chapter 4 arbitrability l.
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Chapter 4 Arbitrability

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Chapter 4 Arbitrability - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Chapter 4 Arbitrability. Definition. Whether the dispute under the arbitration agreement could be settled by arbitration. Why not arbitration. Public interest consideration Different interpretation in different period of time even in the same state.

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  • Whether the dispute under the arbitration agreement could be settled by arbitration
why not arbitration
Why not arbitration
  • Public interest consideration
  • Different interpretation in different period of time even in the same state
sion soleimany father v abner soleimany son p 118
Sion Soleimany (father) v. Abner Soleimany (son) p.118
  • Engaged in the export of Persian carpets from Iran in contravention of Iranian Revenue Laws and export controls
  • Award
  • Court procedures
non arbitrable matters
Non-arbitrable Matters
  • By statute
  • By case
applicable law
Applicable law
  • Proper law of the contract
  • Proper law of the arbitration agreement
  • Law of the place of arbitration
  • Lex loci
authorities that decide the applicable law
Authorities that decide the applicable law
  • Arbitral tribunal
  • National court

the court with jurisdiction

where the arbitration is taken place

where the enforcement is sought

spa italy v mod iraq p 129
SPA Italy v. MOD Iraq p.129
  • Ks to build ships for Iraq navy b/w the parties with arbitration clause
  • Effect of UN embargo in 1990 on the Ks
  • SPA’s claim for the frustration of Ks and damages before Ks were performed
  • Ct. of first instance – no jurisdiction
  • Ct. of Appeal: non-arbitrability of the case according to Italian law
state s capacity to arbitration and applicable law
State’s capacity to arbitration and applicable law
  • ELF Aquitaine Iran (France) v. National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) p.135
  • K b/w NIOC and ERAP(French state agency) & Sofiran
  • ERAP entitled to buy certain discovered oil at a preferential price
  • ERAP transferred rights to ELF
  • Arbitrability of the dispute on nationalization issues
  • The arbitrator ruled his own jurisdiction
m s a belgium v co m switzerland p 151
M.S.A. (Belgium) v. Co. M. (Switzerland) p.151
  • Exclusive distributorship agreement between the parties with Swiss Law applicable
  • Arbitration agreement is invalid under the Belgian Law because the subject matter is non-arbitrable.
  • Belgian District Ct. granted the claim
  • Ct. of Appeal reversed on the ground that arbitrability is ascertained according to the law which applies to the arbitration agreement
securities arbitration
Securities Arbitration
  • Wilko v. Swan (1953)
  • Sherk v. Alberto-Culver Co. (1974)
  • Rodriguez v. Shearson/American Express (1989)
arbitration for ip rights
Arbitration for IP Rights
  • Dispute over the validity of the rights
  • Dispute under the licensing agreements
  • US practices
antitrust claims
Antitrust Claims
  • American Safety Equipment Corp. v. J.P. Maguire & Co. (1968):反托拉斯法项下的争议不宜通过仲裁方式解决。
  • Mutsubishi Motors Corp. v. Soler Chrysler-Plymouth(1985):合谋划分市场的违反反托拉斯法的请求权项可以通过仲裁的方式解决。
labor dispute
Labor dispute
  • Arbitrable unless the law provides otherwise
practices in china
Practices in China
  • Arbitration Law Art. 2
  • Securities
  • Intellectual properties
  • Labor disputes