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Harley Davidson

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... RENEWAL & HIGH PERFORMANCE: Case Discussion. Harley-Davidson, Inc. MOR 559 Strategic Renewal: Discussion ... HARLEY-DAVIDSON...QUESTIONS TO THINK ABOUT ...

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Harley Davidson

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harley davidson questions to think about
  • What was HD’s historical market position in the US m/c industry and what internal and external factors influenced HD’s performance and contributed to its decline?
  • What was the strategic thought process and impetus for the acquisition of Holiday Rambler by HD? Is it a valid strategy and why?
  • What were the essential elements and key characteristics of HD’s resurgence and which of the 6 strategies did HD use for its renewal?
  • What are the greatest threats confronting HD as the case ends? What should HD’s strategy be going forward?
  • What was (were) HD’s greatest source(s) of competitive advantage and why? To what extent are these exclusive and are they sustainable?
  • What strategies did the Japanese companies use to enter and establish market leadership in the motorcycle segment?
  • In the future, what should HD anticipate as strategic drivers of change?
  • Given these drivers and evolving market dynamics, which strategies will be most appropriate for HD?