grand canyon n p l.
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Grand Canyon N.P.

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Grand Canyon N.P. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Grand Canyon N.P. Geology of National Parks Map of Grand Canyon N.P. Locality Map Sediment in River Frost Wedging Spalling, Yosemite N.P. Cliff and Slope Formers Bright Angel Fault Garden Creek, flows along the fault until it joins the Colorado River as a barbed tributary Garden Creek

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grand canyon n p

Grand Canyon N.P.

Geology of National Parks

bright angel fault
Bright Angel Fault

Garden Creek, flows along the fault until it joins the Colorado River as a barbed tributary

garden creek
Garden Creek
  • Garden Creek flowing into the Colorado River
garden creek waterfall
Garden Creek Waterfall
  • Example of a hanging valley
inner gorge
Inner Gorge
  • View of the Inner Gorge from desert View Drive on the South Rim
inner gorge12
Inner Gorge
  • Another view from Desert Rim Drive
  • Hiking in the canyon can be dangerous
  • Every year, about a dozen people die
river level view
River Level View
  • Imagine trying to climb down to the river to get a drink
pillow basalt
Pillow Basalt
  • This photo is from the Columbia River Flood Basalt Province
zoroaster granite
Zoroaster Granite
  • Zoroaster granite is the reddish rock; in right photo, the Zoroaster is in contact with the Vishnu Schist
contact metamorphism
Contact Metamorphism
  • Proximity to a heat source may cause new minerals to form
  • Zone of contact metamorphism is known as contact aureole
igneous sill
Igneous Sill
  • Intrusion is parallel to existing layers
  • Granite sills intruded into calcareous schist of the Hebron Formation in southeastern Connecticut
igneous dike
Igneous Dike
  • Photo shows thin, pink aplite dikes cutting the black basaltic dikes and the gray granite at Pender Harbor, Southwest British Columbia
  • Rock fragments in this conglomerate are older than the conglomerate itself
hort and graben structures
Hort and Graben Structures
  • Faults are normal faults
blind fault and monoclinal fold
Blind Fault and Monoclinal Fold
  • Monoclinal folds are often the result of movement on a hidden fault
point sublime
Point Sublime
  • Point Sublime is a monadnock between Crystal and Shinumo Creeks
  • A = sandstone
  • B = shale
  • C = limestone
  • Parallel layers of sedimentary rocks
  • Fossils in the rock layers reveal that, although parallel, the sequence is not continuous
coconino sandstone and hermit shale
Coconino Sandstone and Hermit Shale
  • Upper cliff is Coconino sandstone
  • Lower slope is Hermit Shale
cross bedding
  • Cross-bedding in the Coconino sandstone
lava falls video
Lava Falls Video
  • Rafting over the rapids at Lava Falls