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Carpool App

Carpool App

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Carpool App

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  1. Carpool App CSE494 – Mobile Health and Social Networking Ryan Chulick Nathaniel Hursh Miguel Trujillo

  2. Introduction How many carpool here? Would having an application that takes all the guesswork, planning, mapping, timing etc. work out of organizing a carpool make you want to reap the benefits?

  3. Background The United States consumes 21 million barrels of oil each day Automobiles – 9 million barrels Some experts predict that oil consumption will peak as soon as the year 2020

  4. Motivation • Increasing Gas Prices • Decreasing Supply • Worsening Pollution

  5. Motivation Cont. Current applications are difficult to use and need additional functionality to be useful. Very little developed for mobile devices “Carticipate” would work but has no user base to draw from. Our application focus on ease of use, convenience and trust building between users (similar to couchsurfing)

  6. Other applications The idea of using social networking for finding carpools is nothing new There are many internet sites that offer carpool services, such as PickUp Pal, Facebook. Carticipate is a iPhone app designed to connect people looking for carpools – similar features to our proposal

  7. Issues with Carpool Applications Carticipate tends to struggle from lack of users[1]. Only 10.8% of all commuters carpool due reasons such as the following[2]: Not as convenient as driving alone[3] Finding people willing to carpool with them Security Concerns: Sending personal information[4].

  8. Carpool App With this application we hope by making application take out the hassles of carpooling that more people would be willing to carpool. Carpool App would have the following features • Users will be able to confidently choose friends based on user ratings. • Users would be able to control who sees personal info.

  9. Carpool App • Application would automatically find user’s position, more convenience for user • Application make use of Google maps to automatically plan out a route for drivers picking up riders

  10. Carpool App Application Internals

  11. Google Andriod

  12. Functionality and Use • User types • Driver • Ratings given by Passengers and reflect ride experienced • Option to offer ride and select potential passengers • Passenger • Ratings given by Drivers and reflect the drivers’ experience. • Option to look through drivers and request rides • Overlap of roles • drivers may be passengers and vice versa

  13. Application Interface

  14. Interface Cont.

  15. Test Plan Test Plan consists of three phases • Phase 1: Unit Testing • Phase 2: Integration Testing • Phase 3: Performance/Field Testing

  16. Test Plan Phase 1: Unit Testing We test the classes in code individually to ensure they function as they should This allows us to find syntax errors in code

  17. Test Plan Phase 2: Integration Testing This phase tests to see how the classes interact with each other. The application is tested as a whole to make sure there are no glaring runtime bugs Testing done mostly on Android emulator

  18. Test Plan Phase 3: Performance/Field Testing Testing done on Android G1 phone. Tests made to measure application performance Application is then given to users unfamiliar with product to test out features and provide user feedback

  19. Sources 1.“Carticipate: Carpooling with your iPhone (almost)” 2. traveled-work-carpool “state Master - Percent of Workers Who Traveled to Work by Carpool (most recent) by state” 3.“Getting Nowhere” 4.“Carticipate Review” 5. supply04.html Long-Term World oil Supply Scenarios – The Future Is Neither as Bleak or Roasy as Some Assert. John H. Wood, Gary R. Long, David F. Morehouse. Viewed on April 16, 2009.