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Lip Augmentation 101 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Learn all you need to know about the best dermal fillers for Lip augmentation and lip enhancement from Nashville certified trainer, Dr. Sherman. Website:

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Lip augmentation 101

Frequently Asked Questions:

Lip Augmentation/Enhancement

1.What is the best filler for Lip enhancement?

a.With a growing number of fillers available, it is even more important to go to a Master

Injector who has advanced knowledge to determine which filler will create the most

NATURAL looking lips. If you have a more petite lip, or you have very fine lines above

the lip your lipstick bleeds into, Restylane Silk or Juvederm Volbella may be the best

choice. If you have more youthful lips that need a proportional adjustment with a little

extra volume in the upper or lower lip or the mouth corners upturned, Juvederm Ultra

may erase your lipstick frustrations.

2.Is lip augmentation permanent?

a.Although the idea of a permanent lip treatment might initially sound great as it implies a

long lasting result, but be aware that permanent treatments can cause permanent

problems! Under a surgical procedure, implants can be placed permanently, but will

your lip still age around the implant? YES! This means that the implant could show

through thinning lip skin and look very strange with time, creating an unnatural

appearance. If you use permanent filler, will that create a lip that never ages and does

not have to be injected again? No. There is no magic wand that stops time! And

permanent filler may create major problems as you age. As the border of the lip ages,

permanent filler in the lip starts to look unnatural. The sad truth is that there is really no

effective treatment to remove permanent lip filler except to cut it out and no one wants

that! Beware of permanent fillers with no treatment option of reversibility!

Lip augmentation 101

3.What is the best permanent Lip augmentation option?

a.In our expert opinion, permanent lip filler is not the best option to give you the most

natural lips-lips that age gracefully as you do.

4.What lip filler lasts the longest?

a.The fillers we recommend that have been FDA approved for lip injections such as

Juvederm and Restylane Silk have up to a 1 year indication.

5.How can I get natural looking lips with lip enhancement?

a.When you come in for a facial analysis at the Sherman Aesthetic Center, a Master

Injector will evaluate your lips. Dr. Sherman and her expertly trained Master Injectors

will perform an 8-point natural lip analysis to develop a customized natural look for your

kissable lips!

6.How can I avoid “over-done” lips?

a.Stop looking to Kylie Jenner for your example, and start looking at fresh younger,

hydrated lips-what do you notice? Do you see that the lines are not as “shriveled” or

dehydrated in the body of the lip? That the proportion of the upper and lower lip is

balanced? That the corners of the mouth are gently upturned, and that the upper lip has

a defined 3-D border and the lower lip has proportional projection? That natural

symmetry is what a Master Injector is trained to create. This creates less work outlining

your lip, and more time to try out different colors! Our patients often comment that

after the youthful lip boost our Master Injectors create, that for the first time in years,

their lips look fresh and youthful with just a touch of clear lip gloss! It reminds them of

the lips they had in high school!

7.Can I be allergic to lip fillers?

Lip augmentation 101

a.Allergies to hyaluronic acid fillers are very rare. Hyaluronic acid is a basic building block

of skin. It’s found in our joints and connective tissue naturally, so it is very rare for

someone to have a reaction to the filler itself. Numbing agents can be applied topically

and are in the filler itself. Rarely, individuals may have an allergic reaction to these

numbing agents.

8.Who should I trust with my lip augmentation?

a.Only trust an experienced Master Injector when having your lips injected. A Master

Injector, like those at Sherman Aesthetic Center, will give you the most natural

enhanced lip with filler, with appropriate proportion and volume. The Master Injector’s

at Sherman Aesthetic Center offer a subtle “Youthful Lip Boost,” which is an inexpensive

way to soften lip lines and create a more youthful lip.

9.What are the risks and side effects of lip augmentation?

a.Swelling and bruising are the most common side effects of lip augmentation.

10.What are the aftercare instructions for lip fillers?

a.You may gently ice your lips after injections.

11.When can I eat after lip augmentation?

a.You can eat whatever you want, but salty foods and alcohol will may your lips swell even

more in the first few days after injection. Sipping through a straw and smoking are not

recommended for a few days after your lip injections.