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Come Discover Classroom Earth!

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Come Discover Classroom Earth! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Come Discover Classroom Earth! Sun Prairie Expeditions 2011 Come Discover Classroom Earth! Today’s Agenda Introductions Why Travel? Why Global Explorers? Costa Rica & Galapagos details / itinerary Costs and Fundraising Questions and answers Why International Travel?

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Sun Prairie Expeditions 2011

come discover classroom earth
Come Discover Classroom Earth!

Today’s Agenda

  • Introductions
  • Why Travel?
  • Why Global Explorers?
  • Costa Rica & Galapagos details / itinerary
  • Costs and Fundraising
  • Questions and answers

why international travel
Why International Travel?
  • Reflect – put things in perspective

why international travel5
Why International Travel?
  • Discover new cultures

why international travel6
Why International Travel?
  • Explore new ecosystems

why international travel7
Why International Travel?
  • Be inspired to make a difference

why international travel8
Why International Travel?
  • Conquer new challenges and overcome adversity

why international travel9
Why International Travel?
  • Make new friends

why international travel10
Why International Travel?
  • Learn a new language!

why international travel11
Why International Travel?
  • Have FUN!!!


“What gives me the most hope for tomorrow, is the youth of today. Young people are inspired to care about the world around them thanks to the work of organizations like Global Explorers”

- Dr. Jane Goodall

global explorers programs
Global Explorers Programs


Preparatory Curriculum

Global Explorers 3-Phase Program

International Field Workshop

Follow-Up Service

a typical travel day
A Typical Travel Day
  • 6:00 –7:30amSunrise forest hike
  • 7:30 – 9:00amBreakfast – fresh fruit and local fare!
  • 9:00 – 12:00pmMorning Workshop Session – local school visit
  • 12:00 – 1:00pm Lunch – freshly caught fish, rice and plantains
  • 1:00 – 2:30pmJournaling, Reflection and Free Time
  • 2:30 – 5:30pmAfternoon Workshop Session – zip lines!
  • 5:30 – 6:30pmJournaling, Reflection and Roundtables
  • 6:30 – 7:30pmDinner – something local and delicious!
  • 7:30 – 9:30pmEvening Program – Cloud Forest night hike
  • 9:30 – 10:00pmWind down and free time
  • 10:00 – 6:00amSLEEP!

who travels with you
Who Travels With You?
  • Ann and Geri
  • Global Explorers Expedition Leader
  • At least one local guide
  • Various other scientists, guides and educators will join us

galapagos costa rica
Galapagos/Costa Rica
  • World Leaders in Conservation & Sustainable Development
  • High Biodiversity: Species & Ecosystem
  • Safe & Well-Traveled
  • Science: conservation and sustainable development
  • Culture: visit local communities, interact with local people
  • Service: engage in service side-by-side with local community members
  • Leadership: take some time to reflect in this stunning place!

galapagos vs costa rica
Galapagos vs. Costa Rica

Costa Rica

  • Closer to Sun Prairie
  • More affordable
  • Slightly less exotic
  • Includes full preparatory curriculum


  • More exotic
  • Difficult to travel there without assistance
  • More expensive
  • Modified GEx Program without curriculum

international field workshop
International Field Workshop

7 days in Galapagos!!!

ecuador map
Ecuador Map

galapagos itinerary day 1
Galapagos Itinerary: Day 1
  • Arrive in Galapagos at Santa Cruz Island
  • Explore Tortuga Bay
  • Get geared up with snorkeling equipment
  • Overview of Galapagos Islands
  • Optional Group Evening Activity

galapagos itinerary day 2
Galapagos Itinerary: Day 2
  • Visit Charles Darwin Research Center
  • Learn about tortoise conservation issues
  • Shop for handicrafts in the town of Puerto Ayora

galapagos itinerary day 3
Galapagos Itinerary: Day 3
  • Boat to Seymour Island and Bachas Beach
  • Possible Wildlife: magnificent frigate birds, blue footed boobies, land iguanas, sea turtles…
  • Snorkeling pending conditions
  • Optional Group Evening Activity

galapagos itinerary day 4
Galapagos Itinerary: Day 4
  • Boat to South Plaza Island and Punta Carrion
  • Possible Wildlife: Sally lightfoot crabs, land iguanas, red-billed tropic birds, boobies, sea lions, cactus finches, Audubon’s shearwater bird, common noddies, white tip reef sharks, rays…
  • Snorkeling pending conditions
  • Overnight stay in highlands with chance to see wild tortoises


Galapagos Itinerary: Day 5

  • Visit local farm
  • School visit
  • Community service project such as a beach clean-up
  • Group Evening Activity: Service Discussion

service and leadership
Service and Leadership

“My favorite part was the service project!” Sara – 15 yrs old


Galapagos Itinerary: Day 6

  • Boat to Little Bartolomé
  • Possible Wildlife: penguins, rays, sharks, fish, whales
  • Most photographed view of the Galapagos Islands
  • Snorkeling pending conditions

galapagos itinerary day 7
Galapagos Itinerary: Day 7
  • Breakfast in the islands
  • Return home

international field workshop29
International Field Workshop

10 days in Costa Rica!!!


