francis tellier ceo brussels dec 17 2004 l.
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Host Broadcast Services (HBS) “Sport and HDTV in 2006” PowerPoint Presentation
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Host Broadcast Services (HBS) “Sport and HDTV in 2006”

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Host Broadcast Services (HBS) “Sport and HDTV in 2006” - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Francis Tellier , CEO Brussels, Dec. 17, 2004 Host Broadcast Services (HBS) “Sport and HDTV in 2006” Sport and HDTV in 2006 Host Broadcast Services 2006 FIFA World Cup Germany ™ produced in HDTV Status of other major events Costs vs. benefits Conclusions

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Host Broadcast Services (HBS) “Sport and HDTV in 2006”

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Presentation Transcript
sport and hdtv in 2006
Sport and HDTV in 2006
  • Host Broadcast Services
  • 2006 FIFA World Cup Germany™ produced in HDTV
  • Status of other major events
  • Costs vs. benefits
  • Conclusions
the role of the host broadcaster e g for fifa world cups
The Role of the Host Broadcaster, e.g. for FIFA World Cups™
  • To organise a FIFA World Cup™ TV and Radio operations
  • To produce the multilateral coverage of all 64 matches a FIFA World Cup™ for Broadcast Partners (BPs)
  • To provide Broadcast Partners with all production facilities for their specific additional coverage: all broadcasters have specific needs
  • To design, build and operate the International Broadcast Centre (IBC)
key hbs figures from korea japan
Key HBS Figures from Korea & Japan
  • 2800 staff members, from 65 different nations
  • In 2 Host Countries, 20 stadiums, with 2 IBCs
  • 10 separate feeds produced for each match
  • 850 tons of equipment imported in to / out of Korea & Japan
  • Over 300 multilateral cameras
  • 1000 commentary units
  • 1st ever fully digital FIFA World Cup™
hbs today
HBS Today
  • International and… neutral; Headquarters in Switzerland
  • Planning Centre in France
  • Wholly owned subsidiary of Infront Sports & Media
  • CEO: Francis Tellier
  • “Accordion company”: currently, 40 employees
  • HBS staffing will rise to 2,000 during the FIFA World Cup Germany™ operational period
  • Contracted as Host Broadcaster of the 15th edition of Asian Games - Doha 2006 - in 50/50 JV with TWI (DAGBS)
hbs production plan for fifa wc 2006
HBS Production Plan for FIFA WC™ 2006
  • Match coverage: The “Dream Team” concept
    • Sportel Golden Podium Award in 2002
  • One major breakthrough: Widescreen HDTV
  • Multi-channel “surround “ sound
  • Multi Feeds production concept, further enhanced
  • Including a “complete turnkey programme” for World Feed distribution
major breakthrough for 2006 widescreen high definition tv hdtv
Major breakthrough for 2006: Widescreen High Definition TV (HDTV)
  • HBS will deliver all 64 matches in

