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QUALITY IMPROVEMENTS IN CROATIAN BUSINESS REGISTER AND IMPLICATIONS OF REVISION OF NACE Prepared by Zrinka Pavlo vić and Dubravka Celi ć Geneva , 18 - 19 June 200 7. Content s. Introduction Units in the SBR Coverage Sources of the SBR Updating of the SBR

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content s
  • Introduction
  • Units in the SBR
  • Coverage
  • Sources of the SBR
  • Updating of the SBR
  • Implications of revision of NACE
  • Register of Business Entities – since 1976
  • Project of establishing the Statistical Business Register started with the Twinning project with Statistics Denmark and Statistics Sweden in 2003
  • The first version of the SBR was set up in 2004


  • Meeting the demands from the users inside the CBS
  • Complying with EU regulations concerning business registers for statistical purposes
starting point
Starting point
  • Register of Business Entities – administrative register - used for statistical purposes but with many drawbacks
  • Data collected in the Pilot business census that covered around 5000 businesses
  • A number of administrative sources with possibility to be used in the SBR
units in the sbr
Units in the SBR
  • Legal units
    • transferred from administrative sources
  • Enterprises
    • linked to the legal units by one-to-one connection
  • Local units
    • compiled from administrative sources, contact with the enterprise, from Internet, etc.
  • Legal persons and government bodies
  • Crafts (sole proprietors)
  • Free lances – not yet covered
sources of the sbr 1
Sources of the SBR (1)

Basic administrative sources

  • Register of Business Entities (RBE)
      • For legal persons and government bodies
  • Central Register of Crafts (CRC)
      • For natural persons - crafts
sources of the sbr 2
Sources of the SBR (2)

Other administrative sources

  • Financial Agency (FINA)
    • data on employment,
    • net turnover
    • activity status
  • Tax Administration (TA)
    • data on activity status,
    • activity codes for crafts
    • number of employees for crafts and legal persons not found in FINA data base
sources of the sbr 3
Sources of the SBR (3)

Statistical sources

  • Results from the pilot SBS survey for construction 2005 (900 units needed correction of the main activity codes)
  • Feedback from 2006 Annual reports on gross fixed capital formation in fixed assets
  • Other SBS surveys (distributive trade in 2006 and industrial production in 2007) are planned to be used for improving the quality of SBR data
iv updating of the sbr
IV. Updating of the SBR

The SBR is updated from administrative and statistical sources:

v implications of revision of nace
V. Implications of revision of NACE
  • Reclassification of units in the RBE
  • Improving the quality of the registered activity codes
  • Sending the notification about the new code to the companies
  • Taking over main activity codes into the SBR
1 reclassification of units in the register of business entities
1. Reclassification of units in the Register of Business Entities
  • Updating activity codes in both RBE and SBR
  • No survey
  • Statisticians involved
  • Automatic recoding for 1:1 and n:1 cases
  • Manual recoding for 1:n and m:n cases - only for units with >=10 employees,

other units – automatic recoding using correspondence tables

2 improving the quality of the registered activity codes
2. Improving the quality of the registered activity codes
  • Updating of the RBE activity codes happen quite rarely on the demand of the company, exceptionally on the request of the statisticians
  • Correcting the old and incorrect codes will be combined with reclassification according to the new NACE Rev 2 codes
3 sending the notification about the new code to the companies
3. Sending the notification about the new code to the companies
  • Active units will be informed about newly assigned main activity code
  • Opportunity for the company to react if new code does not comply with actual activity
4 taking over main activity codes into the sbr
4. Taking over main activity codes into the SBR
  • Newly assigned codes of legal units in the RBE will be taken over into the SBR
  • New codes for crafts will be taken over from the Tax office since this is the main source for activity codes for crafts
  • Secondary activities of the enterprises will be recoded automatically as well as the activity codes for local units
  • Revision of a number of such automatically assigned codes in the next year quality survey that is planned to be carried out for the first time
  • It is expected that all work of implementing the new classification will be done by the end of the year.
future plans
Future plans
  • Coverage of units in the SBR will be improved by including the free lances.
  • Preparations for including enterprise groups will be started.
  • Using the results from other SBS and statistical surveys for updating activity codes in the SBR.
  • Using other administrative sources for updating or adding the new data to the SBR and cooperation with currently used sources in improving their data quality .
  • Quality improvements of the SBR - continuing task and among the key priorities in Croatian CBS.
  • Scarce resources (especially IT staff and funding for SBR surveys) are the major obstacle to bigger progress, but development of the Croatian SBR is steadily going on in fulfilling the task that is primarily finding the way to meet the users' needs.