San Jose: Capital City

  • 2. Tortuguero: Canals and Sea Turtles
  • 3. Sarapiqui: Tropical Lowlands Rainforest
  • 4. Monteverde: Cloud Forest
  • Costa Rica

costa rica itinerary day 1
Costa Rica Itinerary: Day 1
  • Travel to San Jose from Fort Collins
  • Visit InBioParque
  • Settle in to the Buena Vista hotel
  • Take in the stunning views, eat a delicious dinner
  • Overnight in Alajuela

costa rica itinerary day 2
Costa Rica Itinerary: Day 2
  • Travel to Tortuguero
  • Tortuguero community visit and Caribbean Conservation Center
  • Settle into our beach-side lodge
  • Search for nesting sea turtles!
  • Overnight in Tortuguero

costa rica itinerary day 3
Costa Rica Itinerary: Day 3
  • Early morning boat float
  • Service project in Tortuguero
  • Back the wild canals in search of wildlife
  • Search for sea turtles once again!
  • Overnight in Tortuguero

costa rica itinerary day 4
Costa Rica Itinerary: Day 4
  • Travel to Sarapiquí
  • Visit a pineapple plantation – sample the freshest fruit on earth
  • Lazy river boat tour to on the Sarapiquí River!
  • Bat activity and overnight in Tirimbina


Costa Rica Itinerary: Day 5

  • Visit La Selva Biological Field Station
  • Explore the lowland and montane tropical rainforest of Sarapiqui
  • Understand connections between science, economics and culture
  • Explore the rainforest with a night hike


Costa Rica Itinerary: Day 6

  • All day service project with the Sarapiquí Conservation Learning Center
  • Overnight in Tirimbina

costa rica itinerary day 7
Costa Rica Itinerary: Day 7
  • Travel to Monteverde – eat lunch on the way
  • Arrive to UGA San Luis Research Station and tour our home for the next 3 nights
  • Night hike through the cloud forest!
  • Overnight at San Luis in Monteverde

This is where you’ll sleep tonight!

costa rica itinerary day 8
Costa Rica Itinerary: Day 8
  • Canopy zip lines through the cloud forest!
  • Visit the Santa Elena Cloud Forest Reserve
  • Shopping at CASEM handicraft cooperative
  • Tour the famous Monteverde cheese factory
  • Overnight at San Luis in Monteverde

costa rica itinerary day 9
Costa Rica Itinerary: Day 9
  • Early morning bird hike
  • Carbon offset program at San Luis – lessen our impact
  • Visit Finca la Bella – a small sustainable farm
  • Night hike through cloud forest
  • Overnight at San Luis in Monteverde

costa rica itinerary day 10
Costa Rica Itinerary: Day 10

Travel Home - ¡Pura Vida!

follow up service project
Follow-Up Service Project

“Going away from home makes home more important!”

costs and fundraising
Costs and Fundraising

Galapagos Islands

Program Cost = $3,700

ESTIMATED Flight = $1,200

Total Est. Cost = $4,900

Costa Rica

Program Cost = $1,995

ESTIMATED Flight = $700

Total Est. Cost = $2,695

what does this include
What does this include?
  • All food, lodging and travel, except where noted
  • All daily activities
  • Guides, staff and tips
  • Preparatory books and curriculum for C.R.
  • T-shirts, journals and travel guides
  • Staff support for logistics of preparing
  • Basic travel insurance

what does this not include
What does this NOT include?
  • Spending money for souvenirs
  • Immunization costs
  • Passport fees
  • Personal travel items (e.g. clothes)
  • National Park entry fees in Galapagos ($100)
  • Ingala Transit Card in Ecuador ($10)

“It was the most wonderful, enlightening and meaningful thing I have ever been a part of…  I felt this swelling inside, like my consciousness, my confidence, my inner self was literally just growing. I have never felt more comfortable with myself or any other group of people in my life.”

- Jaclyn, Student Explorer

come discover classroom earth69
Come Discover Classroom Earth!

The Experience of a Lifetime!