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Channeling Opposite pole within New Age Movement to Mother Earth Spirituality Stresses otherworldly (rather than nature-centred) sources of inspiration Stresses idea that we are already too concerned with worldly things: spiritual focus should take one away from nature, not towards it.

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Presentation Transcript
  • Opposite pole within New Age Movement to Mother Earth Spirituality
  • Stresses otherworldly (rather than nature-centred) sources of inspiration
  • Stresses idea that we are already too concerned with worldly things: spiritual focus should take one away from nature, not towards it.
  • Both Channeling & Mother Earth share wider New Age worldview, however: self-transformation, evolution of spiritual consciousness, coming of new spiritual age.

“Peace Angel” by Patricia Canivan

historical influences necromancy
Historical Influences: Necromancy
  • Global practice, across cultures and time periods
  • Speaking to the dead to reveal hidden knowledge
  • Shamanic necromancy: shaman enters trance, travels to land of dead
  • Priestly/Prophetic: priest/prophet calls spirits of dead to this world
    • Biblical necromancy:
      • I Samuel 28 – Saul contacts spirit of Samuel
      • Mark 9:2-8 – Jesus contacts spirits of Moses & Elijah

Transfiguration of Jesus

spiritualism theosophy
Spiritualism & Theosophy
  • Both 19th century movements already discussed in connection to broader New Age Movement
  • Both emerged out of historical environment shaped by Christianity that condemned necromancy as demonic
  • Spiritualism & Theosophy make communication with spirits central religious practice
  • Spiritualism: speaks to spirits of loved ones
  • Theosophy: speaks to “elevated masters”

“Spirit Guide” by J. Ann Masiker

edgar cayce 1877 1945
Edgar Cayce (1877-1945)
  • Very famous “channeler,” known as “Sleeping Prophet”
  • Falls ill in 1900, is hypnotized & prescribes own cure.
  • Begins to conduct health readings under hypnosis, very successful
  • Died 1945; had produced more than 30,000 spirit readings by this time
  • Topics ranged from health, astrology, religion, politics
  • Akashic Record – cosmic library where all is recorded
edgar cayce
Edgar Cayce
  • Reincarnation problematic for Cayce – reconciled to belief when he saw that the Bible supports it (i.e. Matthew 11:13-14 and 17:12-13, concerning the identity of John the Baptist .)
  • Past life regressions then become a focus for Cayce.
  • Founded Association for Research and Enlightenment
  • Founded Edgar Cayce Foundation
  • Writings published by son Hugh Lynn Cayce in 1960’s – wide ranging recognition as a result

John at the Jordon River - reincarnation of Elijah?

  • In addition to broader worldview of New Age Movement, Channelers also add one additional element:
    • Dualism: implicit in nature of channeling itself, because sources for spiritual inspiration are defined as “out there” somewhere, which sets up separation of here/there; self/other
    • At first glance incompatible with monistic emphasis of New Age: but, message of channeled entities is almost always monisitc: all is one

Angel by Peggy Jentoft

  • Wide variety of techniques: light trance, full trance; verbal communication; written communication; own voice; different voices; in private; in public.
  • Wide variety of spirit entities channeled: deceased humans; angels; energy beings; beings from Atlantis/Lemuria; extraterrestrials.
the message
The Message
  • Although no two channeled philosophies are identical, there does seem to be a common core message.
  • Eight core teachings are:
    • Personal responsibility: you are responsible for saving your self
    • Salvation comes from loving yourself
    • Fear = the obstacle that must be overcome
    • Death = illusion; reincarnation = truth
    • Physicality (belief that physical is all there is; that physical is true reality) must be overcome
    • Getting in touch with “higher self” – you spiritual essence – is spiritual goal
    • Each person creates their own reality
    • You are God

“The Temple Within” by Kolorama

  • Most famous early New Age entity, channeled by Jane Roberts
  • First contact 1963.
  • Self-described as “energy personality essence” –
  • Two books of channeled writings, The Seth Material (1970) and Seth Speaks (1972)

Jane Roberts

  • Teachings of Seth:
    • God is “All that is”
    • Each individual has God within themselves
    • Personality is multi-dimensional – we transcend time and space
    • We are responsible for our own lives – we chose this life to foster our spiritual development

Conceptualization of Seth

a course in miracles
A Course in Miracles
  • Channeled by psychologist & medical school professor Helen Cohn Schucman between 1965-1973.
  • Channeled entity was Christ
  • “This is a course in Miracles. Please take notes.”
  • 622 page text, 478 page work book, 365 lessons, 88 page teachers’ manual – published anonymously

Helen Cohn Schucman

a course in miracles12
A Course in Miracles
  • Nothing Unreal Exists
    • God is father/son/holy spirit: Father is changeless, eternal
    • Only things which share these characteristics are real – world, death, hate, sin are all unreal because they do not share these characteristics
    • We are not separate from God, but mistakenly believe we are. In believing it, we experience it – false perception must be overcome
  • Nothing Real can be Threatened
    • Only God, and ourselves as extensions of God, are real – because we share God’s characteristic of being eternal, we cannot be threatened – there is no death, no separation.
    • Grasping this truth = the miracle – when we grasp it, love replaces fear, and we are reunited with all that is – God.
  • Channeled by J.Z. Knight
  • Spirit entity = 35,000 year old warrior from Atlantis.
  • First contact 1977 via “pyramid power”
  • “I am Ramtha, the Enlightened One. I have come to help you over the ditch.”
  • Ditch = self-imposed limitations & fear

JZ Knight

  • Key teachings:
    • Everyone has the power to master own destiny, and achieve desires through positive thinking
    • To do so, must first realize truth that God is not outside yourself: You are God
    • Only difference between Ramtha and us is that Ramtha knows he’s God, and we don’t.
  • Controversial because of fees: $400 per channeling workshop session
  • Founded Sovereignty, Inc. to organize workshops & book sales; and for disseminating teachings.

Ramtha speaks through JZ Knight

  • Channeled by Jach Pursel
  • Entity self-described as “a spark of love and light” – never human – can give insight into human nature because looking from outside
  • First contact 1974
  • Similar message to previous, with added element that life on earth has positive spiritual value
    • Time and space are the safety nets that cushion us from the true spiritual state of affairs, in which we create our own reality – without them, we would not be able to finish learning the lessons we need, to grasp our oneness with God.

Lazaris speaks through Jach Pursel

the pleiadians
The Pleiadians
  • Extraterrestrial entities channeled by Barbara Marciniak
  • Similar message of personal responsibility, we are god, etc.
  • Added element = extraterrestrial origins of humans – created by aliens to fulfill spiritual destiny.
  • We have forgotten our destiny, however, and been led astray by poorly evolved aliens who fear our potential.
  • Bad aliens are in league with American government – a theme we will see more of in next section of our course.
  • Pleiadians are here to guide us back to spiritual path

Barbara Marciniak