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Totalkredit Mortgage Credit Visit from Ukraine 22 May 2006 Niels Tørslev The Totalkredit concept Totalkredit Background and concept Goals Results Strategy What motivates the financial institutions? Marketing strategy What are our activities in the marketing area? Totalkredit A/S

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Mortgage Credit Visit from Ukraine

22 May 2006

Niels Tørslev

the totalkredit concept
The Totalkredit concept
  • Totalkredit
    • Background and concept
  • Goals
  • Results
  • Strategy
  • What motivates the financial institutions?
  • Marketing strategy
  • What are our activities in the marketing area?
totalkredit a s
Totalkredit A/S
  • Totalkredit was formed in 1990 from the Provinsbankernes Reallånefond (the Provincial Banks’ Mortgage fund)
    • Commercially, to become the regional and local financial institutions’ supplier of mortgage loans
    • Strategically, to secure jobs and earnings
    • Defensively, to encounter rising financial super markets
  • Totalkredit A/S grants loans for private homes through a network of banks, savings banks and cooperatives throughout Denmark
  • Totalkredit has 75 employees and the financial institutions approx. 17,000






totalkredit concept
Totalkredit – Concept
  • Totalkredit only offers mortgage loans for private homes
  • Decentralised production - and advisory services
  • Totalkredit loans can only be arranged through one of the partner banks / financial institutions
  • Customers always contact the partner banks directly and are served by advisors whom they know and who know them and the local area
  • Customers do not communicate directly with Totalkredit, but Totalkredit is responsible for central distribution of notices of mortgage payment and yearly statements
totalkredit concept5
Totalkredit – Concept
  • The customer contacts his/her bank
  • The bank provides all loan advisory services to the customer
  • The home advisor prepares a number of loan proposals by using the BoligXperten/X portal home loan financing system
  • The customer chooses his/her preferred loan type based on the proposals presented, and loans processing can commence (loan offer)
from loan application to disbursement
From loan application to disbursement

Paperwork prepared

+ credit rating

Advisory meeting

Property valuation

Loan offer

Preparing or

approving loan


Loan disbursement


Loan disbursement

All documentation is filed

with Totalkredit and loss

guarantee is established

what does cooperation with totalkredit mean
What does cooperation with Totalkredit mean?
  • By choosing to cooperate with Totalkredit on mortgage lending, the financial institution also chooses to become a local credit institution!
  • A local concept backed up with a decentralised concept!
    • Advisory services
    • Debtor assessment and property valuation
    • Loan processing and execution
    • Issue of guarantees
  • Result
    • Ensured the right to service the customer and increase earnings
    • Competitive against the biggest in the market
our work is based on clear roles
Our work is based on clear roles
  • Totalkredit’s customers are the financial institutions
  • The financial institutions’ customers are the home owners/borrowers
  • Single-layer distribution channel
    • Only financial institutions!
    • Totalkredit does not offer loans independently
  • Subsidiary or associated estate agents may act as secondary distributors – but always via a financial institution in the community
  • The main responsibility for Totalkredit is to secure that the financial institutions are competitive and have the right solutions and tools
a decentralised cooperation requires competent partners
A decentralised cooperation requires competent partners

Key words for a successful partnership:

  • Involvement
  • Commitment
  • Agreed attitudes
    • Strategy, goals
  • Clear roles and responsibilities
  • Mutual respect
  • That we listen to the ”customer” and develop solutions that make a difference!
totalkredit s goals
Totalkredit’s goals
  • To support the local financial institution in:
    • having a competitive, long-term home-financing product that can be used to retain its (the FI’s) core customers
    • keeping its distributional power through initiatives and solutions that support the local home advisory services
  • Qualitative goals
    • Strengthening the Totalkredit community with a partnership strategy
    • Secure a high ROI for the Nykredit Group of the investment in Totalkredit
  • No later than 2008:
    • A market coverage of 80% in the financial institutions
      • That is, FI private customers owning a home and having a guaranteed mortgage loan
    • Totalkredit’s partners are the biggest distributor of mortgage financing for owner-occupied homes
    • Totalkredit’s partners represent 28% of the total bond debt outstanding on owner-occupied homes

…accomplished through continually providing the financial institutions with value-adding services, tools and training

strategic intention
Strategic intention

To actively contribute to maintain the

financial institutions’ central position

in the homeowner segment

so that they can retain

existing customers and

attract new customers.

This is accomplished through focus on service,

individual communication and attention

totalkredit s market share gross new loans in
Totalkredit’s market share- Gross new loans in %



gross new loans

in DKK bn 41 50 75 79 78 (+77%)

totalkredit s market share net new loans in
Totalkredit’s market share- Net new loans in %



net new loans

in DKK bn 21 27 34 36 34 (+70%)

totalkredit loans
Totalkredit loans

DKK bn

Growth 23% 24% 24% 20% 17.25%


Totalkredit’s business philosophy builds on the central role of the local home advisor!- and the utilisation of the home advisor’s local knowledge!


Distributional power has represented an increasingly important competitive factor

- and has been facilitated by liberalisation, decline in interest rates and increase in home prices

  • Competitive products
  • Capital position / solvency
  • Risk diversification / cover
  • Partnerships with leading suppliers in the market
  • Securing jobs and earnings
  • ”Fencing in” customers
    • Including cross-sale
  • Competency development of the financial advisors in your IT solutions and your own products
    • Financial institutions
    • Employees
  • Easily accessible production and advisory concepts
    • Added value in relation to core services
    • Production concept
  • Attracting new customers
  • Earnings
    • Guarantee concept
    • Quality assurance
  • Clear roles and responsibilities between the financial institution and the sub-supplier
    • Making clear:
      • Who has the customer contact?
      • Who owns the customer?
      • Who is the customer?
        • B2B
        • B2C
  • Reporting systems
    • Earnings reporting
    • Sales reporting
  • Service and support in the daily tasks
vision for the totalkredit brand
Local valueVision for the Totalkredit brand

”We are local!”

”We create value!”

  • Local and known service
  • A way of living
    • Common sense
    • Committed
    • Informal
  • The right solutions
  • Improving finances
  • Improving quality of life
  • Trustworthy
  • Flexible

Local value and competency…….

totalkredit s brand
  • Totalkredit is deeply rooted in the local community
    • Totalkredit is the mortgage brand of the financial institutions
  • Contains an idea that sets an example:
    • ”Being local is valuable”
  • 1150 outlets and 17000 employees
  • Experienced by customers as being personal and attentive
totalkredit has made a difference

Totalkredit has made a difference!

Results are not made by accident!

The most successful people are very often those who have practiced a lot!