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Best Practices - Portal Design PowerPoint Presentation
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Best Practices - Portal Design

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Best Practices - Portal Design - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Best Practices - Portal Design. Introduction. JDCU was previously a client of EAS, Foundation Intranet. As technology progressed so did our need for change. We began looking for a more user friendly and flexible communication tool, so we turned to Passageways. Portal Implementation Timeline

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Presentation Transcript
  • JDCU was previously a client of EAS, Foundation Intranet. As technology progressed so did our need for change. We began looking for a more user friendly and flexible communication tool, so we turned to Passageways.
  • Portal Implementation Timeline
    • Installation - March 29, 2005 (1 Day)
    • Population - March 30 - September 1, 2005 (5 months)
    • Employee Orientation - August 1 - 19, 2005 (3 weeks)
    • Portal “Unveiling” - September 6, 2005
  • Modules Installed
    • Group Collaboration Module
    • Products & Services Module

Best Practices

  • Focused on JDCU’s Service Mission, “To Provide Service As Legendary As our Name”
  • Employee Driven:
    • When it comes to providing our members with legendary service, our employees are the most important piece of the puzzle. No matter what we do with products, no matter how incredible our rates, OUR EMPLOYEES are the key to our success. It’s our philosophy. It’s our anthem.

Best Practices


To create an effective “Communication Headquarters” that continues to:

  • Provide an efficient communication channel both to and between staff
  • Support ongoing organizational improvement & Corporate objectives
  • Increase knowledge flow
  • Make staffs’ job more efficient

The Portal Needed to be:

  • Rich in functionality
  • Logically organized
  • Easily comprehensible
  • Navigationally friendly
  • Flexible

Best Practices

our strategy
Our Strategy
  • To ensure successful portal implementation and deployment, we developed specialized Teams for specific tasks.
  • Group Collaboration & Products and Services Module:
  • Ninja Team: Responsible for the administration of the entire Portal
  • Project
  • Advisory Team: Executive Management guidance thru overall
  • project and to establish Corporate “Buy-in”
  • Workgroup Managers: Responsible for populating “Public Pages”

Best Practices

our strategy cont
Our Strategy - cont.

Products & Services Module Sub Teams:

  • How-To Team: Responsible for Procedures
  • Benefit Statement Team: Responsible for Benefit Statements and cross selling opportunities
  • Product Expert Team:Designated product contacts
  • Quality Control Team: Responsible for procedure quality control
structure design
Structure & Design
  • We knew that the design and ease of navigation had to strongly impact our employees.
    • Page Design:
          • Attractive
          • Easy to Navigate
          • Functional
          • Effective
  • We divided our content into three sections:
    • Headquarters Page – Powerful Summary Page
    • JDCU Workgroup – Pages related to the entire organization
    • Public Pages – Each Department has its own Public Page
structure design cont
Structure & Design - cont.
  • Each month we incorporate a theme into our header
  • We received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback relating to the header changes


      • December -
      • January -
      • February -
      • March -
headquarters page
Headquarters Page
  • Essential for all employees to see immediate and important Credit Union information
  • Added our Service Logo and Rate links for efficiency
  • Credit Union Announcements are posted daily

Best Practices

jdcu workgroup pages
JDCU Workgroup Pages

Best Practices

jdcu workgroup pages calendar
JDCU Workgroup PagesCalendar
  • Current Product Promotions Island
        • Displays Promotion Dates
        • Links to the Product Snapshot
  • Projects in Process Island
        • Displays current Corporate-wide related projects
  • Calendar Island
        • HTML Coded Events
          • Community Events – purple
          • Corporate Events – green
          • Education – orange
          • Marketing - blue

Best Practices

jdcu workgroup pages cu home page
JDCU Workgroup PagesCU Home Page
  • Logo and Link Island
        • JDCU Logo links to - our Website
  • Service Mission Logo Island
  • About JDCU Island
        • CU History
        • Links to our Field of Membership
  • Our Service Promises Island
  • Mission Statement Island
  • Branch Island
  • High School Branch Island
  • Loan Center Island

Each Branch and Loan Center picture includes a link to their branch snapshot.

