anmol khana services want to provide healthy n.
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food delivery in east of kailash PowerPoint Presentation
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food delivery in east of kailash

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food delivery in east of kailash - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Veg food delivery in east of kailash. We deliver food in offices and PG at very lowest cost in east of kailash or amritpuri office and home.(New Delhi) 110065

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food delivery in east of kailash

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  1. “ Anmol Khana Services“ want to provide healthy , delicious and yummy food to all over the East of kailash New Delhi .So we make food just like homemade food , not the market food .Our food test is healthy , delicious and yummy but not dangerous for your health. Because we use neat and clean all vegetable and all the related food making things. Invents Of Food Like As Home Food: “ Anmol Khana services“ team making so many types of food and test that food at daily bases routine . After that we think that test is related to just like a homemade food. After testing demo to so many people from market nearby east of kailash then some people says your food is testy as well as test is just like a homemade food. “ Anmol Khana services“ team are very happy to invent a healthy , delicious and yummy food. At the time we are delivery near about 500 tiffin in east of kailash and Ghari village as well as Amritpuri in New Delhi. We are thanks to all “ Anmol Khana Services “ costumer nearby ISKCON temple in New Delhi.