appliance repair service in toronto vaughan n.
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Appliance Repair service in Toronto - Vaughan PowerPoint Presentation
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Appliance Repair service in Toronto - Vaughan

Appliance Repair service in Toronto - Vaughan

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Appliance Repair service in Toronto - Vaughan

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  1. Appliance Repair service in Toronto - Vaughan Certified Mechanical offers full range of Appliance repair services including Fridge repair - dishwasher repair - washing machine repair - air conditioning repair .

  2. Dryer Repair Toronto • Dryers are very helpful now. A Dryer saves you a lot of time, when your dryer breaks down you need it Fixed  fast with out breaking your bank. Call Certified Mechanical for the right Service.  •  Certified Mechanical are experts in repairing all dryer models & makes. You can trust Certified Mechanical in fixing your dryer. If your worried about the price, forget about. Certified Mechanical has a very cheap price, if anything call us and ask about the price and we will tell you. • All of our techincians are Trained in repairing all appliances. We send only the Best to fix your appliance.

  3. Washing Machine • We repair and service, in-house, all major brands and models of front and top load washing machines. If your washing machine does not supply hot or cold water, empty or spin or is simply not working properly, just call to set an appointment at your convenience. We will restore your washing machine to perfect working order. • When your laundry room needs some expert attention, call Sears Home Services. Our qualified service technicians are experts in washer • repair for all makes and models. • Whether you are looking for a clothes washer repair technician  Certified Mechanical will quickly dispatch one of our service professionals to investigate the problem. • Our licensed technicians are trained to identify the problem and provide you with a detailed quote that includes high-quality parts and unparalleled technical expertise. Our mission is to get your laundry room back into operation quickly.

  4. Dishwasher repair Toronto • We install, maintain and repair major brands of dishwashers. If your dishwasher fails to start properly or is leaking or producing abnormal odours, is noisy or not cleaning dishes properly, if the soap dispenser is stuck or for any other reason, just call to set an appointment at your convenience. We will restore your dishwasher to perfect working order. •   Once you enjoy the convenience of a dishwasher in the kitchen it becomes very difficult to function without one, especially if you have children in the house. A broken dishwasher can cause chaos in your daily life. •   Certified Mechanical provides in-home, same day service to all residents in Toronto (GTA), areas all you need to do is call.  •   Dishwasher repairmen will diagnose your dishwasher problem quickly and provide affordable repair solutions to get your dishwasher working again.

  5. Stove Repair • Your Stove and Oven are important parts of your household that help you put food on the table. Without them you’re stuck with raw food and TV dinners. That’s why getting your stove or oven repaired as fast as possible is important for you, and what’s important for you is important to us. We’ll be there when you need us so you can get decent home-cooked food for your family. Like all appliances, stoves and ovens are made of different parts and pieces that break, but luckily we can fix any stove you can throw at us. Whether you’re having problems with electric elements or gas burners, we will fix it. Other issues includebroken glass stovetops or oven door windows, faulty control pads or broken ovens, among others. So let us know what your problem is, and we’ll be on our way.

  6. We Keep it Cool! • Emergency Service • Experienced with all makes and brands of air conditioners • Gas LicesedTechnciains • Equipped with gauges and brazing tourches • Technicians located near your area • We provide tune-ups/maintenance, repairs and installs • 1 year warranty on all work

  7. Walk In Cooler Services • The home repair is our specialty and we offer a quality service and reliable. Do not ask questions, because our repair professionals are trained regularly for new products and new technologies. • At Certified Mechanical  we welcome your toughest walk in cooler repair problems. Our trained technicians will diagnose and remedy your refrigeration  errors in a economical, timely manner always considering that your product is our priority. Call us now so we can  dispatch one of our experienced, uniformed  repair specialists today! • Walk In Coolers are an important food service equipment piece in most grocery stores and restaurants. When it goes down it can create a lot of issues for your business, so you need a company you can rely on 24 hours-a-day, 365 days-a-year. We specialize in walk in cooler repairs and service all of Toronto and surrounding areas. We are a professional walk in cooler repair company with many years of experience.

  8. Ice Machine Repair • Summertime means the beach, sun, and partying. More so, it could also mean simpler stuff like eating ice cream and drinking cold drinks. Equipment necessary to make these are also in demand during the summer. In unfortunate cases when these pieces of equipment malfunction, experts in ice maker repair Toronto should be called in immediately. We are the ones you should call if your ice machine breaks down. For a business you need all your appliances working perfectly, even a ice machine. You need everything running to run a good restaurant so call Certified Mechanical to fix all your broken appliances.

  9. Contact Us Now! • Office Adress: • 29 Lloyd Avenue • Toronto, Ontario M6N 1H1 • Certified Contact: • Land Line : (416) 908-6993 • Email: •