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Battery Regeneration

Battery Regeneration. Maximum Life Battery Environmental Solutions. Contents. Lead-Acid Batteries & Their Uses Proper Battery Maintenance The Battery Regeneration Process The Benefits of Battery Regeneration Testimonials Contact Us. Lead-Acid Batteries & Their Uses.

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Battery Regeneration

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  1. Battery Regeneration Maximum Life Battery Environmental Solutions

  2. Contents • Lead-Acid Batteries & Their Uses • Proper Battery Maintenance • The Battery Regeneration Process • The Benefits of Battery Regeneration • Testimonials • Contact Us

  3. Lead-Acid Batteries & Their Uses Automotive, Industrial & Solar Battery Uses & Operations

  4. Lead-Acid Batteries • Lead-Acid Batteries are traditionally associated with Transportation Vehicles…Trucks, RV’s, Autos, Watercraft…

  5. Lead-Acid Batteries • And Industrial Machinery…Forklifts, Construction Equipment, and Tractors…

  6. Lead-Acid Batteries Personal Wind Turbines are popping up all over America. • But the rising cost of energy has resulted in an increase in the use of Lead-Acid Batteries for effective energy storage solutions apart from their traditional uses. Solar Panels on a Residential Rooftop

  7. Lead-Acid Batteries • As a result, dependence upon and demand for Lead-Acid Batteries in the U.S. (and worldwide) has significantly increased.

  8. Lead-Acid Batteries • Therefore the need for economically sound and environmentally safe methods of battery maintenance becomes an important and necessary consideration.

  9. Lead-Acid Batteries • Wind Turbines, similar to the ones in this California desert, generate energy. • That energy is often stored in Lead-Acid Batteries for later use. • Many homes and farms throughout the world are turning to Wind Power as a viable energy source for their daily needs.

  10. Lead-Acid Batteries

  11. Lead-Acid Batteries • Solar Energy is perhaps the fastest-growing segment of alternative energy sources in the world.

  12. Lead-Acid Batteries • Hydroelectric (water-driven) power plants, like the one at Hoover Dam in Nevada, have been providing energy for cities as large as Las Vegas for more than 50 years.

  13. Lead-Acid Batteries • Regardless of the nature of the alternative energy source, excess energy MUST be stored! • 90% of all alternative energy sources store this excess energy in some type of Lead-Acid Battery.

  14. Lead-Acid Batteries • Traditionally the modern industrial lead-acid battery life is 5 to 7 years or 1500 to 2100 charge/discharge cycles and represents a sizable investment that will never be fully recovered if its useful life is drastically shortened. • A shortened lifespan will occur through neglect or poor operating practices. • Three of a batteries worst enemies are : Overcharging/Undercharging, Low Electrolyte Level, and Deep Discharge Cycles. Lead-Acid Battery Operational Basics: Lifespan

  15. Lead-Acid Batteries • Overcharging - Excessively low electrolyte level causes a portion of the plates to become exposed. The result is overheating and damage to the active material on the positive plates. • Undercharging - Causes residual sulfation because not all of the active material is being returned to the positive plates on each charge. • Deep Discharging - The most damaging resulting in decreasing ampere-hour capacity, shorter lifespan, decreasing efficiency, and increasing chance of shorted cells. Lead-Acid Battery Operational Basics: Battery Failure

  16. Lead-Acid Batteries • All too often, improper battery maintenance will send a perfectly good battery to an early grave!

  17. Proper Battery Care Proper Battery Maintenance Procedures

  18. Proper Battery Care • Proper selection and care of your battery will help ensure that it will have a long and productive life. Basic Battery Care & Maintenance Guidelines

  19. Proper Battery Care • Gassing occurs while filling the battery due to the release of carbon dioxide. These gases are normal and are no cause for alarm. • The plates must be covered beforeandaftercharging with almost 10mm or 0.4” of liquid on top of the plates. • If the electrolyte level is low, top it off by adding a small amount of distilled (not tap) water. Tap water can change the composition of the electrolyte and permanently damage the battery. Battery Maintenance: Gassing and Filling

  20. Proper Battery Care • Tap water contains minerals that may change the battery’s electrolyte chemistry and permanently damage the battery. • Use Distilled Water ONLY when topping off battery cells!

