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GlobalGiving: Karmirhath

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GlobalGiving: Karmirhath. By: Orion Fan Alexander Forney Michael Lin David Nguyen Ryan Shahid Kevin Shin. What is GlobalGiving?.

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globalgiving karmirhath

GlobalGiving: Karmirhath

By: Orion Fan

Alexander Forney

Michael Lin

David Nguyen

Ryan Shahid

Kevin Shin

what is globalgiving
What is GlobalGiving?
  • GlobalGiving is a Non-Profit Organization that lets people start organizations and programs that help all over the world. We are supporting Karmirhath, a program that helps the third world country Bangladesh.
  • The program provides eye surgery, medication, and wheelchairs to the blind, immobile and sick people in different districts
who does it benefit
Who does it benefit?

Kamirhath benefits poor villagers in Bangladesh who need eye surgery and/or wheelchairs. They also provide medications for the ill.

organization of our project
Organization of our project
  • Organized several bake sales in order to raise money for Kamirhath
  • Goal was to raise $250
  • Location and good food were important factors for our success
karmirhath s donation values
Karmirhath’s Donation Values
  • $10 gives free medicine plus free tests
  • $30 grants a patient a free Intra Ocular Lens
  • $40 screens 50 cataract patients
  • $70 provides a patient with free surgery, Intra Ocular Lens, plus free medicines
  • Grocery stores, our first choice, denied our request, due to the fact that we would compete with their business
  • Local parks did not comprise of enough customers to have a profitable sale
  • The best choice was school
  • Because school was our location of choice, flyers would not needed
  • Advertisement was by the main office announcing it during RAD
  • Bulletins provided by the main office were also used for advertisement
  • Tasty foods that customers would enjoy were made. Sugary snacks and beverages were sold
  • Cookies, Brownies, Cupcakes, Snicker doodles, Gatorade, and Soda were sold
how do we get all the food
How do we get all the food?
  • With the large variety of food, we needed a way to split up the task of making and buying the food and ingredients
  • We decided to distribute the duty of making the assortment of baked goods into divisions
  • We also decided to make all of our goods instead of purchasing them
1 st bake sale
1st Bake Sale
  • Our first bake sale was mostly a test to see how much money we could raise
  • All goods were sold for a fairly inexpensive price, ranging from 25 cents to 1 dollar
  • The low prices attracted little revenue, but several customers that would continue to show support for our cause
2 nd bake sale
2nd Bake Sale
  • Our second bake sale produced more income because we raised the prices by a noticeable amount
  • Prices ranged from 50 cents to $1.25
  • Customers from the previous bake sale welcomed our return
  • This bake sale produced the most profit
3 rd bake sale
3rd Bake Sale
  • Our prices were identical to the previous bake sale
  • Only few of the previous costumers returned, due to the Reno Jazz Festival trip that unfortunately departed on the same day
  • Was still a rousing success and profits were abundant
goals reached
Goals Reached
  • Our Goal was to make $250, which was successfully done
  • Our first bake sale raised about $70
  • The second time we gained about $130
  • Our last bake sale achieved about $100
  • This totaled our donations to $300
  • The project was a great experience
  • Small task created big impact
  • Learned the true meaning of what it mean to give back