integrating renewables a utility perspective l.
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Integrating Renewables – A Utility Perspective PowerPoint Presentation
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Integrating Renewables – A Utility Perspective

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Integrating Renewables – A Utility Perspective - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Jennifer S. Szaro OUC ~ The Reliable One. Integrating Renewables – A Utility Perspective. OUC’s Renewable Energy Business Objectives. Balance sustainability with affordability and reliability

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ouc s renewable energy business objectives
OUC’s Renewable Energy Business Objectives
  • Balance sustainability with affordability and reliability
  • Provide a hedging strategy against potential regulatory requirements through the acquisition of renewable energy credits (RECs) and Carbon Offsets
  • Leverage state and federal incentives offered to encourage the development of customer-sited assets
  • Offer an option to customer requests for environmentally-friendly energy and water investments
  • Pursue least-cost planning for future energy investments
key technologies
Key Technologies
  • Biomass Energy Technologies
    • Gasification
    • Co-Firing with Traditional Fuels
    • Anaerobic Digestion
    • Stand-Alone Biomass Generators
  • Biomass Energy Resources
    • Landfill Gas
    • Municipal Solid Waste
    • Biomass Residues
    • Energy Crops (Including Algae)
  • Solar Energy
    • Photovoltaics
    • Solar Hot Water
    • Concentrating Solar
biomass for electricity
Biomass for Electricity
  • Benefits:
    • Can be co-fired
    • Can be used 24 hours/day
    • Carbon neutral fuel
    • Can be burned as solid or gas using conventional technologies
    • Relatively low cost if available
    • Creates local jobs
  • Challenges:
    • Lower BTU value
    • Lower density/higher moisture content
    • Competing uses
    • Short-term vendor contracts
    • Uncertain availability
    • Handling challenges
landfill gas
Landfill Gas
  • Benefits:
    • Can be co-fired
    • Can be used 24 hours/day
    • Extremely low cost
    • Carbon reduction benefits
  • Challenges:
    • Lower BTU value
    • May need to be cleaned
    • Location specific
solar electric and thermal
Solar (Electric and Thermal)
  • Benefits:
    • No fuel costs
    • Carbon free
    • Can be distributed near the user
    • Thermal is low cost
    • Creates local jobs
  • Challenges:
    • Not dispatchable
    • Intermittent resource
    • PV is still expensive compared with conventional fuels
    • Minimal impact to winter peak

Summer Peak Day

Natural Gas

Coal and Landfill Gas


Biomass Co-Firing Opportunities

Summer Peak Day with Renewables

PV Contribution

Biogas Opportunities


Biomass Co-Firing Opportunities

Winter Peak Day with Renewables

PV Contribution

Biogas Opportunities

orlando s green future alliance
Orlando’s Green Future Alliance
  • Received USDOE Solar Cities Grant to promote solar
  • Established an integrated energy alliance with the City of Orlando and Orange County Government to promote green market transformation in Central Florida
  • Conducting a series of energy training courses and stakeholder workshops to determine best practices and needs of our community
ouc s current solar projects
OUC’s Current Solar Projects
  • 1-MW solar array on Convention Center
    • Partnership with OC, DOE and DEP
    • Largest PV array in the Southeast on a building
    • Provides electricity for 100 homes
  • Solar on Schools Program
    • 5 existing sites
    • Partnership with Orlando Science Center to develop and deliver curriculum
    • PV system on Orlando Science Center
  • Jetport Solar RFP
    • 10 MW located on OUC property
    • PPA with solar developer
    • Operational by late 2010
ouc s customer solar programs
OUC’s Customer Solar Programs
  • Solar Production Incentive
    • Provides incentives for producing energy from solar hot water and PV
    • Over 300 customer participants
  • Solar Billed Solution
    • Provides no/low interest loans through the Orlando Federal Credit Union (OFCU)
ouc customer solar production incentives
OUC Customer Solar Production Incentives
  • $.03/KWH for all energy produced from solar thermal systems
  • $.05/KWH for all energy produced from solar PV systems
  • Requires customer contract
  • OUC now offers a $250 credit to customers to compensate for the cost of the BTU meter installation.
biomass energy projects
Biomass Energy Projects
  • Landfill Methane Recovery Projects
    • Orange County Landfill displaces 3% of fuel required for either of Stanton’s coal units ~ expanding to 22 MW
    • St. Cloud Landfill 1 MW project being planned
    • Holopaw Landfill Project recently approved (~ 15 MW)
  • Harmony Hybrid Solar/Biomass Power Plant
    • 5 MW Plant will be located in Harmony’s Florida Sustainable Energy Research Park
    • Uses biomass gasifiers and concentrating solar to generate electricity
    • Includes educational partnership with FSU
  • City of Orlando MSW Gasification Project
    • Could process up to 300 tons of waste daily
    • City plans to release RFP this year
    • OUC plans to purchase syngas from project
    • To be located at Orange County landfill
new solar business models
Community Solar Farm

500 KW to 1 MW depending on customer participation

OUC holds PPA with vendor and acts as billing agent

No upfront cost to participate

Fixed monthly rate for 20+ years

Virtual net metering

Allows for multi-family participants

Removes siting barriers

OUC owns RECs

Commercial Solar Aggregation Pilot

OUC holds PPA with vendor and acts as billing agent

No upfront cost to participate

Fixed monthly rate for 20+ years

Customer retains demand savings and any net metering

Sited on the customer’s rooftop

Price reductions from project aggregation

OUC owns RECs

New Solar Business Models
new biomass opportunities
Algae Biomass Project

Opportunities to use algae to treat wastewater

Fed CO2 from post-scrubbed flue gas

Algae is “cracked” to obtain biofuels and biomass feedstock for co-firing.

Biomass Co-Firing

Possibly up to 10% of boiler capacity

Ship biomass feedstock via rail cars from longer distances

Consider torrefaction to improve BTU content and moisture content

New Biomass Opportunities


Jennifer Szaro

(407) 423 – 9100 Ext. 2086