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Alaska Home Fire Safety Improvement Project

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Alaska Home Fire Safety Improvement Project - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Alaska Home Fire Safety Improvement Project. Funded by a grant from the Department of Homeland Security through the Alaska Division of Fire Prevention. For Those About to Save Lives, We Salute You. Safety. Finding illegal substances, labs or bad situations:

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alaska home fire safety improvement project

Alaska Home Fire Safety Improvement Project

Funded by a grant from the Department of Homeland Security through the

Alaska Division of Fire Prevention


Finding illegal substances, labs or bad situations:

Figure out what you are going to do prior to beginning your program.

Do not put yourself in danger when going into a residence

Have a back up plan to get out of the residence



Storage issues (fire load)


Cleaners and lubricants are stored under sinks

Cooking oils over hood vent or on top of stove

Aerosols – PAM cooking spray

Paints, glue, kerosene, oils, adhesives

hairspray, gel, dyes, perfumes, alcohol

Woodworking in/around house, chemicals, dust and rags


Reloading equipment, welding equipment, motorcycles, snowmachines, grenades, flares, fireworks

Give suggestions on how to correct

fire load problems

fire spread
Fire Spread

Explain the movement of fire through their house and give suggestions on how to fix problem

Explain about combustibles and how they burn

Clothing, furniture, rugs, paper, wall finishes-non-fire resistant coatings

Suggest they sheet rock the high hazard areas


-boiler rooms

heating equipment
Heating Equipment

Fuel Oil

boiler systems

Monitor stoves, Toyo, Space Heaters, Reddy Heaters

Wood Stoves



Motor oil and cooking oil – waste oil heaters

Heat lamps for pets and people (SADD)

Creative Heat Sources

tanning beds, Solar, Ovens, Heat tape, Heat lamps for pets and people (SADD)

Strap down for earthquake protection

heating equipment8
Heating Equipment


Have a list of vendors that can provide Maintenance

3 FEET of SPACE around


Chimney also needs maintenance and cleaning

Use appropriate fuels for the type of heating system

When cleaning fireplace or wood stoves, put ashes in

non-combustible container and remove from residence

egress exits
Egress (EXITS)

2 exits out of every room

Must be usable by each member of the house


Window Hardware works (window cranks)

Ground level windows in daylight

Windows nailed shut – education on safety issue & options to fix


Winter time, ice, snow, rain & humidity


physically or mentally impaired with means of only 1 exit to use

(check w/AARP, HUD, Native Corp for assistance to make 2nd exit)

Exit ladders – 13 ft and 28 ft ladders (2 & 3 story homes)


Wildland/Urban interface

100 ft of area between your house and the wildland

-grass, shrubs, pruned trees, living trees

-wood piles, brush, leaves

-rain gutters must be cleaned

-wells around daylight basement windows

-items under and on top of decks


#1 issue is overloading electrical outlets

Recommend more outlets installed by electrician

New breaker panel recommended after 25 years

Maintain your electrical system – outlets, wiring

Cycle your breakers- trip them intentionally & reset

Make sure the wires are tight on the breakers


If you do the work yourself, have a licensed electrician check the work

Make sure outlet covers are in place, tight and do not wiggle

-if there is black around outlets, there is a problem

-outside outlets need to have covers

-outlet covers recommended in homes w/kids

Recommend ventilation (space) in the area where things are plugged in

dust & lint will spark when heat builds up in these places

Make sure breaker boxes are visible, accessible & away from wet areas

Are the breaker panels marked to identify rooms/appliances

gfi afci

Ground Fault Indicators (GFI)

Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters (AFCI)

AFCI – if there is an arc in the power system they shut down the power to that breaker immediately

GFI’s are recommended in all areas that may get wet

surge strips
Surge Strips

Do not plug the power strip into a outlet that is not rated for that strip

-need a 15 amp breaker or higher

Fire Shield Presentation


Unattended cooking (mentally or physically)

-alcohol, fatigue, busy

-dementia in elders

-SMART stoves

Kitchen timers (in kit) or another tool as a reminder

Housekeeping issues

-keep the stove top and counters clean around the


-unplug you appliances and put them away

Fire Extinguisher

Should be mounted next to the exit door

Check for leaks under sink – can cause fire w/disposals or dishwasher


Often alcohol/substances are a contributing factor

Smoke outside if at all possible with metal butt can & sand inside

-do not put butts in potted plants

-smoking with oxygen tubing-identify the danger

-don’t smoke in bed

-encourage deep ashtrays and to clean them

Fire safe cigarettes mandatory in NY & Canada

children heat sources don t mix
Children & Heat Sources don’t mix

Adults must teach kids safe behavior around fires

Lead by example, do not send mixed signals

Candles on birthday cakes

Lighters & matches

-lighters are supposed to be child resistant

-novelty lighters…if it costs more than $2.00, it is not child resistant, does not have to meet the standard

Other heat sources:

-sticking items into holes w/heating elements (stoves)

Have the older kids participate in helping watch and teach the younger kids

juvenile firesetters
Juvenile Firesetters

90% of the time it is curiosity

Key is to educate the kids and parents about fire safe behavior

-8 & up will get more creative in how they play with fire

9% it is a cry for help - fire & sexual molestation are tightly related

-DFYS/social services

-mental health

-law enforcement

-be more aggressive in making these notifications to help kids

Less than 1% of juvenile fire setters have mental issues w/fire

  • Smoke Alarms
  • Carbon Monoxide Detector
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Fire Escape Ladder
  • Surge Strips
  • Bath Temperature card
  • Kitchen Timer
  • Kitchen Hood Extinguishers
carbon monoxide detector
Carbon Monoxide Detector
  • Install near the potential source
  • (but not too close)
fire extinguisher
Fire Extinguisher
  • Install near the exit
  • Not more than 5 feet high
  • Not less than 4 inches to ground
  • Consider the size of the user
fire escape ladder
Fire Escape Ladder
  • 13 foot ladder for 2 story window
  • 28 foot ladder for 3 story window

Practice, Practice, Practice

surge strips24
Surge Strips
  • Cluttered appliance or electronic area is the priority
kitchen timer
Kitchen Timer
  • Show how to set
  • Suggest they set for 5 minutes when stepping away from the cooking area
bath temperature card
Bath Temperature Card

Hot water is the #1 cause of burns

  • Check bath water
  • Check dish water
kitchen hood extinguisher
Kitchen Hood Extinguisher
  • Magnet sticks to kitchen exhaust hood
  • Sodium Bicarbonate cleans up easy
  • 4 Months after Installation

Everything still working?


Department will receive $10 per home evaluated

thank you
Thank You

Questions or Comments contact

Jodie Hettrick, Public Education Coordinator

Alaska Division of Fire Prevention