Best Practices

jdcu workgroup pages discussion forums
JDCU Workgroup PagesDiscussion Forums
  • Welcome to the Discussion Forums Island
        • Discussion Guidelines
        • Portal Policy
        • Discussion Deletion Date
  • INSIDE Feedback Island
        • Designed for employee input on items such as:
          • Left Navigation
          • Helpful Hints
          • Products and Services Module
  • Offerings & In Search Of Islands
        • Acts as an Employee Classified section

Best Practices

jdcu workgroup pages document center
JDCU Workgroup PagesDocument Center
  • Critical for member-facing staff
  • Logically organized
  • Simple format
  • Minimal clicks

We divided our Document Center into two pages:

        • Employee Documents
          • Documents relating to our staff (ex. HR, Finance, Facilities, etc.)
        • Member Documents
          • Documents relating to our Members (ex. Retail, Lending, Marketing, etc.)

Best Practices

jdcu workgroup pages employee news
JDCU Workgroup PagesEmployee News

This page is designed to keep our employees updated on the following “Employee News”. It is a big draw for our employees:

  • New Hires
  • Hiring Incentive Awards
  • Wedding Bells
  • Baby Bulletin
  • Promotions and Transfers
  • Family Matters
  • Departures
  • Birthdays
  • Anniversaries
jdcu workgroup pages promotions
JDCU Workgroup PagesPromotions

Each month we spotlight a product or current marketing promotion.

The page includes:(varies per Promotion)

  • Raffle Island
  • Procedure and FAQ Island
  • Promotion Tracking Island
  • Product Highlight Island

Best Practices

jdcu workgroup pages24
JDCU Workgroup Pages

These are our most frequent used internal/external links for staff to perform their daily tasks. It was important to our staff to include these links in an easily accessible location.

We divided our “Hot Links” into two islands for ease of navigation:

  • Hot Links
    • Member Service related
  • More Hot Links
    • Employee related

Best Practices

jdcu workgroup pages portal pitstop
JDCU Workgroup PagesPortal Pitstop

The Portal Pitstop provides general information relating to the following:

  • JDCU Calendar
  • How to Get Started
  • General Portal Terms
  • Portal Contacts

Best Practices

jdcu workgroup pages additional pages
JDCU Workgroup PagesAdditional Pages
  • Kids at Heart
    • JDCU’s involvement in CU of Mass program to benefit Children’s Hospital Boston
  • President’s Corner
    • JDCU’s Presidential Address
  • Service Excellence
    • JDCU’s Service Standards and Recognition
  • STIP
    • JDCU’s Incentive Plan
  • Sun Fun Committee
    • JDCU’s Committee responsible for “Fun” Credit Union activities and Charitable events
  • Trove
    • JDCU’s Policies and Procedures

Best Practices

public pages
Public Pages
  • Each Department has its’ own Public Page, which in turn has its’ own Workgroup Manager to populate it.
  • A pre-determined format was established for each Department Public Page to create consistency and guide employees on where to find pertinent Department information.

Pre-determined Format:

        • Strictly business related information
        • 6 Rich Text Editor Island including the following Department information
          • Top Documents
          • What’s New
          • Projects
          • Miscellaneous
          • Contacts
          • Vacations

Best Practices



By establishing the following guidelines, we strongly encourage our staff to fully utilize our Portal.

  • “INSIDE” must be set as each employees’ homepage
  • All employees must sign up for Meetings/Trainings using the CU Calendar
  • All forms must be submitted electronically
  • Managers now refer to “INSIDE” for updates instead of relying on email

This project was successful due to:

        • Employee Involvement
        • Strategic Content Placement
        • Executive Support
        • Continued Enhancements

Best Practices



Our portal has proved to be an effective communication tool. Each month more employees jump on the “INSIDE” bandwagon to learn exciting Credit Union information.


Project Team Members

Bethany Fitch

Christine Regan