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Beat making software

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Dr.Drum Review – Best beat making software for Windows and Mac

Hello everyone, I’m Alan Smith. Today I will be worth a beat making software with features music

extremely well. It is not just for the musicians, professional mixer and it even possible for beginners in his

musical career.

Yes, I’m talking to Dr. Drum Beat making software. You can wondering what you will do with this


Beat making software

Beat making software Dr. Drum a technological revolution in production digital audio. You will see that

never been easier, even if you do not have a real mix equipment. You can do this on your computer without

too much difficulty. This unique software can run on both Windows and Mac OS, so should you not worry

you are using a computer for Dr. Drum making software work well. That was amazing!

Next take a look at Dr. Drum will give us the value of nothing.

First is the 16-track Sequencer:

I appreciate this feature of Dr. Drum I can easily manipulate the software without too much difficulty.

Everything is very easy even if you are a beginner with making beats.

Change the sound sample with only 2 clicks

Several thousand built-in drumbeat, keys, FX sounds

Exports 44.1 professional studio tail .wav

Automatically create and upload videos on YouTube account

Depending on the volume under the tracks in software

Adjusting the pan of each track

Customize the low, mid and high tones

12 Pad Drum Machine:

Dr. Drum Pads contain 12 per kit and a large database with exclusive sound may freely choose. I use just

by drag and drop to import data.

12 sounds in the drum

Add an audio file into your rhythm

Mix the volume on each channel

Professional Audio Mastering

4 Octave Key Board:

Unlike the software do the music that I have used before. Dr. Drum capable audio import data automatically.

Also equipped with 1 keyboard with 4 octaves so I have more Pianos, Guitars, Synth, String, Fx and more

the great .

Audio is output standard 16 bit and PCM Stereo 44.1 wav. It’s a high quality of sound. You will have a

professional quality compression quality beyond the ordinary mp3 files.

Four octaves manipulate the software without too much difficulty.

No cables midi

Add all the sounds: piano, saxophone, drums, fx …

Custom sounds in seconds

1 click to change instrument

That’s the great thing that Dr Drum Beat making software giving me. And you may want to experience this

amazing software? I think my last review you will have the perfect base for a professional music software

do. Ok. Finally thank you for reading this review, see you later!

Alan Smith !