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Farzia Hausil NIMOS Legal Advisor

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Farzia Hausil NIMOS Legal Advisor. Sustainable Development Policy in Suriname. Table of content. Kyoto Protocol and SD General SD Criteria. Suriname: Constitution Government Policy (Regeringsverklaring, MOP, beleidsnota ATM) Belize SD criteria Brazil SD criteria EIA Suriname

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Farzia Hausil NIMOS Legal Advisor

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farzia hausil nimos legal advisor
Farzia HausilNIMOSLegal Advisor

Sustainable Development Policy in Suriname

table of content
Table of content
  • Kyoto Protocol and SD
  • General SD Criteria.
  • Suriname:
  • Constitution
  • Government Policy (Regeringsverklaring, MOP, beleidsnota ATM)
  • Belize SD criteria
  • Brazil SD criteria
  • EIA Suriname
  • Conclusion
kyoto protocol and sd
Kyoto Protocol and SD
  • Article 12 Kyoto Protocol: The purpose of the clean development mechanism shall be to assist Parties not included in Annex I in achieving sustainable development and in contributing to the ultimate objective of the Convention, and to assist Parties included in Annex I in achieving compliance with their quantified emission limitation and reduction commitments under Article 3.
  • CDM strives to promote sustainable development in developing countries
  • CDM integrates CC and SD.
kyoto protocol and sd4
Kyoto Protocol and SD
  • Proposed CDM project activity must be approved by host country
  • Procedural requirements: the project’s conformity to the national sustainable development criteria.
  • Three dimensions: economic, environment and social dimension
constitution suriname
Constitution Suriname
  • Article 6g: protection of nature and ecological balance.
  • Investment in compliance with national development goals, interest of all, openbare orde, health etc.
sd policy in suriname
SD Policy in Suriname
  • Government Policy (Regeringsverklaring 2005-2010):
  • Basic document for policy for 5 years
  • Key elements of policy:
  • Good governance
  • Education
  • Health
  • Labour
  • Production
  • Environment
  • Energy
sd policy in suriname8
SD Policy in Suriname
  • Pillars: economic -, social development and a just distribution of wealth
  • Policy priorities:
  • Guarantee minimal social security
  • Make accessible social securities
  • An equitable distribution of income
  • Public participation
  • Sustainable exploitation production sectors
sd policy in suriname9
SD Policy in Suriname
  • Policy document Ministry ATM:
  • Mission: Sustainable development through
  • increase job opportunities
  • Use environmental friendly technologies
  • Protection environment

Policy priorities:

  • Human resource
  • Protection and management of environment
belize sustainable development criteria
Belize Sustainable Development Criteria


  • Project should be compatible with and supportive of national environment and development priorities, they must abide by existing legal requirements (laws, regulations, permits).
  • Promote Sustainable use of Natural Resource such as:
    • Biodiversity conservation
    • Reforestation and forest conservation (maintenance or increase of population of local plant species)
    • Sustainable Land Use
    • Watershed Protection
belize sustainable development criteria11
Belize Sustainable Development Criteria


  • Community participation should be encouraged.
  • Projects must improve quality of life with regards to social variables such as: health, education, housing, employment.
  • All efforts should be made to sustain local cultures.


      • Overall positive impact on the national economy
      • Generation of new investments
      • Effective transfer of technology/best practices; (indicators include efficient technology in the use of technology with minimum negative impact on the environment than the ones used traditionally)
brazil sustainable development criteria
Brazil Sustainable Development Criteria
  • Contribution to local environmental sustainability: Assess mitigation local environmental impacts caused by the project
  • Contribution improvement labor conditions and job creation (assess social and labor responsibilities)
  • Contribution to distribution of income: assess direct and indirect effects on quality of life of low-income populations
  • contribution to training and technological development (assess degree of technological innovation)
  • Contribution to regional integration and linkages with other sectors (integration with other socio-economic activities in regional)
eia in suriname
EIA in Suriname
  • NIMOS has adapted existing screening methods and procedures from international agencies.
  • Description most important characteristics and quality of environment in the area;
  • Description most relevant positive and negative impacts on biophysical and socio-economic components of environment
  • checklist for screening:
  • Environment
  • Will use of water affect the availability of existing local supplies?
eia in suriname14
EIA in Suriname
  • b. Will the project cause disturbance or loss of important land uses?
  • Social and health:
  • a. Will the project affect the labour or property market in the area?
  • b. Will project significantly affect health conditions
  • Economic:
  • Will the project provide facilities, which could stimulate further development (industrial development)
  • No internationally set standard what SD in a CDM project constitute
  • SD criteria selection and assessment of SD impacts on CDM projects: left to host country as a sovereign matter.
  • All countries have different challenges, priorities, objectives and will have different dimensions of SD
  • The SD assessment of CDM projects is opportunity for Suriname to evaluate key linkages between national development goals and potential CDM projects
  • Aim: to select and design projects in a way, where they create, exploit and maximize local development synergies.
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