9-14+

  16. Examples of Current K-16 Collaboration: Pennsylvania • Central Pennsylvania K-16 Information Literacy Network • • Media Specialist Tool Kit for Implementing IL in schools

  17. Examples of Current K-16 Collaboration: Ohio • Institute for Library and Information Literacy Education at Kent State • • Grant funding • Academic Content Standards Checklists • TRAILS (IL assessment tool) • Parent Toolkit for IL advocacy

  18. Examples of K-16 Collaboration: California • LILI: LifeLong Information Literacy • • Fall 2006 Survey: “IL Instruction in California Libraries” Snapshot of instruction in K-16, public and special libraries.

  19. K-16 IL in GA: Where do we go from here? • Propose a GLA/GLMA joint committee? • Outline committee membership and possible goals? • ???????????