  21. Proper Battery Care • OSHA requires that companies have an area specifically designated for charging batteries. Keep it clean and free of any combustible materials and protect the charger to prevent damage. • Battery charging generates hydrogen gas which may present an explosion hazard. Prohibit open flames, sparks, and other ignition sources in the area. When necessary, provide an eyewash station for workers and a hose and floor drain for flushing and neutralizing spilled electrolyte. Battery Maintenance: Charging Area

  22. Proper Battery Care This is a typical Forklift Battery Charging Station and Industrial Battery Chargers.

  23. Battery Regeneration Extending the Useful Life of Forklift and Energy Storage Batteries

  24. Battery Regeneration • Following recommended battery maintenance procedures may keep your batteries operational for the typical 5 to 7 years of standard battery life. • As many as 70% to 80% of lead-acid batteries are replaced prematurely due to the sulfation that occurs on lead plates regardless of maintenance. Sulfation is an electrochemical reaction that occurs when a battery is discharged. Extending Battery Life: Lifespan

  25. Battery Regeneration • During normal use or in storage, a battery’s sulfuric acid is active between the plates. This reaction creates energy in the form of electric current. • It also transforms the acid’s chemical composition that is in contact with the lead plates, forming a solid residue (lead sulfate). • This continual sulfate accumulation accelerates the weakening process and finally “suffocates” the battery. Extending Battery Life: Sulfation A Typical Sulfate Crystal

  26. Battery Regeneration • Sulfation reduces the electrolyte concentration and, as a consequence, the cell voltage is also reduced. • As sulfation increases the internal resistance increases and the added heat up generation produces a marked rise in temperature. • These higher temperatures then further accelerate the dry-out processes often culminating in the early failure of a battery. Extending Battery Life: Sulfation

  27. Battery Regeneration • General lack of capacity (deliverable power). • An increase in battery temperature while charging or discharging. • A strong odor of hydrogen gas while charging or discharging. • An excessive use of water and a rapid rise in battery voltage while charging (stops the charger.) Extending Battery Life: Symptoms of Sulfation

  28. Battery Regeneration • The earlier you treat a battery, the better. The battery will maintain its health and will have an even longer service life. • The newer the battery, the more likely you can double, triple or even quadruple its expected service life. Note – the battery must be functional. • Physically damaged batteries or batteries with dead cells cannot be treated with our process. Extending Battery Life: Treatment

  29. Battery Regeneration • Battery regeneration is a procedure that returns a sulfated battery to its original and normal condition. • Maximum Life Battery Solutions regenerates sulfated batteries utilizing an electro-chemical sulfation reversion process developed in Europe by Duo-Regen Technologies, Inc. (DRT). • Maximum Life Battery Solutions is the exclusive DRT licensee for the Seattle regional area. Extending Battery Life: Regeneration

  30. Battery Regeneration • ResureX® Additive cleans and maintains battery plates and separators by dissolving lead sulfate crystals. • During the de-sulfation treatment, the sulfate residue melts slowly and progressively returning to the battery’s acid. • ResureX® Additive restores the battery plate composition and improves performance allowing the battery to operate at its optimum capacity, often well beyond its original specifications. Extending Battery Life: ResureX® Battery Additive

  31. Battery Regeneration • The MAXI-Life Pulse® "Re-Activator" is a small electronic device permanently attached to a lead-acid battery’s terminals. • It uses cutting edge technology to send a specially controlled pulsing DC current into the battery. • The current pulses convert battery-killing sulfate crystals back to liquid molecules in the electrolyte. The battery stays in top condition and its lifespan is dramatically extended. Extending Battery Life: The Maxi-Life Pulse®

  32. ResureX Additive & Maxi-Life Pulse • ResureX® Additive is available in a variety of sizes. • The Maxi-Life Pulse® is available for both Starting and Deep-Cycle Batteries. • The cost of regenerating a battery is roughly 1/3rd the cost of a new replacement. That’s like getting two batteries FREE!