Widescreen (16/9) HDTV Digital


  • With a minimum of 23 Widescreen

HDTV cameras

  • To be compared with only 48 matches / 8 cameras in Korea & Japan
    • with separate SD/HD production facilities
widescreen hdtv why
Widescreen HDTV: Why ?
  • The standing of the FIFA World Cup™ calls for a leading edge production
  • The trade off “technical” vs “production” quality has disappeared
  • HDTV is already strongly established in Japan, Korea and in the USA
  • The trend towards Widescreen and HDTV is rapidly growing in Europe,
    • 16/9 Widescreen TV sets now priced the same as 4/3 sets
    • In UK, more than 1 out of 2 households to be Widescreen by 2006
    • Many flat screens / TV projectors already offer HD quality (HD label introduced to help consumers)
    • HDTV will be started by leading channels / platforms by 2006 (BSkyB, Premiere, TF1, who’s to be next ?)
widescreen hdtv how
Widescreen HDTV: How ?
  • One single production unit for HD and SD, as all necessary facilities (cameras, slo-mos, super slo-mos,…) are now available in HD
  • Main technical set-up designed by HBS in 2003, after complete feasibility study
  • First announcement made in Dec. 2003 in Frankfurt
  • Support from the industry granted - all OB vans already contracted by HBS
  • Broadcasters have the choice to broadcast 16/9 or 4/3
  • 4/3 framing protected and graphics designed to be 4/3 safe
  • Extensive tests and training from 2004 to 2006
general multilateral camera placement
General Multilateral Camera Placement
  • 23 cameras + 2 for the Playercam A and B feeds
16 9 to 4 3 aspect ratio conversion
16/9 to 4/3 – Aspect Ratio Conversion
  • 16/9 coverage can easily be converted to 4/3 using Aspect Ratio Conversion (ARC)
  • Multiple options available for presentation of 16/9 format on a 4/3 monitor
    • “Letterbox”
    • “Pillar-box” (vertical crop)
    • All possibilities in between available to Broadcast Partners
  • Broadcasters responsible for ARC-ing the 16/9 feed according to their specific preference
  • HBS will not provide 4/3 feeds
status of other major events olympics
Status of Other Major Events: Olympics
  • At the Athens Olympics, several sports produced in HDTV by a consortium of broadcasters
    • Athletics, Swimming, Gymnastics, Judo and Ceremonies
    • On top of the « regular SD production »
    • Probably the last « double production »
    • Broadcast mostly in Japan and the USA
  • Torino 2006
    • HD will be the primary coverage for several sports, such as
      • Ice hockey, ice skating, ski jumping, ceremonies
      • Other sports covered in SD
  • Beijing 2008, announced to be HDTV, with possibly a few exceptions
latest announcements on hdtv for other major events
Latest announcements on HDTVfor other Major Events
  • FIFA Confederations’ Cup (Germany 2005) will be used as test and demonstration for HDTV by HBS
  • UEFA Euro
    • Last minute decision for Euro 2004, no broadcast in HD or widescreen
    • Euro 2008 (Austria / Switzerland) requested to be HDTV by UEFA
  • Rugby World Cup
    • RWC 2007 (France +…) requested to be HDTV by IRB
  • Asian Games
    • Doha Asian Games 2006 to be HDTV for the top sports
  • NASCAR races
    • Will be HD from next season, except for on-board cameras
is hdtv more expensive
Is HDTV More Expensive ?
  • Over costs of technical equipment in the range of 30%, expected to further decrease
  • No real over costs for staff, except for specific training (esp. for 16/9 and 4/3 compatibility)
  • At the time being, over costs of approx. 20% for regular production
  • Can be less for major events, due to specific equipment deals
  • One question mark: telecommunication costs, major differences according to existing infrastructures, no real problem when extensive fibre networks
costs vs benefits
Costs vs. Benefits
  • When HDTV is requested, single production is far cheaper than double production
    • Even when separate HD production standards are lower
  • For major events, over costs are compensated by:
    • Additional value of the rights, at the time being, essentially in Japan / USA
    • Greater value / longer lifetime of archives material
    • New opportunities for large screen viewing, either in “open air”, or in “movie houses”
  • The most efficient way to produce HDTV today is through “single (or primary) coverage”
    • Still restrictions for « wireless events », e.g. le Tour de France…
  • Over costs compensated by additional value
  • HD delivers an important « by product »: a Widescreen feed, much appreciated e.g. in UK
  • Today, for major sport events, HDTV is already:
    • A must for Japan
    • Important for the USA, Korea, Australia
    • And tomorrow for Europe…
  • All future major sport events to be HDTV / Regular leagues to catch up progressively
  • Major events have been a major trigger for consumers in the past...
  • Latest news for Germany 2006: Premiere will broadcast all Matches in HDTV !…
  • An opportunity for Germany to lead the HD European pack ?
thank you for your attention
Thank You For Your Attention !
  • By the way, did you know ?

1 = 15,000

1 match seen by 1 stadium fan


15,000 TV audience hits worldwide