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Anthology Revision - Prose

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Anthology Revision - Prose - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Anthology Revision - Prose. Flight By Doris Lessing. Flight – Plot Summary. Story about an old man, his daughter, and granddaughter, who live together (with the daughter’s husband).

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anthology revision prose

Anthology Revision - Prose


By Doris Lessing

flight plot summary
Flight – Plot Summary
  • Story about an old man, his daughter, and granddaughter, who live together (with the daughter’s husband).
  • Granddaughter is 18 and wants to get married – he doesn’t want her to as she is the last of the children to ‘fly the nest’.
  • Feels he will be lonely with his daughter and her husband.
  • He speaks to her about the marriage and is upset she is in favour.
  • Daughter knows grandfather upset she loves another man more than him.
  • She knows he doesn’t want her to get married.
  • She wants grandfather to like her boyfriend, Steven.
  • Steven brings a gift of a pigeon for the grandfather who keeps homing pigeons.
  • Grandfather is pleased with gift and puts it in pigeon loft.
  • He takes out favourite pigeon and lifts her into the air.
  • All pigeons fly into air but come back down again.
  • In the end grandfather realises he must let his granddaughter go.
flight task
Flight - Task
  • What are the themes of this story?
  • Do they replicate any themes of the previous two stories studied?
flight task1
Flight - Task
  • How is the connection between the homing pigeons and the granddaughter relevant?
  • What evidence can you find?
flight extended task
Flight – Extended Task
  • How do the endings of Chemistry and Flight differ? What effect does each have on the reader?