  33. Battery Regeneration Batteries with this label have been regenerated using the patented two-step process by Maximum Life Battery Solutions.

  34. Benefits Battery Regeneration Benefits

  35. Benefits Better Battery Performance & Increased Productivity

  36. Benefits • Reduce capital expenditures and improve productivity. • Reduce electrical energy costs with flexible, efficient and productive battery management. • Improve equipment lease and maintenance programs. • Regenerated battery costs are only a third of the cost of purchasing a replacement battery in most cases. The Benefits of Battery Regeneration: Save Money!

  37. Benefits • Regenerating Batteries with Maximum Life Battery’s two-step process will SAVE YOU GREENand KEEP YOU GREEN!

  38. Benefits Reduced Electricity Consumption:Save Energy!

  39. Benefits • Double or triple the service life of batteries: restoring capacity to old, discarded batteries. • Improve battery performance and efficiency. Reduce charging time and prolong working time between charging. • Reduce battery changes during operational shift. • Reduce damage to forklift electrical components. The Benefits of Battery Regeneration: Save Time!

  40. Benefits Regenerating batteries keeps them out of the landfill… So our planet stays greener! Reduce your Carbon Footprint: Save the Environment!

  41. Benefits • REDUCE YOUR CARBON FOOTPRINT - add Life to your batteries and reduce the negative impact excessive waste has on our environment. • Reduce highly toxic lead-acid waste in the environment and avoid increasing environmental penalties. • Reduce waste and waste handling costs. • Improve the image of your company. The Benefits of Battery Regeneration: Reduce Waste!

  42. Testimonials Hear what satisfied customers worldwide have to say about our process!

  43. Testimonials • "I am happy with the two yellow Pulse units I got and highly recommend them, but if you have a large system of deep-cycle batteries...then go for the red Pulse units..." Neal King, New Zealand • "The first time I drove my golf cart after you installed your set of batteries, I nearly gave myself whiplash! Wow! What a difference. Also, I could not believe how they looked brand new. I am more than thrilled..." Woody Cole, Carroll Realty & Insurance Co., Carrollton, Georgia

  44. Testimonials • “Thank you for bringing the primary forklift battery in our parts warehouse back to life. It remains charged much longer than it did even when it was new. We now anticipate many more years of production from that old rechargeable battery, therefore significant cost savings. I'm going to recommend your product as an alternative to replacement when my customers have old and worn batteries.” Bruce Ritchie, Allied Parts Champion, NC Machinery Company

  45. Testimonials • "I must tell you about the performance of the battery you repaired and sold to me last summer. Prior to getting your resuscitated battery, I was using one which I had to charge every five days at least. Following your recommendation, I bought an old battery which you had earlier picked up from the disposal dump and revived. Since I received this battery from you, which was resuscitated using the Duo-Regen® Technology, I have not charged it except the small power solar panel source that I connected it to in order to replenish the energy drawn from it to run my water fountain. Not only did the battery run satisfactorily without any need for recharging, when you came to check it out using your Medtronix, the CCA was actually higher than the final CCA rating of the battery. I have been very satisfied with my battery since then. You can be sure that I will be recommending this technology to my friends." Sincerely Yours, Cam Bowes

  46. Contact Us Contact Maximum Life Battery Solutions to Regenerate Your Batteries Today!

  47. Contact Us • Maximum Life Battery Solutions 32306 Morgan DriveBlack Diamond, WA 98010USA (866) 862-8782 Toll Free(253) 269-2835 Cellular (360) 851-4925 Fax Email: max@maxbatterylife.com

  48. On the Web Maximum Life Battery Solutions www.maxbatterylife.com Copyright © 2009 Maximum Life Battery Solutions. All rights reserved worldwide. Power Point Presentation Dragonfly Media Arts, Inc. | www.dragonflymediaarts.com

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