short term insurance to keep anxiety at bay n.
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Short Term Insurance to Keep Anxiety at Bay PowerPoint Presentation
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Short Term Insurance to Keep Anxiety at Bay

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Short Term Insurance to Keep Anxiety at Bay - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Short Term Insurance to Keep Anxiety at Bay

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  1. Short Term Insurance to Keep Anxiety at Bay

  2. Short term insurance as the name itself suggests is a quick fix for those cases when your normal insurance fails to provide coverage. If you are highly averse to risk, which is a good thing to be, you will plan out many things well in advance so that you are not exposed to unforeseen events. You could be reckless about some things, but from the perspective of family members you need to plan out a few things so that you don't put your family members in a tight corner either.

  3. Between Jobs • Many people do not have a comprehensive medical coverage as they are taken care of by the company that employs them. The employers usually provided extensive medical benefits and coverage for the spouse, dependents, and children of employees, which means as long as one is employed, they can be free of anxiety because of the insurance provided by their job. However, if one is planning to switch between jobs, it might mean a period where one is unemployed. One doesn't have coverage for anyone during this period. This is the right scenario for a short term health insurance. • It is a good idea to go with this insurance because you are adding to much risk to your life given that you are at that point unemployed. If your medical costs have a chance of going up due to older members or children, then you must think about such insurance, instead of ignoring its need for the period when you are between jobs. If you are actually looking for another job, short term insurance is one of the costs which must be at the top of your priority.

  4. About to quit for higher studies • If you are planning to quit your job to go for higher studies, then you surely need short period insurance during the time when you are out of your job. If you are leaving abroad you will need the international insurance anyway but while you are still planning and applying, then in the meanwhile you definitely need the protection of coverage that short term insurance brings. • The last thing you would want is to incur massive medical costs at a time when you don't have a job and have cleared your track to go for higher studies. The extra costs might even harm your future plans, which is why it is not safe to take such things for granted at any stage.

  5. Choosing the right plan • If you are confused as to which policy to go for or you are awaiting certain medical results, you can fill the gap by taking a insurance which will take care of unforeseen events while you are deciding on what policy to take up. The only real disadvantage of short term insurance is that it doesn't cover for pre-existing conditions. • Hence while you look for a policy that provides best coverage for pre-existing conditions, you can take care of the rest of the indecisiveness with the short term plan. • Article Source:

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