mucinous carcinoma a rare sort of breast cancer n.
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Mucinous Carcinoma A Rare Sort Of Breast Cancer PowerPoint Presentation
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Mucinous Carcinoma A Rare Sort Of Breast Cancer

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Mucinous Carcinoma A Rare Sort Of Breast Cancer - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Learn about breast cancer and where you can get the best treatment in India

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mucinous carcinoma a rare sort of breast cancer

Mucinous Carcinoma –A Rare Sort of Breast Cancer


Mucinous carcinoma is an invasive type of cancer that occurs in

the ‘mucin’ producing organs of the human body. Mucin is a

main component of mucous, and thus any mucous producing

organ of the body is susceptible to this type of cancer. It is a rare

type of cancer, but is mostly linked to breast cancer, as almost

5% of all breast cancers actually have mucinous carcinoma as

the cause. When causing symptoms of breast cancer, mucinous

carcinoma usually begins in the milk duct.

According to the cancer specialists at a leading cancer hospital

in Gurgaon, mucinous carcinoma may be ‘pure’ or ‘mixed’.

Pure mucinous carcinoma means that they are the only

cancerous cells present, while mixed mucinous carcinoma

means that its cells are mixed with cancerous

means that its cells are mixed with cancerous cells of another

type or types.


Mucinous carcinoma doesn’t cause any symptoms of breast

cancer in its early stages. But eventually it will begin to cause

symptoms such as a noticeable lump in the breast tissue.

Additional symptoms of mucinous carcinoma of the breast


Swelling of the breast

Pain in the breast

Painful nipple

Retracted nipple

irritation or dimpled area of the skin

Irritation or dimpled area of the skin

Scales or redness of the skin of the breast

Under arm lump

Discharge from the nipple that isn’t breast milk

Unusual changes in the appearance of the breast or nipple


Like most cancers, the exact cause of mucinous carcinoma is not

known. Doctors have, however, identified certain risk factors

that increase the chances of contracting this disease. These





tobacco use

Tobacco use

Sedentary lifestyle

Alcohol consumption

Breast density (specifically for breast cancer)

Unhealthy diet

There are oncologists in Gurgaon and Delhi NCR in certain

multi-facility super-specialty hospitals in Gurgaon. You can

contact them if you or your loved ones start experiencing any

symptoms of breast cancer. Early detection of breast cancer

dramatically increases its chances of being cured successfully,

so regular self-examinations as well as full body check-ups by a

doctor are highly recommended for women.

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