saint valentine offers at the majestic hotel n.
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5 Star Hotel Barcelona

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Book your luxury hotel in BARCELONA. Instant online booking, secure payment and no booking fees in hotel 5 stars in Barcelona.

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saint valentine offers at the majestic hotel

Saint Valentine offers at the Majestic Hotel

Majestic Hotel & Spa, Barcelona

Saint Valentine’s Day is known commonly as Valentine’s Day, which is said to be

the day when romance is celebrated the world over. This is the reason why the

Majestic Hotel & Spa Barcelona is going out of its way to create a number of

charming choices for lovers who happen to be in the wonderful city on that

particular day. There are so many offers over here at that time that it could be hard

for you to make a choice as such. All these offers would be valid only for the week

that includes the Valentine’s Day as say

Barcelona, 24 of January 2018 – With the help of these offers you could stay at this

luxury hotel. The occasion itself is a great one and the city also has plenty of

history as well. All this means that you are going to enjoy your stay in this city

even more than what may have happened otherwise. The offer can be availed from

9 February 2018, which happens to be a Friday until 18 February 2018 that is

supposed to be a sunday anyone who takes up this

supposed to be a Sunday. Anyone who takes up this offer would be able to stay at

the Junior Suites that are well known for their space.

Apart from this, the romantic detail that awaits you in your rooms – obviously in

keeping with the general theme of this part of the year – is sure to surprise you as

well. It also helps that the breakfast served in your rooms as part of the offer is

delicious. As may be expected in cases such as these it is mostly Continental fare

and it could be considered to be good enough for two people – you and your soul

mate. If you heeded the advice of the concierge at the Majestic Hotel & Spa

Barcelona you would definitely visit three parts of the city that will help you truly

fall in love with the city.

You can start this by walking with the aim of discovering some of the best houses

created in the Modernist style in this city. One such house is Casa Batllo at Passeig

de Gracia. The next name in this regard would be Casa de les Punxes de Puig

ICadafalch, and the last name is Casa Vicens that was created by Gaudi himself.

The last one has been renovated of late. You can also visit the Labyrinth of Horta, a

magnificent garden. Incidentally, this happens to be the oldest park in the city as

well. If you visit the port area do watch the sunset from over there.

You can also get to El Alcalde, located on Mount Montjuic. From here you can see

the entire city and this includes the port as well. However, getting up here is not as

easy as it may sound and your heart needs to be in good enough condition, at

least, for you to try the climb. There are certain conditions that are applicable in

this case.

About Majestic Hotel & Spa, Barcelona:5 star hotels in barcelona

The Majestic Hotel & Spa Barcelona happens to be probably the finest of its kind in

Barcelona and that is no mean feat considering the quality of hotels that you get in

the city. As far as the conditions for the abovementioned program are concerned

you need to keep in mind the fact that availability is going to play a major role and

the number of rooms over here happens to be rather limited as well. You also need

to keep in mind the fact that the offer can only

to keep in mind the fact that the offer can only be availed at the official website of

the Majestic Hotel & Spa.

The quality of this hotel can be gauged from the kind of services that it provides – a

fact that is applicable to all the other accommodation service providers of the world

as well. For example, if you are able to reserve the hotel anywhere else at a price

that is lower than what you get over here Majestic would match that offer as well.

The hotel also offers a prepaid offer named Smart Rate, which makes it financially

more lucrative to book it in advance. One thing can be said for sure – if you wish to

come to Barcelona and enjoy your stay over here you have to stay at the Majestic

Hotel & Spa Barcelona.