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Advancing the quality of life through healthy cities PowerPoint Presentation
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Advancing the quality of life through healthy cities

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Advancing the quality of life through healthy cities
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Advancing the quality of life through healthy cities

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    7. Health of urban groups in EMR countries


    12. ADMINSTRATION/GOVERNANC OF HEALTHY CITIES PROGRAMMES The Coordinating Committee with the help of the Support Group to develop Healthy Cities projects and plan of action including preparation of city health plan. The major role of the Coordinating Committee is to ensure Healthy Cities Action covers all aspects of health and environment of the city. The Coordinating Committees other essential role is mobilization of resources for project from city, government and if needed external resources

    27. Objective Improve the health and quality of life of the citizens.

    28. Sub Objectives Enhance awareness of health and environmental issues in urban development efforts. Mobilize community participation and political support to prepare and implement municipal (city-wide or local) health and environment actions and projects, ideally and whenever feasible, through the development of a systematic city health and environment plan. Increase capacity of the municipal government to manage urban problems using participatory approaches.

    30. The strategic priorities in EMR Attention to; equity, social determinants of health and poverty, environmental improvement, healthy spatial planning in cities, care issues, accountability for health, broad social partnerships for health, cooperation between the national and local levels, accidents and violence, young people and lifestyles, elderly people and social support and strengthening public health capacity and practice at the local level. Attention to women and children health needs and quality of life.

    34. Quality of life and urbanization in EMR Environmental Factors Water Wastewater Solid Wastes Air pollution Housing Impact on health Diet and stress related problems hypertension diabetes Cardiovascular diseases Cancer Tobacco smoking

    36. HC/HVP in Iran Model Project was started in 1992 south of Tehran Establishment of National Coordination Council of Healthy Cities Project Announced by council of ministers April 15,1996

    37. Coordination council of HCP included Ten ministers of four Head of Organization Ministry of Health & Medical Education Ministry of Post, Telegraph & Telephone Ministry of Culture & Islamic guidance Ministry of Labour & Social Affairs Ministry of Housing & Urban Development Ministry of Education Ministry of Mining & Industries Ministry of Power Ministry of Agricultural Jihad Ministry of Interior Planning & Management Organization Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting Department of Environment State Welfare Organization Municipality of Tehran

    42. HC/HV Program in Saveh Saveh HC has many projects such as: Sport complex for women Shooting gallery Expansion of green areas (olive trees around the city) Biogas laboratory Sewage treatment plant

    43. HC in Saveh (shooting gallery)

    44. HCP in Saveh (biogas lab)

    45. HCP in Saveh (expansion of green area)

    46. HC in Saveh (sewage treatment plant)

    47. HC in South of Tehran(sport complex)

    48. HC South of Tehran Horticultural center

    49. HCP in South of Tehran (Local Kitchen, Women Cooperative)

    50. HCP in South of Tehran (students as promoters of health)